Korean war vets reunite for 60th year of armistice pact in Seoul


SEOUL– Around 300 veterans from 21 countries that fought in the Korean War under the United Nations flag commemorated the 60th year of the armistice agreement that ended three years of fierce fighting between the North and South although no peace treaty was forged.

Former President Fidel Ramos and his fellow Filipino war veterans, (identified with their ranks as they retired): Generals Benjamin Santos and Prudencio Regis; Colonels Vicente Alhambra, Ishmael Rodrigo and Jovencio Dominguez; and Lieutenants Dionisio Layaoen and Severino Aquino attended the ceremony that expressed South Korea’s gratitude to the 21 UN member countries that helped defend their democracy and sovereignty.

Alhambra, who was an intelligence officer in the war, is the oldest among the group at 97 years old.

The Philippines was one of the 16 UN member countries that sent combat units to the Korean War while five others provided medical support.

While the ceasefire has held for six decades, many still yearn for closure to the war and some, a reunification of the two Koreas.

Filipino war veterans with their families attend the Commemorative Ceremony for the UN Forces that participated in the Korean War at the War Memorial of Korea. From left to right: Vincente Alhambra, Jr., 97-year-old Col. Vicente Alhambra; Gen. Benjamin Santos; Col. Jovencio Dominguez; Lt. Dionisio Layaoen; and Alexis Layaoen. NIKKO DIZON/Inquirer

“It is deeply regrettable that the situation in the Korean peninsula remains fragile and volatile. Inter-Korean relations have remained deadlocked for far too long,” UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon said in a message read by a representative at the ceremony.

South Korea’s first female President Park Gyeung Hye also delivered a message.

The ceremonies included a traditional Korean dance and a parade of flags of the UN, South Korea, and the 21 nations in a tribute where Korean children sang “That’s What Friends Are For,” bringing tears to not a few of the attendees.

The war broke out on June 25, 1950 with the unexpected attack of the communist North Korea on the South. Days later, the UN called its member nations to help South Korea.

According to UN records, the Philippines sent a total of 7,420 soldiers, 112 of whom were killed, 229 were wounded in action, 41 became prisoners of war, and 16 remain missing in action.

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  • Palparan

    The monoloid fggot Chinese chinks suffered thousands of casualties during the war… Good work vets!

  • kanoy


    • ThudOthwacker

      Kanoy and his flawed history. FYI it was the Soviet side Korea led by Kim Il Sung that started the war.

      • kanoy


        In 1950, North Korean forces, armed mainly with Soviet weapons, invaded
        South Korea in an effort to reunite the peninsula under communist rule.
        Within the next couple of days the Truman administration and the United
        Nations had decided to aid in the defense of South Korea, and soon a
        multinational army had arrived under the command of General Douglas
        MacArthur. But while MacArthur was able to prevent the North Koreans
        from overrunning the South, an unexpected intervention by China soon
        turned the “police action” (as Truman called it) into a bloody
        stalemate. Differences between Truman and MacArthur led to the latter’s
        firing in early 1951, and as the war ground on it grew more and more
        unpopular in the United States. Ultimately it would contribute to Dwight
        Eisenhower’s election as president in 1952, and it would be the
        Eisenhower administration that brought an end to the conflict through a
        compromise peace.

      • ThudOthwacker

        First, UN have no standing army. It relied on member states for to fill up UN expeditionary force. To call UN as a world policeman is utterly IDIOTIC. Aiding a beleaguered nation and maintaining peace is just one of the UN charters.

        Second, Republic of Korea(south) is an independent nation.

        “POLICE ACTION NOT WAR” ~kanoy

        Third, LOL “Police action” is a euphemism for military action for, without formal declaration of war. Don’t take the expression literally, DIMWIT.

        And here are your flaws:

        “But while MacArthur was able to prevent the North Koreans from overrunning the South, an unexpected intervention by China soon
        turned the “police action” (as Truman called it) into a bloody
        stalemate. Differences between Truman and MacArthur led to the latter’s
        firing in early 1951″ ~kanoy

        When MacArthur crossed the 38th parallel. That’s when China enter the war. MacArthur wants to cross Yalu river to China. To finish off Mao and nuke Beijing. That is the reasons why MacArthur was relieved of command and nothing else.

        Like I have written, you have a FLAWED history and unhealthy imaginations.

