US military officers in PH for series of talks


Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – Ranking United States military officers are in the country for a series of Mutual Defense Board-Security Engagement Board (MDB-SEB) talks.

The contingent from the US is led by Major General Gregg Sturdevant, chief of Strategic Planning Policy (J5) of US Pacific Command.

“Dumating sila dito para makipag-meeting execom [executive committee] para planuhin yung mga activities na gagawin next year,” Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin told reporters at Camp Aguinaldo, when asked to confirm about the visit of the US officials.

(“They arrived here for execom meeting to plan out next year’s activities,” Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin told reporters at Camp Aguinaldo, when asked to confirm about the visit of the US officials.)

Gazmin said the talks will tackle humanitarian activities and military drills between US and Philippines including Balikatan, which is usually planned one year ahead.

Both the delegates of the PH-US will participate in the talks at Camp Aguinaldo from Wednesday until Friday.



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  • Yobhtron

    Matutuwa na naman ang mga traydor sa bayan na makakaliwa at meron na naman silang dahilan para magrally. Susuportahan kayo ng mas maraming Pilipino kung magrarally din sila sa embahada ng Tsina.

  • Crazy_horse101010

    bring on the commies with their rants. and dont forget the american bashers. see you around boys

    • PurpleDaisy13

      Forget the commies, bring on some of the fish you caught from the remote and depressed fishing village in Philippines that you now reside in after failing to succeed in living the “American dream” crazyhorse.

      Crazyhorse is a “failed American” and has been downgraded to a permanent foreigner trying to act “mayabang” among Filipino fishermen. His wifee still has US Citizenship but plans to seek another “joe” in the US as a replacement partner as she sees no future in wiping crazyhorse’s a$$ and changing his diapers everyday in a remote fishing village north of Mindanao.


      • Crazy_horse101010

        and how do you know this retard when you dont know my name or where i live liar you are one desperate pig whay is my wifes name stuoid all you are doing is showing what a moron you are and im glad so the world can see what a disgusting pig you are comrade. and qwhere is that village you keep crying about daisy chain tall me. anyway ti threw out my bait and caught one big ugly fake american sucker it wasnt even a challenge so keep lying and make yourself look more stupid you are just jealous because i have someone while you are f–king pigs. HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW dumb azz pig humper oh you are a failure as a chinese agent everyone knows yo are a liar and fake comrade so bite me. your garbage mouth can never hurt me its funny seeing how pitiful you are

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “where i live liar”

        We don’t need to know your exact location crazyhorse. You’ve already admitted publicly that you live in a “remote fishing village North of Mindanao.

        You had also admitted publicly that your Filipina wifee had acquired a US Citizenship.

        Thus, you are a “failed American” trying to act high and mighty among Filipino fishermen.

        Your presence as a foreigner North of Mindanao is so obvious that you had already admitted being left outside of shops and stores by your wifee because store clerks immediately begin to raise the cost of products and items when they see your foreigner a$$.

        I’m sorry crazyhorse, but these are the facts. Not because I said so, because you publicly admitted them all to us from a context of being “Mayabang” and now it’s all back-firing on your dumb foreigner a$$ and a “failed American”.


      • Crazy_horse101010

        you wouldnt khow the facts if they bit e on the butt more of your lies. from someone living in a pigsty north of hong kong. and yes my wife has a dual citizenship so what sre you jealous because you cant ever get one desperate one and i never said outside of stores liar i said it happened in markets nice try twisting my words around like commies do. if you dont have my name and location how do you know what my wife is doing stupid. and the facys what are you going to do sue me because im a foreigner HAWHAWHAW . leep trying stupid next you will have me killing lincoln dumbazz

      • Crazy_horse101010

        whoops bit you on the butt

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “and yes my wife has a dual citizenship so what sre you jealous”

        Not jealous, but proud your Filipina wife spent $25-$50 to apply for dual citizenship as a back-door escape option in case she needs to drop and dump your “failed American” foreigner a$$ so she could return to the U.S. and earn a bigger income than the pesos you’ve forced upon her in a remote fishing village north of Mindanao, Philippines.

