Advisory for GSIS eCard Applicants

First Posted 14:11:00 11/06/2007

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The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco advises all GSIS pensioners who will apply for eCard or who will activate their eCard, to make an appointment with the Consulate at (415) 433-6666 extension 313 or 314.

This new procedure is necessary due to the absence of a full-time GSIS personnel who will attend to the needs of the GSIS pensioners. A designated Consulate staff will attend to the GSIS clients on a limited time. Service for GSIS eCard applicants will still be on Mondays and Fridays only between 10 am to 4 pm. Applicants who come in without an appointment will be attended to after all applicants with appointments have been served.

Services for GSIS clientele at the Consulate will be confined only to technical service assistance for eCard application or activation until the time that a regular GSIS personnel will be available. Queries may be made directly to GSIS via email: pension@gsis.gov.ph or fax 011-632-891-6014 or mail to:The Customer Relations Department, 3rd Floor, GSIS Financial Center, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City 1308 Philippines.

The Consulate also reminds GSIS pensioners that those who have gone through the process of enrollment and activating their eCard Plus through the GSIS Voice Authentication System (G-V@AS) can annually renew their active pension status through any telephone or cell phone by calling the GSIS hotline 011-632-859-0303 or 011-632-976-4827 before their birth month.

The GSIS also reiterates that only those who have filed for pension claims in GSIS offices in the Philippines are allowed to enroll for the eCard Plus in the G-W@PS kiosks.

According to the GSIS, an applicant for eCard Plus must be a GSIS member with at least 15 years of service in Philippine government and age 60; he/she must have filed for GSIS retirement option with monthly pension benefits in the Philippines; and he/she must be receiving GSIS pension payments in the Philippines or is about to start getting monthly pensions in less than a year after he enrolls for the eCard Plus.

Ms. Ella Valencerina, GSIS Vice President for Public Affairs, said some people enrolled for the eCard Plus although they were not qualified to do so. These cases have resulted in delays in the processing of eCard Plus applications of qualified pensioners because the GSIS goes through the entire process of tracing all the applicants? names in its database before approving their eCard Plus.

The GSIS clarified that the G-W@PS kiosk can only handle electronic applications for eCard Plus and annual renewals of active status as GSIS pensioner. It is not equipped to handle applications for GSIS retirement. The applicant has to go to GSIS offices and present service papers in order to qualify as a pensioner.

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