American pastor laments ‘military harassment’ in Mindanao disaster areas


Armed Forces of the Philippines. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—Americans joining a four-day international solidarity mission to disaster areas in Mindanao said they were appalled by the “military harassment” suffered by people even in communities worst-hit by Typhoon Pablo last December.

The Rev. Frank Wulf, a pastor of the United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, California, said they would pressure the US government to stop sending military aid to the Armed Forces of the Philippines because they observed that civilians were being made to suffer in communities with a heavy presence of soldiers.

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  • kanoy


    • chuggy

      You ignoramus, this is nothing compared to Chinese on Chinese bullying. Mao caused the deaths of 40 million Chinese!

  • chuggy

    What a worthless article. How are they being harassed? Where are the details to this report?

  • PurpleDaisy13

    re: “said they would pressure the US government to stop sending military aid to the Armed Forces of the Philippines”

    If Rev. Frank Wulf has proof, then he could rally here in the States with enough support to stop allowing our US taxes from aiding a Philippines Military that uses our money that enables them to harass their own civilians.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      why you only pay taxes to china. so what are you crying about fake american. you want foreign to stop to aid china and dont say any different because you have never told the truth in your life.and everyone knows it and quit saying our there is no our

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Very similar in Russia, KGB/Mafia/Army, a purulent game in Tchetchenya and time to time bombing in Moscow as election stimulus for the gullible masses.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        You are obviously stupid and lost. This is about Philippines and US, not China.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        that is funny coming from you the biggest moron in these forums and again you are a LIAR fake american you are lost stupid if you think anyone believes your pig crap. my statement was about you idiot trurh hurts doesnt it comrade i expected amproz to support you because you both are one of a kind. are you sleeping together. who is on top

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Don’t worry,
      the US have incognito small bases all around the South for guerilla training and time to time planting bombs in Markets, buses, the Davao Airport at Bali time bombing…
      Don’t go there, testimonies are unwelcome, Kidnaped/Beheaded foreigners excellent justifications to boost military help and Washington anti Muslim medias campaign, GMA, a Bush classmate, was a perfect partner in that game.
      Among the World nicest places, but the most dangerous.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        gma was a classmate of bushes where was that. and the usa planting bombs. are you for real where is your proof of that. and the bali bombers were caught and they werent american. you would be more believable if you issued facts instead of anti american garage. i suggest you switch to a different tpye of drugs because what you are using has put you over the edge

      • AlexanderAmproz

        GMA a Bush and Clinton class mate was mention many times in PDI,

        it isn’t a secret and when Bush came to Manila, it was a friendship show. Each time a problem occur between RP and US she was declaring I will call the white house.

        At the time of Bali bombing, a terror wave in Mindanao, the worst was the Zambonga Market(Mostly Children’s massacre) and Davao Airport, then a small Davao Hotel explode while 2 regular US customers where preparing a Bomb who blast by a manipulation mistake. One of the agent lost both legs, the other was into pieces, but still alive.

        The next day, Davao hospital was raided by marine’s.

        Major Duterte blow up asking the agent deportation to Davao to face some legalities. To calm down, Malacagnan complained officially, at last it was what PDI published.

        If it isn’t enough for you, may I suggest you to go to Davao and interview Duterte.

        May I beg your pardon, but to insult peoples who don’t have the same informations you have it’s insane…

        Reading PDI since the begging, all I can say, it’s a remarkable and honest Newspaper, with very few mistakes, didn’t observed any manipulations, the informations choices excepted, every media doing it according to their editorial guide lines.

        Have a nice day !

        NB: during the seventies, the US had similar actions in South-America where casual, alike the “Condor” program.