        It’s only a matter of time before your Filipina gives up on your limp wrinkled twinkie crazyhorse. Then she’ll force your house off of her LAND PROPERTY and hookup with a strong, young, cash-strapped foreigner in the States and make good use of her US citizenship.

        Your Filipina wife’s family will enjoy her LAND PROPERTY while she’s in the U.S. making top dollars.

        Please have your wife read this too.


      • pfckulapu_parin

        PokpokDaisy (aka US Citizen kuno, US Taxpayer kuno, MCDO staff kuno)

        Alam mo ilang araw na kitang hinahunting dito. At last lumutang ka rin…
        Gaya last year SONA, few days before SONA nawala ka rin sa forum, remember…….

        Tanga lalo kitang nahalata…..
        Welcome Back, DAKILANG PATAY GUTOM!!!!!!!!!

      • Crazy_horse101010

        the idiot sure does like to look stupid spreading lies it cant prove i love it. from her home in a pig sty somewhere north of hong kong

      • pfckulapu_parin

        PokpokDaisy (aka US Citizen kuno, US Taxpayer kuno, MCDO staff kuno)
        How’s your US government kuno?
        weeeeeee US citizen daw sya…..
        weeeeeee US Taxpayer daw sya….
        weeeeeee MCDO staff daw sya….
        naweweeeeee kana…….

      • pfckulapu_parin

        PokpokDaisy (aka US Citizen kuno, US Taxpayer kuno, MCDO staff kuno)
        weeeee, kapirangut lang ang sumama sa rally….
        weeeee, tanga lang ang sumama sa rally….
        weeeee, uto-uto lang ang sumama sa rally….

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “tanga lang ang sumama sa rally….”

        US Pinoys for Good Governance will not be flattered with your comment pfckulapu.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        no one has to worry because you dont know any filipinos in america fake one. just more of your lies moron .

      • izakyakov

        Is this what is being taught in Allied schools?

      • PurpleDaisy13

        Why don’t you give us the address, phone number, and website of an “Allied school” izakyakov.

        Otherwise, you don’t know what you’re talking about and there is no such thing as an “Allied school”.

      • izakyakov

        Rinconada Allied Cultural School
        San Jose, Iriga City

        PurpleDaisy13 said: “there is no such thing as an “Allied school”.


      • PurpleDaisy13

        An “Allied School” is not the same as an “Allied Cultural School” moron.

        Nor do I reside in your country of poverty of the Philippines.

        Give me an address, phone number, and website of an educational institution called an “Allied School” here in the United States that has any relevance to our discussion and the average US citizen izakyakov.

        What the h*ll does a “cultural” school have to do with crazyhorse anyway? “ang tanga-tanga mo”

        “nakapabobo talaga itong izakyakov.”


      • izakyakov

        wow nasa US daw sia… ang bayarang chekwang retarded ay nasa US daw… di ba ang sarap makipamayan sa isang bansa kung saan ay malaya mong naipapahayag ang iyong opinyon at saloobin? di ba chekwa?

        at sa usapang “allied school”, ang babaw mo rin talaga no?

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “wow nasa US daw sia”

        “bakit, inggit ka ba?”

      • Crazy_horse101010

        again you are lying you live in a pigsty north oh hong kong idiot. where you are raping the baby pigs because you are to ugly even for your chinese masters who you drop on your knees for nice try comie but everyone kows you are full of crap HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE PITFUL LOSER

      • Crazy_horse101010

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      • blue_lights

        Ouch! Is that true? Kawawa naman…

      • Crazy_horse101010

        nothing daisy chain says is true you will find that out if you have been in these forums it hates filipinos and tries to agitate war with malaysia and taiwan by using america are as it says my america or our america whoever our is. it loves to insult filipinos and me because i wouldnt buy its lies so it does its best by lying and attacking my wife like the pitiful scum it is. shows what kind of character it is when it attacks women it doest even know that is why i hate the piece of garbage especially after it threatened me i dont respond to threats. well. as they say payback is a bit-h. it even looked at my postings for the last 6 months trying to find dirt on me.

