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Byron: CPDRC hiding injured inmate

First Posted 06:40:00 08/23/2010

FORMER Capitol consultant Byron Garcia yesterday accused the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) of hiding from the public?s eye another inmate who was also mauled inside the jail to protect its image and its administration.

Byron challenged her sister Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia to reveal to the public the real condition of Benjie Undit 29, whom he claimed was seriously injured after he was mauled together with another prisoner who died last week.

?As the official jailer of the provincial jail under the administrative code, will the governor care to look into and act swiftly in accordance with the moral dictate of a good christian like in the status of the other mauling victim, Benjie Undit, who jail officials are still hiding,? Byron said in a statement sent to CEBU DAILY NEWS.

Byron, who has been at odds with his sister, said Undit was among those mauled together with Angelito Cabalquinto who later died of injuries in a hospital.

While the fatality was made known to the public, Byron said Undit was kept inside a cell at the CPDRC ?until the wounds would no longer be visible.?

He claimed Undit was seriously injured and might die like his fellow inmate Cabalquinto.

Governor Garcia, who is the head jailer of the CPDRC, said Byron is no longer connected with the CPDRC. She said there is already an ongoing investigation into the incidents at the jail facility.

?Atty. (Lito) Astillero has been assigned to conduct a thorough investigation. As far as Capitol is concerned, Byron is no longer connected with CPDRC,? Garcia said in a text message.

Astillero is provincial government consultant on discipline and decorum and chairs the Committee on Discipline and Investigation (CODI).

?I hope that after being ?mystified? of the fact that I have garnered enough loyal friends inside the CPDRC during my six years stay, and successfully applying my unique redemptive rehabilitation protocol, known and admired throughout the world, she will be sober enough to act as jailer now, not that she only claims to be the official jailer when the dancing inmates make it to international news,? said Byron, whose rift with Governor Garcia worsened when the consultant supported a different presidential candidate during the elections.

Byron supported Sen. Manny Villar while Governor Garcia backed former Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro for president.

?Now is the time, not tomorrow, if she still wants to save Benjie Undit...Let us not skirt around the issue,? Byron added. ?The case has been reported last Wednesday and until today, they continue to omit this issue. When will she act on Benjie? When his wounds would heal?

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