      • Penny Lane

        And let us not forget, McArthur in his blind zeal and full of glory ignored repeated chinese warnings not to push to the yalu river. he also ignored warnings of chinese military buildup, brushing it aside, boasting that china will not dare confront him and the might of the us forces. The rest is history…………………..

      • ThudOthwacker

        You can’t blame MacArthur. He’s a strategist, as long as the supply base of North Korean army is in the other side of Yalu. The North Koreans will not cease its incursions south of 38th parallel.

      • kanoy

        THE WAR OF 1812

      • ThudOthwacker

        UZZARD, what does USA past wars have to do with UN and the Korean war?

        NOTHING at all!

      • Penny Lane

        Those who ignore or are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it.

      • ThudOthwacker

        LOL Ignorant is just as worst as one mixing facts with fiction.

      • Penny Lane

        the bells of ballangiga a war trophy is a fact not a fiction. it is also a fact many present filipinos are not even aware of it. it is also a fact that the war costs the phil civilians dearly comparable to a genocide. to deny history and to rewrite history (which is what ABE is doing) is worst than a guilt of ignorance.

      • ThudOthwacker

        LOL Are you confused? Bells of Balangiga and Premier Abe are not part of kanoy’s original post nor his reply. Don’t muddle the topic with irrelevant points.

      • Fred Cua

        You forgot the philippine american war, or as your flawed US history books calls it “Philippine Insurrection” . You still have the nerve to boast it, while forgetting that the American thieves step on our newly independent nation and did whatever that pleases you. As one Swedish journalist said during the battle of Pasig “Its not a war, its simply a massacre” Go home to your fuc€land you Filipino/american boy.

      • Penny Lane

        And how many filipinos today even know of the bells of ballangiga? Filipino historian E. San Juan, Jr., alleges that 1.4 million Filipinos died during the war and that constitutes an act of genocide on the part of the United States.

    • Pedring2

      Deport Kanuto, an undesirable alien!

    • Fred Cua

      Expect a call from immigration on wednesday.

    • Fred Cua

      The war in afghanistan and iraq is also a police action, with US sending their mighty policemen to pacify the country and build oil fields.

      • Maj Gen Luo Yuan

        Rubbish!! The War in Afghanistan is a War on Terror and Iraq War is part of that War on Terror. Bin Laden is now dead. He was given refuge in Pakistan. Pakistan is a vassal state of my motherland – China.

      • Penny Lane

        Rubbish, Iraq War was a revenge war for the Bush clan using an imaginary and phantom Iraqi WMD as a pretext for invasion. Are the Iraqis better off today? USA came and are now almost gone.The daily bombings and sectarian violence are hardly news anymore these days in USA.

        Bin Laden is dead, but he has achieved one of his goal. The result was the US federal debt from a surplus to over $17 Trillion today. The Agfan war, already the costliest and longest in American history is far from over.

      • CommonSens6

        Wrong, it will essentially end in 2014!

      • Penny Lane

        It will end in 2014 for America but the outcome of the invasion, the sectarian civil war is just beginning in Iraq. And with the pullout from Afghanistan, you can bet the Taliban will be back in force and the conflict will continue. It will end for america but violence and the killings will continue for both iraq and afghanistan. Just like the korean war, both will become america’s unfinished business. But this time, both will cost the american taxpayers heavily, at $US1.7T federal debt and growing. It was said one of the reasons for the fall of the roman empire was staggering costs of war against the barbarians surrounding the borders of the empire, the barbaric descendants of modern french, germans, english , etc. Such is history. Will Pax Americana go the way of Pax Romana?

      • CommonSens6

        Like the Americans care? If they don’t why should you?

      • Penny Lane

        you just confirmed my case, korea, and vietnam were unfinished wars because the general american public did not care and so American lost the war. The iraqi and afghan wars are also becoming unfinished war, with america ready to pull out and leaving the iraqi and the afghan to start shooting each other again. and yes, the american public weary of the length of the war and the cost that contributed to the staggering federal debt of over US$17T do not care anymore even with the resurgence of the taliban and the increased sectarian violence in iraq. Will america even have the appetite and the will to take on china either militarily or economically? i suppose we know the practical answer to this.

      • CommonSens6

        Wrong. OEF is over; OIF is ending. OBL is dead, there’s no need to continue in Afghanistan. And Sadam is gone therefore the Iraq objective has been accomplished. The US has achieved its objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan… time to bring back the troops!