      • blue_lights

        Looked at your postings for the last 6 months?? very creepy, it seems you have a stalker! ahaha!

      • Crazy_horse101010

        ever since i said it was a fake american it went crazy . saying lies about me being a criminal. tax evader. and everything else then it attacked my wife that was the straw that broke the camels back now i stalk the stalker.. im not the only one it attacks it has other enemies. there is something very wrong with that moron. it usually waits till i go to bed then starts in with its ravings.

      • blue_lights

        Well I talk smack with lots of people here, but dragging family members into it is not cool. Insulting relatives is the last resort of the incompetent.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        thanks guy i feel the same way. its a sigh of stupidity and desperation.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        Many who had been familiar with crazyhorse have no need to go back 6 months to read crazy_horse’s comments blue_light.

        We’ve known crazyhorse since the day he made the comments 6 months ago. However, if this is your first time learning about crazyhorse, don’t be intimidated because he’s an American foreigner.

        Because the fact is, he’s a “failed American” who no longer resides here in the States and prefers to avoid contributing to our State taxes. And due to his major shift of declining income, has opted to live in a remote fishing village north of Mindanao surrounded by Filipino villagers who poisoned his dog for being just another “mayabang” foreigner.

      • blue_lights

        I am fairly new to these boards. I guess you feel he is “failed” because he is no longer “here in the States” like yourself? I have, on occasion differed with him on opinion too, and yes, I remember saying derogatory things about him too.

        But come on, taunting him based on his dog getting poisoned, or his relationship with his spouse is pretty tasteless, don’t you think?

        No matter how low his IQ may or may not be, or where his attitude falls on a scale, it’s a bit much to stoop to such an act of schadenfreude.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        thanks blue lights we agree some times to disagree. but i will never insult someones family or skin color. and you have said things that i do agree with especially with this country im not a hater of the filipinos like purple weed. i will try to be kinder to you okay and has for insulting each other i accept that its part of these forums but to bring others in that is crap

      • Crazy_horse101010

        again dumb azz who is this we everyone htes you perid there is no we except in your fantasy word. as for my dog being posioned that happened 7 years ago and im sure im not the only person in the philippines that has a dog posioned. and we arent sure it was the neighbors we had a maid that quit and hated the dog . but nice try. and blue light has already read the comments again nice try. have you ever once in your [itiful life ver told the truth i doubt it again who is we and our do you have a split personality..

      • PurpleDaisy13

        Yes, blue_lights.

        crazyhorse admitted all these things on this forum about his wife having a US Citizenship and many other “mayabang” comments to raise his spirits and uplift his confidence.

        So if you find yourself being insulted or ridiculed by crazyhorse, have no worries. He’s a “failed American” that uses German millionaires as an instrument to brag about.

        All you have to do is remind him about his Filipino neighbors in the remote fishing village that he now resides in that poisoned his dog because they don’t like foreigners who think they can just move in and be “mayabang” demanding peace and quiet.

        “kawawa nga”

      • Crazy_horse101010

        DAISY MAY is a failed commie agent because all its lies caught up to it.. who doesnt even know my wife but sloanders her with her garbage mouth because it is jealous because all it has is pigs to rapr isnt that right daisy tell the truth for one time in your life. i bet the poor pigs squealed and run like hell when you show up. HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW WHAT A SIGHT YOU WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN CHASING BABY PIGS

  • opinyonlangpo

    Why hide the truth? Tell directly that Philippines and USA are planning their moves to counter China and recover the Philippine’s lost territories.. At least China will know what to expect.

