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Ex-airport manager fined for falsification raps

First Posted 09:56:00 12/16/2010

DESPITE being out of service for sometime, the former general manager of the Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) continues to pay for his misdeed.

The Ombudsman-Visayas fined Adelberto Yap equivalent to six months's worth of salary for falsifying public documents certifying his appointment as airport manager by authority from the Office of the President.

Ombudsman graft and prosecution officer Jane Aguilar said there was sufficient basis to hold Yap accountable for charges of dishonesty after sending a falsified copy of the MCIAA charter and other papers.

?Altering the law to suit one's own interest exhibits dishonest conduct,? Aguilar said in her decision.

A complaint was filed by lawyer Rogelio Yaun who accused Yap of falsifying Republic Act 6958 (MCIAA Charter).

He reiterated that Yap inserted the phrase ?upon nomination by the President of the Philippines? in section 7 (b) of the charter, when it was not in the law.

Yap was appointed as acting MCIAA manager on Feb. 22, 2005.

About two months after, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) denied his appointment due to lack of civil service eligibility and for failing to prove that his application passed through the personnel selection board.

He sought reconsideration, claiming that he was the only candidate nominated by the President, which was supposedly required in the MCIAA charter.

Yap submitted a copy of the MCIAA charter last Oct. 21, 2005 by fax.

But investigation showed that the copy was faxed at the MCIA general manager's office.

Four days later the CSC, through Commissioner Waldemar Valmores, granted Yap ?s motion for reconsideration.

But Yap was suspended and then sacked after an MCIA board inquiry into alleged anomalies in airport contracts. Reporter Ador Vincent Mayol

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