        Suggest you an excellent movie done by Costa Gravas with Yves Montand as a main actor “Etat de Siège” The scenario can fit perfectly to the Philippines…

      • Crazy_horse101010

        im sure you believe in the tooth fairy with your fairy tales. and what the hell does a movie have to do with anything star wars was a movie also and more believable.. and again you said america planted those bombs which is a proven lie and once a person lies i dont believe a word they say and a classmate is someone you go to school with when did they go to school together. and im sure your major is going to tell the truth so its a waste of time to fly there. as for the americans playing with a bomb how come the world doesnt know about it. ive already read many of your postings and all you are is american hater who spreads a bunch of crap . as for insulting you have insulted my country and me so practice what you preach and that is insane. you expect me to pat you on the butt and say good job with your insults. also what is the name of those 2 agents i want to look it up and did you expect bush to come here on a hate trip. you are funny bush went to a lot of countries

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Pity to the short brain and uneducated, Paradise belong to them

      • Crazy_horse101010

        you should have fun there. because paradise is made for you is this how you always answer questions who were the american bombers what is so hard about that . i notice when people cant answer they go to insults and you are a american basher. i dont insult the philippines so what gives you the right to insult america. ps did you ever sprain your finger pushing a button on your job i bet that was stressful. and what is short brain i didnt know they came in lengths. is that part of your educated mind. at least i know what classmates are

      • AlexanderAmproz

        The name of the one who lost both legs was Meiring, I forget the name of the other guy, since when agents operating under their real name ? You are really naive and ignorant, manipulating media are done for primitives.
        You should read Noam Chomsky, all what he is saying is with The US archives as references. For a blind Nationalist like you are, he is an American Jew with Russian Origins, all what you trust blindly, but he has and he is the best reference, an out standing Man.

        NB: What you don’t know don’t exist, what is in the Medias is your Bible, an Ignorant caricature.

    • kanoy


      • PurpleDaisy13


  • AlexanderAmproz

    Sadly, nothing new.

    The rule is to send soldiers in Peaceful area to seed rebellion thank AFP abuses.

    This is the best way to protect land grabbers interests, one political hand pushing the Army, the other to feed the rebels, Divide to rule is as old as the World.

    Meanwhile Danding and Manuel have a red helicopter to be recognized by all their “Partners”, no risk to be shoot…

    I observed it personally from Aparri to Simunul, the worst at that time was South-Upi/Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat/Kulaman, Lebak, Kalamansig Bukindon. Negros, Mountain Provinces by the Kalinga/Apao/Bontoc

    During the eighties a Priest protecting the Natives and Rain Forest in Lake Sebu/Soccsksargen was wanted Dead or Alive, 500 pesos reward.

    • rock_steady

      Sadly, whoever that priest was, it was not Rev Wulf.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        he wasn’t Gerry Ortegas, Joe de la Victoria, Leonardo Co and so many other victims of the insane greed destroying the country for ever.

  • VeryDisgusted2

    Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans are known leftist Protestant churches in US and associated with UCCP in the Philippines. They are adherents to liberation theology and have peculiar hatred to the nation of Israel.

    These leftist churches are in contrast different from Baptists, Alliance, Pentecostals, and other Evangelicals who abhor liberation theology, and have deep love for the nation of Israel.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      In the developed world, churches are empty !

      The Zionists, Nazi’s, fundamentalist Christians and Muslims are from the same school, the Old Testament pushing for discrimination and exclusion with invented arguments, a tales book for gullible at the best. It remembered me when some peoples where arguing while saying the world is flat, difficult to be backward and ignorant…
      Today its proved, the Salomon Great Kingdom never existed, as well as many other things, Moses didn’t know how to read as the Hebrew discovered writing at the VII BC, Moses supposed to have lived at the XI BC. LOL

      Israel is a plain Theocratic colonialism done by the super racist Ashkenazi’s coming from Germany and Northern Europe. Mentally 3000 years backward

      • VeryDisgusted2

        Even if you are an atheist but well read, you will find out that Israel, Moses, Solomon are well mentioned in history and archeology books and literature. I think you read a lot of conspiracy theory books and your comment does not worth a salt.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Obviously we don’t have the same information sources.
        I will be interested by Salomon archeology, but none were found at the moment, even the Israeli stopped discreetly looking for.
        None literature from that time speak about, even in Herodot considered one of the best source, no one word about it, unknown by the Egyptian, Babylonian, and Greek, all of them highly developed civilizations at the time of the supposed Salomon Kingdom, even his name can’t be found nowhere…
        Never read conspiracy books, only facts and qualified researchers

