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Top 20 Cebu City brgys need anti-dengue action plans

First Posted 11:33:00 07/11/2008

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Mist spraying has cut dengue cases by half in barangay Talamban, Cebu City.

Meanwhile, cases of the mosquito-borne illness grew by 150 percent in barangay Lahug when health workers stopped spraying of insecticide there.

With the dengue threat continuing during the rainy season, Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama called on officials of the top 20 barangays with the most number of dengue cases to submit their action plans to prevent an outbreak.

The top 20 barangays are Guadalupe, Labangon, Inayawan, Mabolo, Tisa, Talamban, Basak San Nicolas, Lahug, Bulacao, Mambaling, Sambag 1, Kamputhaw, Basak Pardo, Cogon Pardo, Bacayan, Capitol Site, Bo. Luz, Duljo, Pardo, and Pasil.

From January 1 to June 30, 726 dengue cases and 30 deaths were recorded by the health department.

Compared to the same period last year, Cebu City's dengue record has grown by 157 percent and is expected to shoot up in the coming months.

In July last year, there were 220 dengue cases. The number is expected to double this year.

Mist spraying is being scheduled in two public schools every Saturday.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the sanitary division of the City Health Department focuses mist spraying in parts of the city identified to have dengue cases.

This Saturday, it will be the turn of Don Sergio Osmeña High School and Cebu City National Science High School. Next Saturday, spraying will be done in Bacayan Elementary School and Don Carlos Gothong Memorial High School.

Mist spraying was also done from time to time in the barangays between January 1 to June 21.

Areas that were sprayed showed a drop in dengue incidence.

Dengue cases in barangay Talamban decreased by 92.85 percent after health workers conduct massive mist spraying twice.

In barangay Lahug, there was a 150 percent increase when the activity was stopped. /Reporter Marian Codilla

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