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The Artist Abroad

Gossip as history


Imelda Romualdez Marcos leads a charmed life. So far able to dodge the bullet of criminal liability and seemingly inured to the regular impugning of her past and her character, she’s living proof that lives can have third acts.

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No Limitation

Obama – undocumented immigrants’ Lincoln?


      President Obama’s recent Executive Order legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants will mark him in history as a great President. Undocumented immigrants are the modern day slaves in American society. In constant fear, living in substandard conditions, paid low wages for backbreaking work, subjected to all kinds of abuse and exploitation — they […]

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Global Networking

Why did Dr. Jose Rizal return to the Philippines?

Dr. Jose Rizal’s descendants are all over the world. FILE PHOTO

Among my fondest childhood memories were the times I spent with my grandfather, Lope Elepano, in his home in Calamba, Laguna, where my mother and her siblings were born. On summer vacations and special holidays, I would often visit Calamba and stay with my Lolo.

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Family feud and the disingenuous Bongbong Marcos


Bongbong Marcos wants peace between his family and the Aquinos, saying that story is getting old.

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Emil Amok!

Obama on immigration–What took him so long?


When I talk to Jose Antonio Vargas, the undocumented Filipino activist, now filmmaker in America, he couldn’t drive without papers. But he was driven.

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