      • ThudOthwacker

        Wrong, Korean war had achieved its goal. UN forces successfully restored the state of Republic of Korea. And maintained peace in the Korea peninsula up to this day.

        The sectarian divide of Iraq goes back at the time of Mohammed’s death. It will not stop. Unless Islam cease to exist.

        Same case with Afghanistan. As long as Pakistan acting as Taliban’s puppet master. The war there will not stop.

        One of the capitalist mythos is “use other people’s money”. That exactly what capitalist America had been doing. US can pay its debts easily. They still have vast untapped fossil fuel.

      • Penny Lane

        The forgotten war, his royal highness macarthur’s goal was to push not only to the korean china border but to reinstall the kuomintang nationalist government. macarthur was pushed out from the chosin peninsula, pursued all the way back to the 38th parallel, exactly back to the status quo. unable to gain any ground nor having the stomach to continue with the war, a an uneasy peace was forged. The war became the forgotten war and the first war america was stopped in its track. irregardless of who the victors are since all the combatant nations claimed victory, the outcome is irrefutable, macarthur was pushed back to the 38th parallel, china maintained its buffer zone and kicked the western power from its border and the usa realized no amount of technological superiority and wealth is a guarantee of having its way and was forced to station troops in the peninsula up to today.

        The capitalist mythos of “use other people’s money” is what ills the economies of the so called PIIGS nations (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) and spreading to France and Italy, undermining the EU. And yes, US $17.5 Trillion debt is not a myth, many of the 50 states are in deficit, pensions are underfunded, infrastructures are deteriorating, medicare is underfunded and social security is heading into bankruptcy. And of course, continue to print and print US dollars is the solution. The potential fossil fuel boom is largely shale oil and can only be extracted with heavy use of pumping chemical laced water underground with long term environmental impact on underground water. Have you seen tap water from underground well water coming out of the faucet smelling like gas and can be lit with a match? How about the mysterious illness of people leaving close by these shale oil underground water source? CA with enormous shale oil reserved is already saying no. its ok to dig in somebody’s backyard but not on my backyard.

        Sectarian violence in iraq was largely contained by sadam with his heavy hand methods. this was unleashed by the us invasion and so the nation has once again revert back to sectarian violence. Remember the mujahadeen in the 1970s? US is once again committing another mistake by its decision to arm the syrian rebels. these syrian rebels will one day be the taliban that will strike back against USA. So the question is who benefits from all these wars? of course the US industrial military industrial complex. The arms merchant that will get all the new business supplying and rearming not only the US military but the combatants as well. Its all business for these arms merchant corporation. And they will continue to have the last laugh all the way to the bank.

      • ThudOthwacker

        Wrong again. MacArthur was not pushed back to status quo. He started at Pusan and made a lynching move to Incheon to cut off North Korean Army(KPA) supply line and trap KPA in southern Korea. By September, four since the outbreak of war. Seoul was captured from KPA and South Korea restored.

        Thatcher knew from the beginning Euro won’t work. That’s why UK abstain in joining. Her reason, southern Europeans (except Italy) are not industrial heavy as the northern members. Plus, joining Euro means surrendering independent states monetary policy to European Union Central bank. They PIIGS nations loose the same advantage Mexico have with US and Canada at NAFTA. The power to depreciates its currency and cheap labor. The Greeks wants their retirement fund at par with their wealthy northern neighbors. Which is impossible to meet.

        Who said the $17.5 billion debt is a myth? The problem with US is their government is large. The republican tried to downsize the government social program spending and promote business. But the democrats wants to shoulder everything including abortion.

        There are untapped oil fields in Alaska, Texas and mid America. They are not tapping those fields until Middle east run out of oil. That’s their standing policy.

        Regards to the capitalist mythos “use other people’s money”. Its prevalent everyday and everywhere. If you use your credit card, make a loan and applied for an insurance. Now if you fail to pay your loan or balance your budget. Then the problem is with you not on the mythos.

        The problem in the middle east first started after Mohammed’s death, Shi’a versus Sunni followers. It exacerbated further when Ottoman Turks, England and France drawn borders irrespective of ethnic domain.

        The Taliban are string puppets of Pakistan, zealots and they don’t represent the whole Afghans. And worst they accommodated terrorists.