  • Crazy_horse101010

    one of the village idiots showed up and spread some more pig crap its fun to watch the desperation of the poor little fake american daisy chain the pig lover is funnier than the three stooges and they were much smarter. i love there futile attempts to upset me. bring it on .

  • PurpleDaisy13

    Anyone here can ask crazyhorse to clarify 2 simple questions:

    1) Were you an electrical utility worker in the United States earning $100k+ (P4.3+ million) per year before?

    2) Do you live in a remote fishing village north of Mindanao today?

    Based on crazyhorse’s public admittances, his answer should be “YES” to both questions.

    By this time, you will learn to understand the definition of a “Failed American”: aka crazyhorse.

    From $100k+ (P4.3+ million) a year earner —> to a remote fishing village dweller.


    • Crazy_horse101010

      i will answer your question brain dead one. what business is it to you you dont know so. and dumb dumb have you seen my house on the ocean the answer is no. have you seen the german millionaires house that is near no have you seen the resorts that are a couple of kilometers from me no.and you arent a american and a failed chinese agent. and who has been bragging about making 100000 dollars a year when you live in a pig sty. anyway daisy many foreigners who retire here live on the ocean and guess what that is where fishing villages are. i hate cities so i live here where there is fresh air and a beauitful view. nice try brainwasher but it didnt work and your got caught up again you are the most pitiful desperate piece of crap i have ever seen anyway you are so stupid you dont even notice you are the most hated person in these forums and are the butt of everyones jokes look at your nicknames daisy chain no one but no one believes you moron. HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHWHAWHAWHAWHAW LOSER COMMIE.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “have you seen the german millionaires house that is near ”

        Why are you bragging about german millionaires crazyhorse? You’re not the german millionaire.


        re: “anyway daisy many foreigners who retire here live on the ocean and guess what that is where fishing villages are.”

        Really? If they live on the ocean, then perhaps they can sail away when they get tired of your a$$ in the fishing village you live in.

        You come back bragging about rich germans and other foreigners and yet you live in a home surrounded by run-down hollow-blocked homes with rusted corrugated roofing occupied by Filipino families that blast their karaoke music irritating your dream of tranquility.

        You may have a home that may resemble our homes here in the States, but once you step outside, you’re still in a 3rd world country with the smell of sh*t and p*ss flowing through the open-air sewage systems on the side of the roads.

        Your neighbors had already threatened to run you out of the fishing village and they’ve poisoned your dog.

        You still enjoy the peace you dreamed of from a countryside of a 3rd world country?


        re: “i hate cities so i live here where there is fresh air and a beauitful view.”

        Yes, you live in a foreign country where you don’t own the entire home next to a beautiful view susceptible to be the first to be hit by typhoons and tsunamis.

        Please remind your wife that she owns 60% of the house while your foreigner a$$ only owns 40%. That way you can learn to put on a skirt when you get into an argument with your wife, now that you know who is really the head of the household: your wifee.

        “failed American”


      • Crazy_horse101010

        stupid did i sat i was. can read can you no wonder you areso retarded. and dumb dumb i own the house my wife owns the lot you dont know q hell lot do you. and who care about thypoons last one that hit here was 40 years ago. jealous because you live in a pig sty north of hong kong. lets face you are jealous about everything about my wife and me, because you are nothing and will always be nothing. and stupid the 60 40 law is for businesses. and it helps to have connections something you will never have. do you ever read your postings and see how pitiful they are i guess you are to stupid to know. GET THIS YOU ARE HATED BY EVERYONE AND ARE THE FORUMS JOKE EVERYONE HAS A NICKNAME FOR YOU DAISY CHAIN AND NO ONE BELIEVES WORD YOU SAY BUT YOU ARE SO RETARDED YOU DONT KNOW THAT. PITIFUL LOSER HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWAWHAWHAW

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: ” i own the house my wife owns the lot you dont know ”

        Yes, your wife owns the LAND which supersedes your ownership of the house on her LAND.

