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The month that changed Filipino-American history


From the time Filipinos first landed in Morro Bay, California on October 18, 1587 to the present, no other month has held more significance for Filipinos in America than September 1965, when three major historic events occurred.

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The Artist Abroad

Mexico in Manila, Manila in Mexico


Most people I know don’t usually associate being Asian with being Latino. This applies, surprisingly, to I would say a majority of Filipino-Americans, as well as to quite a number of Filipinos, the distinction being that the latter were born and lived long enough in the Philippines to form a distinct Filipino-ness even though they may possess U.S. citizenship. The passport one holds is not always an accurate guide to one’s cultural background.

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Notorious fake hero died 25 years ago


This September’s theme is Filipino heroism. We cheered Gilas’ courageous performance at the FIBA World Cup and saluted the way outgunned, outnumbered Filipino soldiers bravely faced off with extremist rebels in the Middle East.

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Hot business models for our times


Let us now praise nuisance candidates, like the annoying Elly Pamatong, who would liberate our reefs from China’s clutches with just a few well-placed firecrackers. I wish him well.

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Global Networking

Will Pacman be China’s pitchman?


China’s official state-run China Central Television (CCTV) announced on August 25 that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, the winner of eight world boxing titles, had entered into an agreement in Beijing with the Chinese government “to establish a string of boxing academies” all over China with the aim of helping to “grow the sport in China and provide […]

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