        US producing arms, buying and selling is one way to maintain or increase US GDP numbers. That is purely economic policy

      • Penny Lane

        with regards to the korean war, go to youtube and look for the military channel’s fire and ice the korean war 4 part series from initial campaign, triumph to tragedy, retreat from hell and the bitter standoff. the uneasy peace in the korean peninsula today is not really a decisive victory is it?

      • ThudOthwacker

        What is the objectives of UN Security Council Resolution 83?

        To restore peace and security for South Korea. Both achieved within the 3 years war campaign.

        Is that not decisive enough for you?


      • Penny Lane

        But Macarthur and the high command flash with their early victory at ichon decided the 38th parallel status quo is not enough and opted to push the nokor north towards the yalu river. Ignoring Chinese warnings to not cross the 38th parallel, truman, the general staff and macarthur ignored warnings from cia of massive chinese build ups, brushed aside the chinese warnings , with macarthur publicly declaring china will not dare take on the usa super power and un forces. Thus, they were pushed out from the yalu river down to the 38th parallel to a bloody stalemate the next 2 years until both sides agree to a ceasefire. The retreat of the UN and USA forces from the chosin penninsula to the evacuation of hungsam and the long bitter retreat of the US 8th army all the way back to the 38th parallel was the longest bitter retreat and defeat in american military history. The irony is the UN forces led by the US military is the most advanced technologically equipped at that time and had uncontested air and naval superiority as well as unlimited firepower were badly mauled, bitten and fought to a ww1 trench style stalemate by a poorly equipped chinese peasant army with minimal mechanized support. And the rest is history………….

      • ThudOthwacker

        LOL Wrong again. The UN forces never reached Yalu river. FYI, Yalu river is a border between North Korea and China.

        The retreat was strategic. Stalin withdrawn its troops and introduced scorched earth policy. When Nazi entered Soviet proper. There are reasons why trench warfare was applied. Korea are mountainous.

        LOL China’s total death twice the combine UN causalities. They were supplied by Russian materials and volunteer pilots. In 1975 Kim Il Jung inspired by North Vietnamese. Ask China for assistance to resume war in Korea. Guess what? China refused the request. US still maintain its forces in South Korea and ready to defend. While China other the hand are reluctant.

      • kanoy


        Dateline: 10/11/02

        The U.S. Congress yesterday passed a resolution authorizing President Bush to use the Armed Forces of the United States against Iraq.

        The House of Representatives on Oct. 10 passed the resolution (H.J. Res. 114) by a vote of 296-133. Senate approval came in a late-night vote of 77-23.

        Resolution Authorizes Use of Military Forces in Iraq
        Specifically, the resolution authorizes President Bush to:

        use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in order to–

        (1) defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and

        (2) enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq.

      • Fred Cua

        Well, they dont have the permission from UN.

      • Penny Lane

        Bush pushed through the resolution by duping congress and the world on the existence of iraqi wmd as a pretext to get even with sadam.

  • delpillar

    It is an overwhelming war not only to Filipinos but to the UN forces.

    From one just remaining province (of Pusan) still UNOCCUPIED by North Korean Army, the UN forces flashed-out each province while MacArthur cut them through the beach landing in Incheon, then went up to Pyongyang and near YALU River (China-NK boundary) when more than a million Chinese, wave of wave of Chinese counter-attack, many of whom were just carrying grenades and bombs in a suicide mission.

    • batangpaslit

      The South Korean war gave Gen McArthur the opportunity to demonstrate his military genius.
      Unfortunately, he delved into the province that only the President of the United States of America could decide. He was relieved from his post.

      • warillaman

        Had general macArthur have his way, there would never have been two koreas now….

      • batangpaslit

        if Gen McArthur was not prevented from dropping nukes, WW III would have commenced.
        Russia and China would commit their regular forces to battle U.S.A. and her allied forces.
        if the Atomic bomb was dropped in North Korea and the China-Korean border, there would be no Korean Peninsula.
        both the South Koreans and the North Koreans and the Filipinos in South Korea will die.
        radiation and fallout
        not all problems in the world could be solved militarily. look at Iraq and the rest of the Middle East countries.
        war is critical.
        the generals should not be left alone to run it.

      • warillaman

        I don’t think so, the general wants to commit bombing inside the supply route in china, the bleeding hearts think it will include atomic bombs, and russia will not commit their troops in those times or else they would have joined the chinks.

