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Half face crash helmets allowed

First Posted 11:39:00 09/26/2008

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MOTORCYCLE riders can wear half face helmets as long as long as it is a crash helmet and has the passed the standard for crash helmets, said an official of the Land Transportation Office in Central Visayas (LTO-7).

Edgar Catarongan, LTO-7 assistant director, said their main office gave a verbal order allowing the use of half face helmet.

He said LTO enforcers would not also apprehend motorcycle riders who wore short pants as long as they also wore shoes.

Catarungan issued the clarifications after receiving complaints from motorcycle riders who did not know about new LTO administrative order -- AHS-2008-015.

The order requires the motorcycle rider to wear a full-face crash helmet, a pair of shoes and pants.

Riders and motorcycle owners were prohibited from modifying their motorcycles.

This order, however, stays. Catarungan said any modification of the spare parts of the motorcycle should undergo inspection at the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS).

He said the modificaton would only be allowed if the if the spare parts used passed the standard of MVIS.

?We could not just change the spare parts of a motorcycle because there are many sub-standard parts that are sold in the market today. There should be a balance so that accidents will be avoided,? Catarongan said.

But the the Cebu City Council will request LTO-7 not to implement the latest administrative order.

Councilor Sylvan Jakosalem, chairman of the committee on transportation, said LTO-7 should first conduct an information drive on the new order because motorcycle riders and owners did not know about it.

He said Cebuanos were not aware about the new regulation because it was not published in local newspapers.

In the meantime, the City Tranffic Operations Management (Citom) Board has asked the Road Warriors Towing Company, the private towing firm allowed by the city to tow illegally parked vehicles, to submit their economic computation of their towing operations on motorcycles.

The firm was given two weeks to submit the data.

The request was in relation to the Citom's plan to increase the sharing scheme of the towinf fee proceeds or reduce the towing charges for motorcycles.

Presently, the city government will only receive 15 percent of the gross income of the towing company.

Tancinco said that the 85 percent share of the private towing firm will still be deducted from the gasoline, salary of the personnel and the maintenance of the tow trucks. /Correspondent Chris A. Ligan

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