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Cebu lechon costs P200 more for whole pig

First Posted 12:21:00 04/11/2008

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ONE whole lechon (roasted pig) now cost P200 more as prices of swine, feeds and spices continue to increase.

A kilo of lechon has also increased by P10 to P20, according to owners of lechon houses in Cebu.

Enrico Veloso Dionson, owner of Rico's Lechon in barangay Talamban, Cebu City said a small-sized lechon, which can be consumed by 25 to 30 people, is now priced at P3,200 from its price of P3,000 a month ago.

Dionson, who gets his native swine from Negros Oriental, said he was forced to increase because the cost of animal feed, charcoal and spices has also increased.

He said one 45-kg sack of animal feed used to be P530 last year, but now costs P695, a P165 increase.

A sack of charcoal is now P130 from P100, while spices such as spring onions cost P70 instead of P30.

?We roast at least 300 pigs every week. I pay for labor and transportation costs - all these have also increased in cost. So, we have no choice but to increase prices,? Dionson said.

Alejo's Lechon in barangay Labangon also made a similar increase.

Mary Dinampo, Alejo?s Lechon secretary said a P2,500 lechon is now priced at P2,800.

Katherine Quijada, manager of CnT Lechon, said the lechon store has increased the prices of cuts per kilo.

A kilo of lechon now costs P300 from last year?s price of P280.

However, they did not increase the price of the whole lechon. They just ?adjusted its size.?

For instance, a whole lechon worth P2, 500 is now slightly smaller than its previous size.

In Talisay City, a kilo of lechon has also increased by P10.

A kilo of lechon is now P290 from the P280 price two weeks ago, said Abling's Lechon owner Evangelisto Alcos Sr.

Alcos said prices of swine increased rapidly after the Holy Week or towards the end of March around the same time that prices of animal feeds also increased.

He said a 15-kilo live pig used to cost P3, 000, but now it?s P3,500.

Irish Tangaja, staff of Mila?s Lechon, said they increased prices of the lechon bought per kilo but not the whole lechon.

One kilo of lechon, which used to cost P280 is now P350.

Joel Elumba, officer-in-charge of the Department of Agriculture - Central Visayas livestock division, denied reports that there is a shortage of animal feeds resulting in high prices.

He said there is sufficient supply of feeds in the region and in Cebu because large millers such as General Milling Corp. manufacture feeds within the region.

Plutarco Ong, president of the Cebu Association of Meat and Poultry Products , also said there is enough supply of animal feeds only that it is more expensive.

In Mandaue City, prices of other meat products increased such as chicken and goat.

Assistant Market Administrator Rene Gascon said that prices of chicken have constantly been rising for the last three days?P100 on Tuesday, P105 on Wednesday, and, P110 yesterday.

Even goat meat prices shot up to P200 per kilo compared to P190 last week, said Gascon.

Pork meat remained steady at P150 per kilo after its increase was noted last month, according to vendor Joe Mendoza. /Reporter Cris Evert B. Lato with a report from Reporter Dale G. Israel

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