      • Penny Lane

        The retreat from the Chosin Reservoir was the USA’s largest military retreat. His royal highness, Gen McArthur, after being warned repeatedly by China not to cross the 38th parallel, ignored the warning, brushed it aside and came close to the Yalu river. This was the last straw for China which will not tolerate a western power within its border. The result was the longest bitterest retreat for the combined UN forces, the sacking by Pres Truman of his highness McArthur and a stalemate that follows and ended in an armistice.

      • warillaman

        just the same as dunkirk and all other retreats, macArthur was sacked because he wants to bomb chinks supply route, it has nothing to do with your chinks army, idiot,

      • Penny Lane

        MacArthur, your royal highness, according to pres Truman, was still dreaming of his old glory after being denied of his victory which was snatched from him by china just as his forces were ready to route and push the remnants of nokor forces across into Manchuria. He was willing to risk all even an atomic war with the Soviet Union and china. America, weary after ww2, had no taste for another protracted conflict in a land many of the American public have not even heard of. No wonder it is according to American history, the forgotten war. America was in the midst of postwar economic and baby boom and Korea is so far away. They rather forget about it and immerse themselves with the material wealth and comfort surrounding them. Mcarthur, the son of an American general responsible for the pacification of the Philippine island during the short but brutal and bloody 1899-1902 Phil – USA war, finally faded as an old soldier…….

      • delpillar

        Stop giving uptake on topic about nuclear war with China and the soviet during the Korean War.

        CHINA HAD ZERO NUCLEAR BOMB at that time. China had detonated nuclear bomb only in 1964.

        Soviet had detonated nuclear bomb only in 1949. Even when the soviet had 50-500 nuclear bombs during the Korean War, the soviet union did not have massive bomber fleet to carry them. The US had.

        De-classified documents from the KGB revealed that the USSR was so afraid of antagonizing the USA that time so they even provided the soviet MIG-15 pilots with NK uniforms and each pilot were carrying several grenades and cyanide capsule so that if in case they were captured by US forces, they are instructed to commit suicide.

        When TRUMAN was replaced by EISENHOWER as US President, Soviet and China may had prior knowledge that hard liner in Washington might become successful convincing GEN EISENHOWER to consider the proposal of MaCArthur.

      • Penny Lane

        A successful war is also based on deception and utilization of psychological warfare. The objective of all war is victory. USA with its massive and overwhelming technological superiority may have won battles, but it lost the war by failing to achieved its core objectives. In the end the battle lines were back to the 38th parallel and an uneasy armistice that is still unresolved until today.

        Each nation fights its war based on its available resources. America utilized its massive industrial and economic wealth and mobilized its superior technologically armed forces. China on the other hand just concluded a long civil war in 1949. It has no industrial based and is a largely agrarian economy of peasants and para military forces. Its has no industrial economic armament and had to rely on surplus ww2 equipments, captured kuomintang arms and was heavily dependent on soviet arm support. it has no viable modern airforce nor naval forces. Its only resources is its peasant army and resolved to ensure no western power will be allowed to establish a base within its border. Centuries of western repression and invasion is still seared in the national consciousness. China fought with the only resources it has and pushed the well equipped modern UN forces led by General McArthur out of the chosin reservoir, back to the 38th parallel and into a stalemate.

        In hindsight, one can argue the many variables that may have been. The ifs, the many what could have and what should have. What if Truman, what if Eisenhower. All these are elemental in the final outcome of any conflict. The UN forces may have won the many battles, but because their key objectives were not achieved, just like it was a decade later in Vietnam, they lost the war.

        “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      • delpillar

        Only the USA had thousands of operational nuclear bombs in 1950-1952. Soviet Union had just detonated nuclear bomb in 1949. By the end of 1950, only 500 bombs were in Soviet arsenal.

        China detonated its first nuclear bomb in 1964.

        In 1952, US produced and detonated the world’s first Hydrogen bomb.

        MacArthur was not warned by China about crossing the Yalu River. MacArthur was warned by CHina of colonizing North Korea and unified it with the South. China and the Soviet did not like US Power on its boarder. China and Soviet will do whatever it cost to retake and make North Korea as independent from the South.