        So you better go out and buy more skirts and panties to add to your collection crazyhorse because you don’t OWN the LOT as a “failed American” foreigner.


        re: “and stupid the 60 40 law is for businesses.”

        Again crazyhorse, YOU CANNOT OWN 100% of LAND property in the Philippines as a “failed American” foreigner.

        That’s why the Philippine government makes it a Law to ensure that your Filipina WIFE has SUPREME CONTROL over the land assets, NOT your “failed American” foreigner a$$.

        Please make sure your WIFE reads THIS as a reminder to both of you.


    • Crazy_horse101010

      by the at what questions do you want the word to ask me next since no one has asked me about the last ones im sure you can dream some more fairy tales moron. waiting with bated breathe yeah right. how are you spending your 100000 dollarS a year you kept bragging about is that dollars or yuan HAWHAWHAW DAISY CHAIN AKA CHRONIC LIAR COMMIE SPY

      • Crazy_horse101010

        BY THE WAY

    • ConcernedCitizenPh

      A beach in the Philippines is not like the beach plagued with algae-bloom you have there in China. Beach and ocean-front properties in the Philippines and the US have high property values in case you don’t know.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        the idiot doesnt understand it thinks if dont live in the city you are poor. not everyone likes cities. there is some beautiful homes along the beaches here because of the view. a lot on the rock cliffs

      • divictes

        Reminds me of my former boss. He had four apartments in the Big Apple but chose to live in arid Arizona desert. When he saw me puzzled,he told me : “Only the poor live in the cities.”

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i hunted in arizona. it was a beautiful state. when i lived in montana i was thinking about becoming a snow bird summer in montana winter in arizona. but came here instead.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: ” but came here instead.”

        Came there instead in a remote fishing village north of Mindanao, Philippines near insurgents and rebels because it is worth not having to pay State taxes in the U.S.

        You’re a “failed American” foreigner crazyhorse.


      • Crazy_horse101010

        guess what idiot you have me in the wrong place there is no reberls or insurgents here show me one moron and you are still a failed commie agent. . if i lived in america i wouldnt have to pay state taxes stupid you should learn the laws before looking stupid.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “A beach in the Philippines is not like the beach plagued with algae-bloom”

        A beach in Manila is a sewer dump ConcernedCitizenPh. We all know how many shanty homes plague Pasig river where they throw all of their garbage, p*ss, and sh*t in downstream.

        Beaches are nothing to brag about in your most populated city because the entire city is complete filth. Hopefully, you don’t ruin the white-sand beaches in your provinces just the same.

        re: “Beach and ocean-front properties in the Philippines and the US have high property values in case you don’t know.”

        Ocean-front properties for any country relative to the distance of utility companies are always likely to have higher property values in case you don’t know.

      • ConcernedCitizenPh

        Manila Bay and algae-bloom in China are not what I have in mind. I’m thinking of Pearl Farm, Camiguin, Maui, Redondo, etc here

      • PurpleDaisy13

        ConcernedCitizenPh, let’s face the facts.

        If you’re looking to retire and don’t have Filipino citizenship (including dual), then it sucks to be restricted to just 40% of assets in the Philippines.

        crazyhorse is a “failed American” and a foreigner in the Philippines who thought he could exploit the country with his US Dollars only to realize that his wife owns 60% of property assets by law and knows the culture and the language of a country crazyhorse only knew for having hot Filipinas.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        are you still their crying like a baby loser and again you dont know the laws so quit lying comrade. the house is in my name prove me wrong the lot in my wifes name. first you say im poor now you say im exploiting the country. just what am i exploiting brainless one so me and where am i doing this on what island moron. you have told so many lies you cant get them straight, again f–khead what is my name and where do i live. i know north of mindanao HAWHAWHAW stupid answer. and if the dual doesnt work how does my wife own property you sit there and change your story with every sentence, including dual HAWHAWHAW MORON. awaiting your next lies pig humper. and facing the facts isnt in youe dictionary daisy chain that wasnt even a good posting from you . you have lost it comrade. and at least inm american something you arent nd never will be TATA PIGLET HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE AGAIN LOSER

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: ” the house is in my name prove me wrong the lot in my wifes name.”

