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Lapu dad distances self from Radaza

First Posted 10:44:00 12/04/2008

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A LAPU-LAPU City Councilor, who is an ally of Mayor Arturo Radaza, declared his independence from the mayor's group and abstained from voting over a resolution, expressing full ?support and confidence? for the chief executive.

The resolution passed by the City Councilors aligned with Radaza was in response to Sen. John Henry ?Sonny? Osmeña earlier statement to that he no longer supported Mayor Radaza.

Councilor Junard Chan, who previously belonged to the majority bloc of the City Council, said he could not agree with the resolution yet because he had to listen to Osmeña's side ?why he withdrew his support to the mayor.?

Chan said he considered the former senator as the father of the Alayon party, which helped all of them since the start of their terms.

Chan said it is but proper to listen to the former senator's reason behind his earlier statement.

The resolution yesterday was authored by Councilor Damian Gomez. It was voted on through a nominal vote as each of the councilors expressed their reasons for their vote.

?I abstained because I have not heard the side of Osmeña yet. I am not against the mayor but it is better that I declare my independence from the group,? Chan said. ?It would be better that way because I am no longer tied politically and can serve the city well.?

Chan said that after this, his agreement on measures introduced in the City Council will be on a case to case basis.

?If it's for the good of the public, we'll support it. If not, then we'll not support it,? said Chan in Cebuano.

?I don't want to be a ?yes? man,? said Chan referring to the group decisions of the City Council which were influenced by their party affiliations.

?Now I am just waiting for the statement of Sonny Osmeña because it is the proper thing to do because he is our godfather and the he helped us since I joined in 2001 (elections),? said Chan.

Chan said that he was not contacted by Osmeña when he made the decision. Yesterday, Chan also said that Mayor Radaza did not call him because of his decision. /Reporter Dale G. Israel

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