        MacArthur retreat because US Bomber and Airforce no longer ruled the sky when MIG-15 came to North Koreas and CHINESE ARMY support. Until the arrival of F-86D/F, no US AIR POWER could go as far as Pyongyang up to Yalu. Nearly all squadron by squadron of B-29, B-25, F-100, F4U-Corsair were all shot down by MIG-15. So with no air-support, US/UNC troops were highly outnumbered by Chinese Army.

        When Chinese Army and NK army were far superior in numbers, US/UNC will have difficulty fighting them at night because NK terrain mapping were not yet perfected so heavy and long-range artillery were basically useless at night. Fighting at night were just 500 meters apart. At day time, most of Chinese Army were hiding from US long range artillery.

        With the arrival of F-86 Sabre and Super-Sabre, the US/UNC air support slowly pushing back the Chinese again back or farther to the 38th parallel.

      • delpillar

        In 1950, the US had 11,000 nuclear bombs. USSR had only 50. USSR detonated their first nuclear bomb (not yet miniaturized to be carried by a bomber) only in 1949.

        In 1953, the US had 14,000. USSR had only 500. And there was no ICBM yet at that time. ALl nuclear bombs should be carried by bomber aircraft. Only the US had 2,000 B29 and B-47 aircraft at that time that can deliver massive nuclear warheads, each 20,000 times stronger than the one dropped in Hiroshima.

        The peak of nuclear bombs was in 1961, during the height of the Cuban Crisis. 31,000 US nuclear warheads and 9,000 USSR nuclear bomb.

        China detonated nuclear bomb only in 1964.

        USSR and China was afraid of the USA when in 1953, GEN EISENHOWER became the president of the USA and there was a hearsay that unlike TRUMAN, EISENHOWER might consider the proposal of MacArthur. This is the reason why the USSR and China advised and forced NK to sign the Armistice Agreement with the USA drawing the boundary back to 38th parallel with 2 miles buffer-zone on each side.

  • warillaman

    A great contribution by our filipino soldiers in the fight for freedom in a foreign land, I salute them with pride and honor, we filipinos in times of war can make a difference, and confronted overwhelming retard chink army, bewildered and confused being retarded.

    • batangpaslit

      The Philippines contributed twice for what South Korea is now. Aside from helping them repel the assault of Communist enemies, U.P. Los Banos trained South Korean scholars in agriculture. In turn, the latter transformed their birthland self-sufficient in staple production.

      • warillaman

        Then, they should be thankful to us more than mere words…..

      • batangpaslit

        is the South Korean government and South Koran people ungrateful to Filipinos?
        in the mid 80s, I negotiated with Hyundai and Daewoo to procure naval fast craft for the Philippine Navy, and the Coast Guard.
        the arrangement was: buy half of the number of fleets and the balance would be built either in Cavite or Subic under JVA Program.
        my project did not materialize. I was strictly advised not to push the proposal.
        U.S.A. opposed the idea to procure from South Korea. U.S.A., demands the Philippines should procure U.S. decommissioned naval boats.

      • warillaman

        Hard to say this but you are right, and that was the 80’s and until now, unless the US make stand and firm commitment in our defense against this retard chinks, right now, the US let us go thru arbitration proccess in the UN, because we have a chance of winning it under UNCLOS rule, and once decision is in our favor, that will be the time the US can have more defense posturing as we legally own those disputed reefs and shoals against the retarded chinks, that is the way how I see it.

      • delpillar

        The Tomas-Batillo Class and COnrado-Yap Class of Fast-craft of the Philippine Navy was purchased from SK. A total of 10 ships were sold to the Philippine Navy from 1995 to 2005 at a very friendly price.

        No one is restricting for the Philippines to build its own ships or to buy at other allied nations. It is a lie that the USA is preventing us from building our own ships and planes. That was only the lousy alibi by our corrupt leaders.

        Japan was even clearly mandated not to build ships and planes again but they start building in the 1960’s. Japan wanted to build its own ships but even the US did not prevented them to do so.

        In 1999, SK gave 3 F-5 fighter jets at a price of just 1 US Dollar per piece.

        Thailand sent more than 15,000 troops but they were not asking from SK of gratitude help when SK became prosperous. So it is not right to say ” UNGRATEFUL”.

        The Philippines did not send 7,400 troops at once. They were on rotation of 5 batches.