        So when you get into an argument with your wife, your Filipina wife rules over your “failed American” foreigner a$$. Your wife can demand to have your house off of HER LAND.

        Your wife is the LandLord, you’re just a tenant crazyhorse.


      • Crazy_horse101010

        guess what daisy chain i dont care so what its my wife stupid. and unlike people you have screwed i trust my wife so bite me piglet. its none of your business unless you want to pay my taxes HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW PITIFUL DRUG ADDICT RANTER

      • Crazy_horse101010

        ps i knew the property laws before i came here the lot was bought before i came here the house was built before i came here anymore lies. so you face the facts again the 60 40 law pertains to business and foreigners can own condos . you should learn the laws before you look like a moron. anyway i guess you wouldnt know in that pigsty north of hong kong.. as for hot flipinas you dont make sense what are you babbling about. i think i know more about the country than you know.. PITIFUL.TO STUPID EVEN TO REMARK ON. AND I WONT LAUGH AT THE HANDICAPPED.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “60 40 law pertains to business and foreigners can own condos ”

        That’s irrelevant crazyhorse. You don’t own a Condo in a remote fishing village north of Mindanao.

        Also, failed American foreigners like yourself cannot own 100% of the Land where the Condo sits upon. You should read about the law before trying to deceive Filipinos here.

        Philippine Laws are made to make sure greedy “failed American foreigners” like you do not exploit Filipino citizens…don’t you understand that crazyhorse?

        re: “i think i know more about the country than you know”

        Yes, you’ve learned so much about Philippines that you can’t just demand your Filipino neighbors to lower their Karaoke music or they will threaten you and poison your dogs.

        You’ve also learned to put on a skirt because your wife now owns 60% of the Lot and House and you are only restricted to just 40% as a “failed American” foreigner.


      • Crazy_horse101010

        again stupid you should learn tol read did i say they could own the land no where did i say that more lies. for someone who lies and says they live in america you have trouble reading dont you. so anyway BULL SHZT AND MORE BULL SHZT COMING OUT OF YOUR LYING MOUTH. AGAIN I OWN THE HOUSE MY WIFE OWNS THE LAND CANT YOU UNDERSTAND MORON YOU SHOUILD QUIT LUING AND TRYING TO DECIEVE THE FILIPNOS HERE COMRADE. WHAT A BRAINLESS MORON.. .

      • Crazy_horse101010

        still around pig. you dont have clue do you i see you dont have many friends answering your retarded questions does that hurt your feelers comrade. go back to your pig sty hog

  • InVinoVeritas

    It goes without saying that we remain unpopular in a few places. Here are the 10 nations with the least favorable impression of the U.S., according to Pew:

    1. Pakistan (percentage with a favorable view of the United States: 11%)
    2. Jordan (14%) , 3. Palestinian territories (16%), 4. Egypt (16%),5. Turkey (21%)
    6. Greece (39%)

    7. China (40%)

    8. Argentina (41%),9. Tunisia (42%),10. Lebanon (47%)

    Some nations still have a soft spot for the U.S., however. Of 39 nations where Pew conducted surveys, here are the 10 where people have the most favorable impression of the U.S.:
    1. Philippines (percentage with a favorable view of the United States: 85%)
    2. Israel (83%), 3. Ghana (83%),4. Senegal (81%),5. Kenya (81%)…

    more at:


    • Crazy_horse101010

      its interesting the chinese bloggers say ghana,, senegal, kenya and other african countries love china

      • joboni96

        tulad nito na praning
        sa iniwang brainwashing educational system ng imperyalista

      • Crazy_horse101010

        junior no one can brainwash especially a racisrs. again name a country that america has taken over and stayed in the last 120 years. and at least i have a brain which is more than i can say for you with your wild rantings

      • joboni96

        never changing praning
        cia call center agent pa rin

        este collaborator pala

    • joboni96


      na mis educate ang mga pilipino
      sa iniwang brainwashing educational system ng imperyalista

      nakalimutang milyones ang namatay na pilipino
      dahil sa imperyalistang u.s.