      • VeryDisgusted2

        You can simply google “king solomon archeology” , “king david archeology”, “israel archeology”. There are wealth of information from there. Of course there are debunkers, but if you are open-minded, you can learn a lot.

        example: sciencedaily dot com/releases/2010/02/100222094757.htm

        BTW, it is not “Salomon”, but “Solomon”, to avoid sources problem.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Different languages, different spelling, sorry for my mistake.

        Some friends are prominent archeologists and wikipedia contributors. Read recently a non questionable philologer/humanist scholar researcher book about it.
        For Solomon the question can stay opened, but till now, nothing convincing was ever found, strange, while almost every detailed of other civilization of that time are well known by highly trustable Greek writer’s, Babylonian’s cuneiform tablets, Egyptian’s scribes hieroglyphs and archeology.
        The Old Testament content can be compared to Homer “Iliad Odysseus” resulting of mouth to hear tales based on some real facts embellished by the needs, turned into legend.
        Personally I don’t cares of this subject, historical and cultural aspects excepted, as they are the drive lines of the “Book” civilizations who had conquest the World, Asian and Amerindian civilization excepted.
        PS: For the New Testament History, the earlier original document we have where written few hundreds years after Jesus death, they where about 30 of them in Greek translated from Amarean, and Greek into Latin, any translation is modifying the original meaning. Out of those 30, 4 where chosen and adapted to the politically correct and need of that times, by a Synod I forget the name, but easy to find.
        This our today original Bible, original of what, original of copy and adapted copy, what is Holy in that, should ask a mystic…
        In case its help peoples, it’s OK, when its twisted to enslave and rob population, like what happened in RP, I find it disgustingly abusive money exploitation. The New Pope Francis will drive the CPCB back to the right path, no more Pajero’s and envelops for the Prince Palaces show off and over loaded bank’s accounts.
        The Philippine Catholic Church is the World second richest after Chile. It doesn’t match with Filipino’s poverty and dying children’s in the Palaces surrounding shanties, Bishop’s and Cardinal’s care have tinted glasses to hide their shame.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        even in africa solomons name is mentioned and it was mentioned in egypt because some say his mines were there and ancient mines have been found there. can you prove he never existed. at one time they said the hittites never existed they were wrong

      • AlexanderAmproz

        To have named salt mines after his name is known, but it isn’t any proof of it. What is needed are contemporary writings, statues or any archeological proof and there is none at the moment. Should remember, Egypt, Greece and Babylon where highly developed and we have tons of informations about all what appends and hundreds of peoples lives. If Salomon Kingdom ever existed, it was a secret and well hidden one, great, for sure not, no doubt about.

        I am not only not concerned, but not interested by controversy on this subject, I don’t care of the angel sex.

        I am culturally a Christian born, what is important for me is the Jesus message, “Share, protect the poor and weak” not the messenger, Philippines culture opposite.

        The colonial elites and Clergy greed and abuses culture isn’t christian at all, a repulsing opposite with dire, terrible consequences on peoples and environment, I am sad of all what I have observed the last 30 years, a plain unfair disaster, compared to an 1986 hopeful country, today I am seeing a sinking “Medusa Raft”.

        Obviously, environment is the life support, when its gone, its gone, what future for the Day after ?

        We belong to the Planet biomass, when its polluted, we pollute ourselves. No need to be a genius to understand it !

        Selfish Abusers leading the country just don’t cares, for me its criminal as it produce unlimited useless sufferances on the weakest and Nature. JPE and cohorts have a lot to answer for bleeding and bloody amazing stollen assets.

        A country destruction is priceless…

        Anti communist I am, but it has nothing to do with those unacceptable facts, the Philippines are in need of a basically fair Justice.

