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Miss Mandaue to retain texters’ award

First Posted 12:52:00 04/01/2009

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MANDAUE CITY, Philippines - Organizers of the Miss Mandaue 2009 pageant have decided to retain its ?texters? choice? special award despite controversies that developed over a similar award in the Miss Cebu pageant in January.

?We will make sure it will not happen to us. We had a texters? choice award last year and we did not have problems,? said Clarence Sanchez, chairperson of the Miss Mandaue organizing committee.

Pageant candidates were presented to the media on Tuesday.

Other activities for the city?s fiesta in honor of St. Joseph include an opening motorcade on April 19, wherein Mayor Jonas Cortes and other city officials will ride through the city?s 27 villages.

On April 22, the prestigious Cabahug Award for Excellence will be given while the Miguel Zubiri Rodeo Cup will be staged beginning April 24.

The Mantawi Festival is on May 6 while the fiesta proper will be on May 8.

A grand ball for Taga-Mandaue Inc., a group of foreign-based former city residents, will be on May 3 at the Cebu International Convention Center.

Mayor Cortes said most funds for this year?s celebration come from sponsorships and solicitations by Mandaue-based groups from former city residents who are now based abroad.

Organizers of the Miss Mandaue pageant assured that steps would be taken to avoid the Miss Cebu fiasco wherein the Globe Texters? Choice special award was given to the wrong candidate.

Globe Telecom, which sponsored the Miss Cebu texters? choice special award, will also be sponsoring Miss Mandaue?s texters? choice award.

Sanchez said there would be an early cutoff time for text messaging and online voting.

?If there are mistakes, we will correct it on-stage immediately. Actually, there was a mistake last year in one of the minor awards. We had it corrected immediately on stage,? Sanchez said.

The texters? choice award in the Miss Mandaue pageant would have no bearing on who would get the pageant crown, Sanchez said.

Last year?s texters? choice award recipient did not even make it to the five finalists.

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