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First Posted 08:34:00 03/01/2011

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A fishing boat almost sank when it collided with a large passenger vessel off the seawaters of Cordova town near Pungaton reef yesterday dawn.

The fishermen were about to pull up their net when the MV Princess of the Earth struck the boat around 5:20 a.m.

Fisherman Rogelio Años, 57, said he yelled at the passengers while his partner Marvin Dante pushed the ship away.

?I shouted to the passengers that Cebu was in the other direction. I believe the ship lost its way,? Años said.

Their nets and fishing light worth P8,000 were destroyed. Años said they won?t file charges against the shipping company but would ask to be paid for their damaged equipment. /CORRESPONDENT GABRIEL BONJOC


A 31-year-old man was shot dead in barangay Lagtang, Talisay City, during its fiesta celebration Sunday dawn.

Edmundo Romares was shot several times by a still unidentified perpetrator.

Police who responded to a shooting alarm about 3:30 a.m. found Romares lying bloodied on the road.

The victim was brought to the Talisay District Hospital where he was declared dead by the attending physician.

Police recovered two empty shells and a slug of a .45-caliber pistol. /CORRESPONDENT GABRIEL BONJOC

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