      • VeryDisgusted2

        Contrary to what you have said that Israel is “mentally 3000 years backward”, the country has the highest Nobel Prize winners per capita compared to US and any country in the world. It is leading in medical, military drone and optics technology. Every PC chip firmware has Israeli tech imprint in it. If you have heart and hosts of life threatening medical problems, chances are you owe your life to Israel medical technology.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        plus one of the worlds best army. and weapons systems. they took othrt countries cast offs and made them better than what the other countries could do with the same weapons like their tanks.

      • VeryDisgusted2

        There is only one reason behind to their excellence in many fields (military, medicines, science and technology, business).
        God bestowed them wisdom and He is always behind them. Also, there is a promise and a warning from Him. He will bless those who will bless Israel, and He will curse those who will curse Israel. This promise and warning are real and operating today with regards to nations, people, or individual as I have observed and experienced.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Sorry, but your “mystic” comment is baseless
        I had many Jews class mates, they work a lot all the time, no holidays, have to be the first of the class, otherwise they were punished by their parents, Korean’s, Japanese’s and Chinese’s are also streaming to be front line.
        Casual westerner traditional culture is more humanist, universalist minded than work oriented, Roman don’t used to work, mostly learning from the Greek’s and Warriors, to work was for the slaves, slaves punishment was the cross, the horizontal piece name in Latin is “Tripalium”, trabaro in spanish, work name origin for all Latin countries origins,
        it is Dolce vita opposite.
        Latin origin peoples aren’t to much work oriented as work name meaning was torture.
        Jesus cross is culturally a poverty symbol,a Christian social revolution. The Philippines opposite where Sto Nino look strangely like the son(Infant) of the King of Spain chosen by God. This is a basic intentional Conquistador’s fraudulent trick for a hidden horrible colonial agenda still on the way with dramatic and intolerable sufferances consequences for the Archipelago in a whole, environment and Peoples, rich and poor are on the same Sulpicio boat.
        Don’t tell me I am a Communist, I tray to be a Humanist to understand what’s wrong with this Country I was used to loved and understand it, it’s highly frustrating to see so many missed opportunities and damages increasing so fast by a Greed and Abuses culture.

        Mindanao has 4 harvest a year, among the world most gifted,
        farmers are poor hopeless and starving in a food basket…

        I know a place without any natural resources, no seas, maybe one harvest a year, farmers driving Mercedes, children’s going to the best schools and universities.

        What a gap ! In-between a poor country enriched by good management and self disciplines.

        and a very rich country very poor, almost totally destroyed and polluted, by a kleptomaniac and violences spirit, a colonial continuity.

      • Loggnat

        Another reason is because their back is on the wall. Either excel or be annihilated which is a very dang good incentive to strive for excellence in a lot of things. I think. :))

      • AlexanderAmproz

        @Crazy_horse and VeryDisgusted2

        We aren’t speaking about technology, but civilizations.

        NB:For Nobel prize, I heard Switzerland have 7 science and technology Nobel for about 7 millions inhabitants, but this is not the question.
        Everything is relative, as it was said by Albert Einstein, a Swiss student from German origins in EPFZ Zurich school.

        PS: in case you are interested by Israel/US politics, may I suggest you to read Noam Chomsky, the world most respected linguist, a M. I. T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) professor, a world wide references writer, available in any respectable library

      • VeryDisgusted2

        Thanks for Noam Chomsky reference.

        There are actually 187 Jewish Nobel Prize recipients. See:

        en.wikipedia dot org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_Nobel_laureates

      • AlexanderAmproz

        The 7 Swiss Nobel Prize I am speaking about are alive today, maybe some could be Swiss/Jews, the dead one i don’t know, plenty of them and didn’t find any interest in that kind of computability.
        On my point of view, outstanding peoples have no nationality, race or what ever, they are leading examples, they are universal assets.
        About races, filipino’s love to speak about, it’s an absolute nonsenses when looking at the humans history, races, scientifically don’t exists, primitive racists minded peoples excepted.

