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Talisay’s lechon festival

First Posted 06:25:00 10/18/2009

Inasal or lechon in Cebu is a roasted pig whose tastiness and crispy skin don?t need sauce to perk up its herb-enhanced flavors. And Talisay is the capital of this favorite centerpiece of the Filipino fiesta table.

Talisay City celebrated its 5th Halad-Inasal festival on Thursday with a parade and dance showdown.

A lechon wearing a school uniform was mounted on a van. A 10-wheeler truck was decorated like a roasted pig, one of 30 floats displayed along the city's streets as part of the fiesta in honor of St. Teresa de Avila.

Hundreds of Talisaynons and visitors watched street dancing and performances with mock lechon as props.

The orange and green contingent of the Divino Amore Academy amused spectators with a picture of Rep. Eduardo Gullas (Cebu 1st district) and Talisay City Mayor Socrates Fernandez sitting side by side at a table with a lechon on it.

The Sisters of Mary Girls Town contingent won awards for best costume award and best choreography.

The Lawaan National High School performers in pink Spanish-inspired dresses took home the prize for the street dancing competition. /Correspondent Fe Marie Dumaboc

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