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Mitsumi to continue hiring more workers

First Posted 08:39:00 01/13/2010

The Mandaue City government gave Cebu Mitsumi Inc. a certificate of recognition for the firm's support of the city government's employment program despite the economic crisis last year.

Cebu Mitsumi Inc. was one of the top 15 business establishments recognized by the Mandaue City government recently.

?More work means better lives for our constituents,? Cortes told the firms' representatives.

By the end of 2009, the global demand for Cebu Mitsumi Inc.'s electronic products were rising. And so we hired about 800 more workers for our factory in Danao City, said Augusto Caesar, Mitsumi's assistant manager for Human Resources.

Compared to the slow demand in the first quarter of 2009, Caesar said the company would now need more workforce and would continue to hire more workers.

Caesar cited the company's hiring of 800 workers last December as a sign of better times for the firm, which had been affected by the global crisis starting the first quarter of last year.

In the first quarter of last year, he said the demand for electronic products was at an all-time low and the firm were even forced to lose some employees at that time.

Of the 800 workers hired, 300 were from Mandaue City. Caesar said that in 2009, despite the crisis the firm still hired about 1,000 workers.

Aside from Mitsumi, Mayor Cortes also gave recognition to Pilipinas Makro, Monde Nissin, SM Supermarket, Metro Gaisano, Golden Mac, AMB Staffing Services, Force Manpower, and Pine Crest Incorporated (makers of Burger Machine).

Agencies hiring workers abroad were also among those given recognition including Strategic International, RRJM, Jensen, East West Placement, and EEI Corp. Reporter Dale G. Israel

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