        Still very interesting to read in Wikipedia about “Austronesian “, Oceania and Madagascar(1000 thousand years ago) colonizator, coming to the Philippines and Taiwan about 3000 years ago.
        Nothing to do with the Han, today Chinese ethnic majority, but some minorities still existing in China, like the Li in Hainan Island, same Pinoy’s look and origins.
        Han in RP started at Sung Dynasty with traders known to have stayed on their boat, foot setting was probably during Yuan Dynasty. Negritos who came from Ethiopia, 60 to 30 thousands years ago supposed to have been the first Filipinos.
        I have only superficial notions about it.

        A Negrito grown up with good food and schools have the same intellectual developments chances than anybody else from anywhere else.
        Any child brain need 10’000 different nutriments till 9 years old to be able to grow properly, its mean a very diversified food. White rice and salty fish aren’t convenient at all

      • Crazy_horse101010

        how come there was jews there when rome took over the country. where did masada come from a pipe dream. and how come on the history channel they talk about king solomon if it was proved he never existed. and where is your proof i would like to read it. who said moses lived x1 bc i have never heard that

    • Crazy_horse101010

      its funny i went to those churches in america methodists presbyterians. ans lutherians and nobody ever said anything about hating the jews ever. they never killed hundreds of thousands of jews like the catholics did. and why are their so many bishops supporting the commies here. against america and other issues. i was a baptisted lutherian.

      • VeryDisgusted2

        Usually you will not hear anti-semitic messages from the pulpit, but you will hear loud its church policy and implementation. Read:

        onenewsnow dot com/church/2012/10/19/anti-israel-protestants-wont-likely-shift-course#.UeiOTfXYHow

      • Crazy_horse101010

        thats like the bishops who say no jews were killed by the nazis one of them even said the child rapes by priests was the jews fault. two more blamed the chlldren. again i have never heard any anti semitic remarks in any church.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i went to google and looked up lutherans hatred of the jews it stated that the lutherans denounced martin luther for his anti jew statements. on another site in 1994 the lutherans said im sorry to the jews for the christian intolerance and hatred and want to show more understanding of the jews.

      • VeryDisgusted2

        I read these, too. It looks the Lutherans are split on the issue. Many Lutherans defend Israel, too. However, lately the anti-Israel leadership of the church seems to be on the upper hand. I’m happy to know that you, as a baptized Lutheran, seem to regard Israel well.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        they are one of my favorite people. any one who can win the wars they did when out numbered out gunned.and ive read a lot of their history aand what they had to endure and i became a cathoilc until the child rapes started then i came here and saw what was going on so i left. i believe in god but not churches. as for the lutherans there is different sects or synods . and i suppose there might be some radical than others.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Probably its the first time for Rev. Frank Wulf to be exposed to life in the Philippines. The people are tough and take advantage if the military show weakness. Live in the Philippines for sometime and everything will be normal.

  • rock_steady

    Rev Wulf failed to recognize he could have been hostaged and beheaded if not for the strong military presence around the area. White man comes to the a 3rd world country expecting the situation to be like in America. These are no different than those “evangelist” who keep immersing themselves with the indigenous people of Amazon and thought their nakedness is shameful and gave them clothes. But they never taught them about washing and leaving them soap, so these tribes end up with the worst fungal infections.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      You can ad, teaching the God wrath to take control of them on their ancestor domain land already sold for logging, farming or Mining to a Manila billionaire with a Private Army and helicopters.
      A GGG school, rejected like dogs, killed like chicken’s
      There is room for them in every city shanties,
      a church to take their savings on sunday promising them Paradise from the Palace windows, instead of social services for survival in the human sewages jungle.
      They will learn to be proud to be Filipino, a country it worth dying for…

  • rock_steady

    Maybe Rev Wulf needs to be told of the story of Norberto Manero and Fr. Tulio Favali so he may understand.

  • phipher filipino


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