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‘Respect flag, national anthem’

First Posted 12:19:00 06/06/2008

Students have to sing the Phlippine national anthem out loud instead of merely listening to canned music, an education official said.

Education Secretary Jesli Lapus has issued a department order that bans the playing of canned national anthem ?Lupang Hinirang in schools.? said Dr. Recaredo Borgonia, assistant regional director of he Department of Education in Central Visayas.

?The students now just listen to the National Anthem when the canned music is played so the tendency is to forget the lyrics of the song,? he said.

Another DepEd order requires that all tattered flags in schools should be replaced, said Borgonia during a media forum held on Tuesday.

These DepEd orders will help promote love of country, he said.

Respect for the national flag and the national anthem is the main focus of this year's June 12 Independence Day celebration.

DepEd will also spearhead Malunggay planting in all schools on June 12 to promote the nutritional value of the Philippine vegetable.

Land titles will be distributed to beneficiaries by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Central Visayas.

The DENR will also distribute seedlings, conduct free vehicle emission testing and blood letting.

Borgonia reminded that wornout Phliippine flags have to be properly disposed of by schools in a ceremony.

According to Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) Memorandum No. 5 series of 1999 or the Nationwide Campaign of Reverence for the Philippines Flag, the flag should be lowered, folded and burned in a designated area while the song ?Allegiance to the Flag? is sung.

After the flag is burned, ?Taps? is played and the song ?Pilipinas Kong Mahal? is sung. The ashes will then be buried in a designated area. /Editorial Assistant Bernadette A. Parco

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