Taiwan removes sanctions against PH after apology


In this photo taken on May 29, NBI agents assisted by Taiwanese probers inspect the bullet-riddled fishing boat Guang Ta Hsin 28 at the Tungkang harbor in Taiwan. The NBI has recommended the filing of homicide charges against eight Filipino Coast Guard personnel for the death in May of a Taiwanese fisherman on his boat. AFP

TAIPEI — Taiwan lifted its sanctions against the Philippines Thursday after Manila apologized for the fatal shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman, an incident which had severely strained relations.

“The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan’s official title) announces that the sanction against the Philippines is removed immediately after the Filipino side has displayed apology and goodwill in written statements and action,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

The move came after Amadeo R. Perez, chairman of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office which handles relations in the absence of diplomatic ties, flew to Taiwan and offered an “official apology” on behalf of Filipino President Benigno Aquino.

Tensions had risen sharply after the 65-year-old fisherman was shot dead by Filipino coastguards on May 9 in waters near an island in the Philippines’ extreme north, which Taiwan also claims as part of its economic zone.

Perez travelled to the small southern port town of Hsiaoliuchiu to meet the family of the dead man, Hung Shih-cheng.

In televised comments, Perez said he wished to convey “the Philippine people’s deep regret and apology to the family of Mr. Hung Shih-cheng over this unfortunate loss of life of their beloved one”.

“May I respectfully present our official letter of apology to the family of Mr. Hung on behalf of our president and our people,” he told Hung’s widow, before giving her the letter and shaking her hands.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the Hung family and the Filipino government had reached a settlement on compensation, without specifying its content.

It said Manila had also agreed to hold further talks on a proposed fisheries agreement as part of their efforts to avoid another such tragedy while handling disputes.

Taiwan had rejected earlier apologies by Manila as inadequate and imposed a series of sanctions, including a ban on hiring new Filipino workers, an advisory urging Taiwanese not to visit the Philippines and the suspension of trade and academic exchanges.

But diplomatic tensions eased after Philippine authorities said Wednesday they had recommended homicide charges against eight Filipino coastguards for Hung’s death.

Perez had previously visited Taiwan in May as a “personal representative” of President Aquino, but his apology was rejected by the Taipei government because he had described Hung’s death as “unintended.”

The killing caused outrage and protests in Taiwan, with President Ma Ying-jeou describing it as “cold-blooded murder” as Taipei responded with the sanctions and with navy drills.

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  • styx

    yun… pasok ulit mga racists, nationalist kuno, proud to be pinoy kuno wala namang ginawa sa bayan….opportunity to express your self again…..

  • uragunako

    kayo na ang mag coast guard, to all PCG aye salute!!! ginawa lang nyo trabaho nyo kahit hirap kayo at malayo sa inyong pamilya, wag po kayo ma low morale!!! mas marami ang panig sa inyo…kami na karaniwang tao…ang mga tumutuligsa dito ay wala pong malasakit sa inyo…maraming mahihirap na mangingisda ang panig sa inyo…keep up your vigilance!!!

    • reddfrog

      Sige isabit mo sila ng medalya sa kulungan.

      • uragunako

        e ano kung makulong? ano problema mo? wala ka man ginawa dito tumuligsa rin sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas…as if alam mo lahat…mongoiloid ka rin halatado ka…bumenta na mga sinasabi mo!!!!

  • PagpagLasangPino-cchio

    Heres the video mga koykoys natin aka Penis Coast Guard aka Pinocchiong Coast Guard. Mukhang ka almusal lang ng igadong taga Ilokanlolo at ka jakulkul.

    copy and paste , change dot to .


    • Crazy_horse101010

      still around couldnt catch any monkeys to rape they are getting smarter arent they comrade.

    • Punyëtero»Ka

      Sir Fockhead makes an attempt to stir up settled issue in hope to make two countries brawl to PRC’s advantage! Advised again to take flying fock to Taal or Mayon volcano crater, whichever Sir Fockhead prefers!

      • PagpagLasangPino-cchio

        Sir PuntaEnganoKaToy,

        Ang daming mga may ari ng resorts sa Taal at Mayon na mga Taiwanese. Kumikita sila ng pera right in the heart of these beautiful natural wonders. Dont kid yourself , dumbazzz.