  • batangpaslit

    I have a kin who survived the South Korean War. sabi nia, halos maubos na daw ang baon na bala nila, pero, wave after wave the Communist forces keeps on coming.
    Kung sabagay, maigi rin na may regional wars.
    It is one way of depopulating the earth. Sana, ang giyera, baril at bala lang ang gamitin, walang atomic bomb para walang radiation fallouts.

  • Art Villasanta

    The Korean War remains well and truly “The Forgotten War” for the Philippines and all the 15 other countries whose sons fought and died defending Democracy and the Republic of Korea from 1950 to 1953.

    As the “Forgotten Historian” of this Forgotten War, my aim has been to inform more Filipinos about the key role our country played in the successful defense of democracy and the Republic of Korea during the Korean War.

    That’s why I placed my PEFTOK website online in the year 2000. Please visit the website entitled “The Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK): 1950-1955″ so you can read what sacrifices this country made for South Korea.

    “Freedom is not Free. It is bought with the blood of fighting men and stained with the tears of loved ones left behind.”

    This is the PEFTOK adage, and a mural with this inscription is the first memorial you will see upon entering the Museum of the “Philippine-Korean War Memorial Hall” along Bayani Road near the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    Please visit the Museum, which houses weapons, uniforms and memorabilia from our veterans who fought in the Korean War. You will also read a history of our involvement in the Korean War that I wrote. You will also read all the names of the over 7,420 Filipino officers and men who served in Korea from 1950 to 1955.

    The ancient Romans located their cemeteries by roadsides for one reason. They believed that the souls of their dead lived again, and their lives became worthwhile, once someone read his name on his tombstone.

    Read the names of our PEFTOK heroes on the five pillars and let them live again in your memory.

    • Penny Lane

      Neither do the present Filipino and American generation care about the forgotten war. For the American, it was their fist defeat which will culminate in the Vietnam war a little over a decade later. The USA forces, equipped with most modern war machine at that time was stopped on its tract by an army of peasants from china which at that time were poorly equipped but resolved not to have a western power in its back door and border. China at that time was a backward nation of largely agrarian based economy fought the mightiest nation led by one of its greatest general into a standstill.

      • delpillar

        USA was never beaten militarily even in Vietnam.

        Only 38,000 KIA in Korean War.

        Only 58,000 KIA in Vietnam War.

        More than 80% of Sabre shoot down in Korea were done by MIG-15 pilots from USSR.

        More than 80% of US Fighter Jets of US Airforce in Vietnam were shot-down by SA-2, and SA-3 surface-to-air missiles (SAM) provided by the USSR and of helicopters, the Anti-aircraft-artillery (AAA) provided by China.

        And above all, Only 100,000 US Infantry (actual foot-soldiers) were in Vietnam at all times. Although there were a total of 580,000 Infantry sent to Vietnam, they were done in rotation of tour of duty. The average age of all the infantry sent to Vietnam was 19 years old. 80% of them were just 18 years old and most of them died during the first tour of duty.

        Two of the largest attack of the NVA and VietCong were annihilated by the US Forces pinpoint artillery and bombing during the TET OFFENSIVE and the Battle of Ben Dien Phu.

        100,000 US foot soldiers at all times were supported by 50,000 Foot Soldiers from South Korea (Veterans of the Korean Wars). They did excellent jobs in Infantry fighting.

        The US was defeated in Washington and in the US Congress and all major cities of the USA with massive demonstration coupled with civil liberties movement including the assasination of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968.

      • Penny Lane

        The objective of all war is victory. The USA and un forces may have won the battle but they lost the war. War is fought not only in the battlefield it is also fought psychologically in the hearts and minds on the enemy’s own backyard. The USA with its superior technology could not conclusively and decisively defeat the enemy. This was the case in the Korean as well as the Vietnam wars. The war in Iraq is winding down with withdrawal of troops in 2014. But Iraq is slowly descending into sectarian violence occurring almost daily. It’s an unfinished business which the American public are tired of and no longer care. Both the Iraq and afghan wars have costs the American treasury heavily. Before the war, us federal debt was almost eradicated under Clinton. Today the debt is a staggering $17trillion and growing.

    • delpillar

      I had been to South Korea 3 times, although I have been to the WAR MEMORIAL one time only. The SK War MEMORIAL/Museum is well funded and there is an eternal flame inside an underground hallway saying:


      Surrounding the main building were the lists of all United Nations Command Killed and Missing in Action.

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