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Barangay Luz’s plans get millions in pledges

First Posted 11:56:00 04/28/2008

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CEBU CITY, Philippines - Government officials, agencies and private organizations, impressed with the development plans of Barangay (village) Luz in Cebu City, have promised millions in total, as well as technical help, to see the plan push through.

The plan, created through a series of consultations between barangay officials and residents, spans three years ? from 2009 until 2011 ? covering five major areas of improvement: infrastructure, economic, social, environment and administration.

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña pledged P2 million from the city government, while Councilor Hilario Davide III promised P5,000. Representative Raul del Mar (Cebu City, north district) promised to give P1 million for each year that the program is implemented or a total of P3 million.

he Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. pledged P448,000, while Cebu Holdings Inc. promised P500,000.

The Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Education, and several non-government organizations promised to provide technical assistance.

Akbayan Partylist pledged to contribute to the barangay?s feeding programs and solid waste management.

Senator Manny Villar promised to provide assistance through socialized housing.

Luz?s latest Barangay Development Plan was presented to the public last Friday in the Barangay Luz Elementary School.

This Barangay Development Plan is the barangay?s second, having implemented a similar plan in 2002, said Kim Carisma, program officer of the Center for Participatory Governance.

She said the development plan was created through the center?s Participatory Resource Appraisal (PRA) program, wherein information is gathered and appraised from the community through the residents? active participation.

?This is the second time we conducted a planning in barangay Luz,? Carisma said. ?Through the PRA, the people were able to appraise what exactly were the problems of the barangay so that they could come up with a three-year plan.?

Barangay Captain Nida Cabrera said the new development plan will cover five specific sectors.

Under infrastructure, Luz residents and officials aimed for the construction and maintenance of canals to improve drainage, installation of fire hydrants and extinguishers as well as expansion of access roads to better fight fires; install more street lights for better security; and construct an extension to the barangay hall that would allow space for a multi-purpose hall and house offices for the Sangguniang Kabataan and Lupon ng mga Tagapamayapa.

Under economy, Barangay Luz planned to continue its Kwarta sa Basura program, where residents may exchange recyclable items for cash. Livelihood projects will also be made available, as well as trainings to help residents be more competent workers. A disaster brigade will also be formed for quicker response to calamities, enabling the barangay to minimize economic loses in case disaster breaks out.

To improve social development, the barangay aims to address malnutrition by holding more feeding programs and provide better access to medicine. The barangay will also continue its Alternative School Learning program to keep out-of-school youth busy.

Faced with possible eviction by the Cebu provincial government, the barangay is also bringing together the barangay?s 11 homeowners associations to come up with a comprehensive shelter plan to accommodate those who may be affected by the Capitol?s possible takeover.

For the environment, the barangay intends to conduct general cleanups ever quarter. A task force will also be created to implement the barangay?s various environment-related programs and disperse knowledge on environment related-laws, especially on solid waste management.

To improve the barangay?s administration, residents and officials will come up with ways to improve communication between each other. In addition to quarterly meetings, officials plan to come up with a barangay newsletter. Officials also promised to improve general security and improve the public market.

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