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        What in the friggin’ fock does it have that have to do with the your 50c Party but to try to play as the devil’s disciple in the hope that enmity will continue & you can worm in your way to take that island nation which you so incompetently attempted before? So what if they make money here? Flanking maneuvers eh? Try your human-wave tactics, Sir Fockhead! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

      • PagpagLasangPino-cchio

        Start swiming in Pasig at sa mga esteros, mas mabuti pa yata sa iyo yan, PutangEnganokatoy

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        Drinking all that swill from Phootang Inamo sewers has really rotted out your brains, Sir Fockhead! No wonder with the shet that pushed remnants of your brain out inside of your skull, you’re as stinky as your halitosis-breath. Mothefocking hyena spawn! HAHAHAHAHA!!

      • PagpagLasangPino-cchio


        Time for you to show your love of Pinocchio Nation. Eat hepatitis C laced bagoong and pancit. Yan ang tutuong caballero ng bayan…..

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        Unlike your people, we are finicky about the food we eat or didn’t your 50c Party unit inform you I’m an American expat in PH? Lola ko Pinay, so no wonder you’re so addicted to Sioktong with sewer swill dahil gusto mong maging bayani ng iyong bayan! Sir Fockhead, very appropriate title..Give me your supervisor’s email next post & will be glad to recommend you for use of your face as his arse-wipe!

  • md’c™

    Remember this tiny renegade island, NOT a country, NOT a member of the UN, who violated us 2x already are the same kind of skunk we know. Their only interests are FISHING LANES thats why they are stealing and encrounching our shores. They are out of fish on their shores, they are killing the ocean together with their own china.

    Again, don’t be stµp¡ds. A million times, stop this lowly crap and think hard… NOW. Send all ofw filipinos back to the philippines. You need to think ahead and for the better of the whole filipinos as a community. OFW is way pass 20 years old and needs to be replaced by a local green centered self supporting project, not a SLAVE driven with rapist and money laundering offshore public servant support system.
    – Retrench ofw from taiwan, don’t be told by taiwanese. you look very stµp¡d that way.
    – Stop ofw to taiwan while retrenching, dont be SLAVES of this SKUNKS forever.
    – Stop trade and tourism with taiwan, there are a lot more out there and the EU.
    – Definitely NO FISHING and NO SHIPPING LANE arrangements with taewan, period, NONE, NADA.

    You should remember and write this in your head, the 1990 transport lanes we gave to taiwan which they use voraciously for fishing without telling us – we cancelled that in 1997. This is taiwan’s 2nd time to trick us, first was 14 yrs ago about over civil aviation dispute. They have already two precedents and they are known violators. They are a habitual bully people and should be delisted as foreign partner.

    And you should remember how they bullied and treat us during this fiasco which they caused, NOT us. They are thieves and voracious filthy ugly fishermen who will destroy our reefs. This is what we get from holding their hands and giving the taewanese home in this country during the years they needed a place to stay. We kept and fed them for as long as they needed, and this is what we get in return.

    Considering that used to be sinking (will fully sink again to the bottom of the sea) island is not even a country, a renegade if you will, can’t trust that and the taewanese. They are not even a UN member why even bother, dåmn all of them.


    • PagpagLasangPino-cchio

      Shuzt up, pinocchio . You cannot accept your own wrong -doing, right ? Open your eyes, little penises. Time to become remorseful for it is the right thing to do. Now eat your Igadong Taga ilokonglolo for almusal. Masarap yan kasama ang mainit na kanin.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        talking about yourself again little mind no penis. open your eyes backstabber or move to china where you love it so much buang buang your dead. and try to make shut up i would welcome it HAWHAWHAWHAW INTERNET COWARD

      • fuctore

        Hayaan mo na, yan ang resulta kakalanghap ng mga shabu na gawa sa laboratryo ng mga amo nyang intsik.

      • PagpagLasangPino-cchio

        Pinocchiong Buang, lalaki lalo ng ilong mo na walang hugas, heheheehe. Ayan, Pinocchioing Coast Guard nasa center of investigation na sila.

  • spiritnsoul700

    A hard lesson was learnt (after the inexperience handling and the arrogant refusal to issue formal apology to the next of kin victims by the President on the Manila hostage killing.) that it is never too late to apologize. Things would had cool down much better if apology was made at the early stage

    Humility comes before blessing, while arrogant is not a blessing but curse as pride comes before every downfall We all made mistakes but in some way we still have to pay for it,, the only difference is we decide the price of consequence , ever heard of costly price?

