First Posted 17:06:00 02/12/2007

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The Manila International Airport Authority has added a Security Development Charge (SDC) of PHP200.00 to the current Passenger Service Charge (PSC) of PHP550.00 making the total fee for passengers of international flights equivalent to PHP750.00. The Passenger Service Charge and the Security Development Charge combined shall now be referred to as the Airport Users Charge (AUC).
All departing passengers on international flights shall pay the AUC, unless exempted by law, treaty, executive agreement, or other similar issuances. A non-exempt passenger who refuses to pay the AUC shall not be allowed to board the aircraft. The AUC shall be paid in Philippine Peso or its equivalent in US Dollars based on the prevailing exchange rate. The AUC will be paid at any of the designated booths located at the Departure lobby upon presentation of the Boarding Pass.
The following passengers shall be exempt from payment of the AUC: Infants/Children below two years of age, Transit Passengers, Refugees, Pilgrims, Airline Cabin Crews, Overseas Filipino Workers, Athletes and Sports Officials, Deportees, and others authorized by the law. Various documents shall be presented with the Boarding Pass of the passenger who is qualified for exemption. The increase is effective starting February 01, 2007.

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