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Globe offers unlimited mobile, landline calls

First Posted 14:08:00 05/22/2009

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A new service that offers unlimited mobile and landline calls is in the pipeline for subscribers of Globe Telecommunications Inc., according to company officials.

Globe DUO, which combines mobile and landline voice call services, will answer the need for convenience and savings for subscribers said Ferdinand Dela Cruz, head of the consumer wireless business group.

?This would become a benchmark service and change the landscape of telecommunications industry. This is a big milestone and has a huge potential,? he told a press conference yesterday at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

Dela Cruz said he expects to see ?DUO-like service? sprouting in different countries. Globe hopes to tap the three million landline subscribers to switch to Globe DUO, he added.

There are 400,000 Globe landline subscribers, 110,000 of which are located in Cebu.

Dela Cruz said these numbers indicate that there are more mobile phone users in the country compared to landlines.

Globe DUO is a 2-in-1 service that uses only one sim (subscriber identity module) card and one mobile phone.

Catherine Santamaria, head of Globe's segment business group, said this allows convenient communication and savings given existing economic challenges.

Santamaria said postpaid subscribers can go to the business center and secure a Globe plan then register by sending DUO CEB ON to 8888.

In less than a minute, a DUO number with the area code, 032, and seven-digit landline number will be sent to the mobile phone.

An add-on charge of P399 will be included in the postpaid plan for a 30-day unlimited call service.

?DUO enables subscribers to make unlimited calls from Globe to any landline number and from any landline to Globe. Also, to and from any Duo postpaid mobile subscribers for as long as they are in the same area code,? she said.

Prepaid subscribers, on the other hand, can avail of the service starting May 25 by purchasing a prepaid sim pack.

Prepaid subscribers can register by texting to 8888?DUO CEB 125 for five days unlimited calls or DUO CEB 350 for fifteen days unlimited calls.

?This is a need of the market that we have to satisfy. We have taken into account the possible losses and realized that we have less to lose and more to give,? said Dela Cruz.

While admitting that fixed line business will be affected by the new service, Dela Cruz said the extra savings subscribers can get from DUO can be spent in other Globe services such as mobile Internet.

?We can push our other services with the market such as mobile Internet noting that the prices of Internet-capable phones are also going down. DUO will give us more benefits,? he said.

Nikko Acosta, head of international and core services, said the company invested in a call management platform to carry out this new service.

Although the service is offered to major cities in Metro Manila and Cebu, DUO will be made available to other areas such as the Visayan cities of Tagbilaran and Roxas within the year.

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