    In this case we analyze and determine how effective the word “apology” is to the word “refusal to apologize” (during the Manila hostage killing)

    • fuctore

      They entered our shores illegally. The PCG despite lack of resources, had to do what were expected of them, albeit barbaric, at least we have shown a little sense of will power in asserting our claim.
      Those Chinese tourists were far more different from Taiwanese poachers.
      Should never compare apples with oranges.
      This unjustified action will further expose our fragile domain to foreign abuse of illegal fishing..( as if not happening yet ).

      • AlexanderAmproz

        The Philippines Administration and Politicians, a world shame are, at the best, a bunch of dirty criminals, poor Pinoy’s, so sad.

      • reddfrog

        So what you’re saying is you are willing to disregard international laws and civilized code of behavior just to show “willpower”? You are assuming other countries wouldn’t mind and won’t retaliate.

  • neverwint3r

    i saw the video, it looked the pcg couldn’t catch up to the fishing boat and so they had to resort to shooting. maybe they should have tried hosing them down with water cannons first, like what china and japan does. pnoy should purchase faster boats for the coast guard soon.

    i just have to say, some of the coast guard personnel were not dressed professionally, they wore civilian tshirts and shorts while firing armalite rifles, they looked like pirates.

    • Giganteis

      I still have a young daughter and whenever I am in a situation where I am being instructed by a police officer – I will do my ,best not to aggravate a police or person of authority even though they sometimes wrongfully apprehend you. A police knocked into my door questioning my about my car that is parked illegally. I almost feel like laughing because I parked my car in that spot for the almost eight years already. But I did not ridicule the police at all even though I know he will not never win against me. Instead I politely told him to give me a warning which he gladly granted. Same thing happened here. The fishing boat should have tried not to aggravate the situation. Chill-lax. Try to cool things down. Things could go awry if you don’t know how to handle the situation. We all want to go home to our family.

      • Kevin

        When PCG has no integrity and tampered evident during NBI investigation, it’s not a proper analogy to compare PCG to good cops.

      • Giganteis

        Tampering of evidence by police officers happens even in highly industrialized countries. I always carry my own camera everyday and I don’t rely even on police investigation. I take my own pictures, I conduct my private own investigations, I keep my own records of the incidents. I was able to fend-off false accusations several times. I take the train everyday. I have a first hand observation of fighting. You see in public, you will not be able to predict if the other party has a history of mental illness, diabetic, PMS, or just having a bad day. So it is a crazy way to die, when you don’t handle this thing in a proper way.

      • PagpagLasangPino-cchio

        In the real world, its not pa cool cool like what you said. THE Taiwanese were scared of Pinocchio Coast Guard bec they are known to be pirates and not coast guard as such.

      • Giganteis

        Even Russian Citizens install dash cams on their cars because they are having bad experiences with their police officers. Try installing cameras, record everything and post it in Youtube. Or file a formal protest, or post the piracy incident on Facebook. Try modern means. At work, I feel like punching my co-worker already but I can’t do that. I record this events and file a complaint at the personnel or proper authorities.

      • reddfrog

        But if you argued with the cop, or even insulted him to his face, is it lawful for him to shoot you?

  • Commentator

    I think what Pnoy did in Scarborough Shoal is right in using BRP Del Pilar in detaining the Chinese poachers. But China used that to claim the shoal and said the Philippine is using warship to apprehend fishermen when in fact Del Pilar is really a coast guard ship used by the Americans. Now the Filipino fishermen cannot fish there anymore. It is really a bullying technique of communist China.

    • reddfrog

      Naisahan ang Pinas.

      • uragunako

        naisahan ng traydor at may sanga na dila….bad karma be with them…walang tuso na tumatagal to include their supporters here…swerte nyo at demokrasya ang bansang Pilipinas….gawin mo kaya sa china ginagawa mo dito … inquirer

  • OpinionChan

    The standard operating procedure here in the Failippines is delay-delay-delay. Time goes by and people forget. They wait for another shameful local/international scandal to pop up and consume the media(Flavor of the month now: Napoles/Pork). Rinse and repeat. When a country cannot pave proper roads and sewage there is really not much to expect anymore. You were once the shining example of Asia not too long ago what happened?

    • opinyonlangpo

      Time goes by and people forget.

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