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BIR officials agonize over collection goal

First Posted 14:58:00 09/22/2008

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DUMAGUETE CITY, Philippines - The sword of Damocles hangs over the heads of revenue officials who fear they may not meet their collection goals this year, even as they acknowledge that meeting their target could mean a bigger problem next year.

Assistant Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Regional Director Aynie Mandajoyan told businessmen in a forum in Dumaguete last week that they fear they may not be able to hold on to their posts if they fail to meet their targets.

?We could be transferred to smaller or critical areas or be dismissed from the service,? she said as she appealed to businessmen from Dumaguete and Negros Oriental to increase their remittances of their collected Value Added Taxes.

Mandajoyan, accompanied by Revenue District Officer Arturo Acabal, Jose Senador and Mariles Remolano, made the appeal to members of the Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NOCCI) and the Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCCI) in a forum last Monday at the Bethel Guest House.

?I was told that I could be transferred to the legal department if we don't meet our goals,? Acabal said.

Mandajoyan said that even though their office collected P28.8 million as of August 31, which is a 32-percent increase compared to the same period last year, this amount still falls short because their collection target had been increased to P1.1 billion.

Revenue officials said that their goal is increased by 30 percent each time they meet their collection target.

?Let's focus on this year. Let's worry about next year's target some other time,? Mandajoyan said.

The BIR generates 80 percent of the government budget. However, instead of basing their budget on what the BIR collects, the government first makes a budget then leaves it up to the BIR to produce the money. /Inquirer

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