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Carbon market vendor claims harassment by city veterinarian

First Posted 07:57:00 02/27/2011

A MARKET vendor who claimed she was being harassed by veterinarian and abattoir chief Dr. Alice Utlang is asking the Cebu City Council to investigate the official.

Estella Acbayan, owner of Nestill fried chicken, claimed that Utlang has been holding her delivery vans due to questions about permits.

She wrote Councilor Edgar Labella to ask for assistance. Labella referred the matter to the Cebu City Council last Friday.

Acbayan said veterinary personnel held her delivery van loaded with 3,350 dressed chickens scheduled for delivery to her stalls in Carbon market. The van was stopped due to ?erasures? in her permit.

She said they waited five hours before they were able to unload the chickens in her market stall. Acbayan said she reported the incident to the police.

She said the problems began when she transferred from the Caminade dressing plant to the Century dressing plant after she observed that the Caminade dressing plant didn?t clean the chickens properly.

Both plants are accredited by the city veterinarian's office.

Utlang denied the allegation of harassment, saying Acbayan is a ?hard-headed, stubborn vendor who's difficult to deal with.?

?She had been previously apprehended for several violations,? Utlang said.

Utlang said Acbayan failed to comply with a new regulation requiring the use of closed vans for the delivery of dressed chickens.

She said Acbayan also failed to place her dressed chickens in boxes or trays before loading on her vans.

?Before we recommended her to the Caminade dressing plant, we previously recommended her to another plant but she was dropped because she was just really hard to handle,? Utlang said.

Utlang accused Acbayan of making verbal threats against one of her staff, who reported the matter to the police.

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