      • ConcernedCitizenPh

        Para mo na ring sinabi na mis-educated din ang mga mamamayan ng Germany at Japan at nakalimutan nila ang mga namatay sa kanila noong World War 1 & 2.

        Nagpapasalamat lang ang mga tao sa maraming bagay na binigay ng US katulad ng di inaasahang pagbili ng US sa mga lupa ng simbahan at pagdistribute sa mga pinoy, pagbigay ng education, pagbalik sa bayan ng biyaya ng magandang ekonomiya, pagbigay ng mga karapatan sa mga mamamayan na di naranasan ng panahon ng kastila, pagtupad sa pangakong “I shall return” kahit pwede na silang dumeretso sa Okinawa at di na magbuwis ng buhay sa liberation ng Pilipinas, at marami pang iba.

      • joboni96

        haven’t you heard of the
        millions pilipinos dead from u.s. imperialism

        mga lupang simbahan > ni landgrab ng kastila

        education > miseducation that killed the pilipino psyche

        biyaya ng magandang ekonomiya > nabaon pilipino sa utang
        kita ang u.s. banks sa gawaing pilipino

        karapatan sa mga mamamayan > milyones namatay sa ‘pacification’ campaign ng imperyalista

        pagtupad sa pangakong “I shall return” > kaya nasira ang manila, mabuting hindi na bumalik

        magbuwis ng buhay sa liberation ng Pilipinas > mas maraming pilipinong namatay at nasira bayan namin

  • joboni96

    gasmin pinunong collaborator

    sigurado isusuko na naman ni gasmin
    ang soberenya ng pilipino sa imperyalista

    1. dagdag presensya sa mga baseng pilipino
    2. more integration under u.s. command control system
    3. more u.s. deployment under the guise of training kuno
    4. more permanent imperialist u.s. troops
    5. more u.s. controlled sensors in pilipino soil

    resign gasmin
    for treasonous unconstitutional acts

    putting the pilipino nation under threat for another tragedy
    in the coming u.s. imperialist – intsik switik hegemonist war

    • Crazy_horse101010

      these postings are getting so boring and old from a american basher who doesnt have a clue

  • dikoy321

    The Africans, particularly Ghanaans NOW complain that the Chinese DESTROY their environment, DIGGING all over the place for precious metals, gold !
    DO NOT Allow China to MINE in the Philippines, small or Big Scale !
    F.U. China !!!

  • mangtom

    joboni96-sabi ko na nga ba eh. Lumitaw na naman itong skin disease na “boni”. Respectful suggestion ko lang sa iyo, a dermatologist’s delight: pack your sleeping bag, swim to one of the Islets in the Spratlys with your sumpit and all of us Filipinos will sleep soundly confident that the Chinese Navy will go home and will never, ever come back as you are there protecting our territorial interests. Hindi na kailangan ang US military kasi kayang kaya mong mag-isa na magdefend sa buong bansa. Then and only then will I shut up from reacting to your funny and stupid rantings against Uncle Sam.

    Better yet, just dive back in your cave and eat camote and kangkong-excellent sources of good nutrition. Malay ko baka magamot yong sirang pagiisip mo, chong(go).

    Got a great idea: asawahin mo na lang si Purple Dizzy-great match.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      i think purple dizzy is in love with me. thats why she attacks my wife LOL

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