Filipino workers suffer harassment in Taiwan


ISLAND ON FIRE Taiwanese Premier Jiang Yi-huah speaks during a press conference in Taipei on Wednesday where he announced Taiwan would recall its representative and discourage travel to the Philippines. AP

DAGUPAN CITY—The Philippines’ de facto ambassador to Taiwan has advised thousands of Filipino workers there to eat at home and avoid the streets while emotions run high on the island over the killing of a Taiwanese fisherman by Filipino coast guards last week.

Manila Economic and Cultural Office (Meco) Chair Amadeo Perez said after returning to Manila from Taipei late Thursday that the Philippine government has verified at least one attack, in which a Filipino was beaten with a bat.

“He was taken to hospital, and police are investigating. We are documenting the cases,” Perez said.

Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou on Friday called for calm and promised to protect Filipinos on the island.

“We will continue negotiating the issue with the Philippines and I hope everyone can calmly and peacefully resolve the issue to avoid hurting bilateral ties,” Ma said while meeting international scholars in Taipei.

Ma said he had instructed relevant Taiwanese units to protect Filipinos living and working on the island to ensure they are not harmed.

Perez said Filipinos were being refused service at restaurants and supermarkets, particularly in the southern port city of Kaohsiung, where the slain fisherman, Hung Shih-cheng, 65, lived.

“Some restaurants refused to serve food to Filipinos and some supermarkets wouldn’t let Filipinos in to buy groceries. (Taiwanese glare) at Filipinos,” Perez said.

“I advised them to just buy (food and eat at home and avoid the streets),” he said.

“We have received numerous reports of harassment, particularly in Kaohsiung City, where the slain fisherman lived,” he said.

The Meco is verifying the reports, he added.

“The situation is tense. The Filipinos are afraid they might lose their jobs. I advised them to stay calm and never retaliate no matter the provocation,” Perez said.

Hundreds of Taiwanese staged protests outside the Meco office in Taipei on Thursday, burning Philippine flags and pictures of President Aquino.

Taiwan has frozen the hiring of Filipino workers, suspended high-level exchanges, economic and trade exchanges, fishery cooperation and scientific research cooperation projects, and tourist travel to the Philippines because of the killing of Hung by Philippine Coast Guard officers in a shooting in waters off Batanes on May 9.

The Taiwanese military held drills in waters near the Philippines on Thursday and yesterday to show Taiwan’s anger over the incident.


Apology rejected

Taiwan brushed aside an apology from President Aquino as insufficient and threatened further retaliatory measures if the Philippines did not formally apologize, compensate the family of Hung, arrest and punish the killers, and start fishery talks between the two sides soon.

Perez said there were additional demands, which he did not specify before reporting to Mr. Aquino

Nearly 87,000 Filipinos work in Taiwan, 10 percent of whom are domestic workers.

Perez said he may recommend the repatriation of Filipinos if the need arises.

“We will not abandon our people,” he added.

Perez said he had received information that factories had issued press statements about cutting Filipino jobs because of the killing of Hung.

He said the factories that issued the statements did not include electronic businesses that employ 25,000 Filipinos.

“We have good workers in the electronic sector. The Taiwanese cannot just fire them or their electronics sector would be paralyzed. But there are factories in other sectors that may send our workers back home,” Perez said.


Not spared

Despite being a diplomat, Perez has not been spared the ire of the Taiwanese.

He said he had been refused admission at a hotel, which he did not name.

“There was a small hotel that accepted us. But they told us later that they could not accommodate us because there were many reporters outside and their guests were complaining about the noise,” he said.

He said Taiwanese journalists had been hounding him for information since the incident happened.

The circumstances behind the shooting of Hung remain in dispute, though the Philippines acknowledges that its coast guards opened fire on a Taiwanese boat on May 9.


Manila says the action was taken in self-defense to prevent the Taiwanese from ramming the Coast Guard vessel, but Taiwanese fishermen deny the ramming claim.

Both countries are investigating the incident. Fourteen Taiwanese police investigators are in Manila, and Philippine investigators will ask Taiwanese authorities for permission to inspect the fishing boat and interview the crew.

The hiring freeze has brought anxiety to Filipinos waiting to take up jobs in Taiwan.

“We are appealing and hope there will be a solution to this because we are just trying to work for our family,” said Zette Monleon, a factory worker who could not leave for her return trip to Taiwan because she was asked for additional documents, which could take weeks.

Trade between the Philippines and Taiwan is about $11 billion, with a surplus of $6.7 billion in Taiwan’s favor. With reports from AP and AFP

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  • maribojoc

    The chinese are fully aware of our vulnerabilities and they are extremely good at exploiting them:
    1. We have an ill equipped military.
    2. our OFW remittance is a major source of our revenues, heck even taiwan which accounts for a miniscule portion of our OFW remittances dare to play the OFW card.
    Unless these vulnerabilities are seriously addressed, our sovereignty and security are at risk. Notice how china can trample on our sovereignty at will just by showing military force? taiwan is conducting military drills aimed specifically at our country. We are the only country that I know whose potential enemies are a few kilometers away from our shores conducting war like postures aimed against us while we watch! We are a proud people of 100 million if we stand united as a nation. Our soldiers are patriotic and fearless but without the support of modern weaponry, we are forever be the target of bullies. Let us, without delay, build our military the power it is capable and deserving of!

    • bok

      I agree with your observation. You forgot one more thing, a vast-majority of business stakeholders in the Philippines are Chinese-Taiwanese owned. They somehow possess a magic wand to make a monkey dance with their great influences to “buy” anything and anyone they wish. But i am not really alarmed so much about the taiwanese or chinese military gesturing and superiority. Should one of these asian clowns invades the Philippines, and i’m sure either one of them would be successful in doing so, a guerilla warfare will be their pain in the bottom and will definitely be a big advantage for the filipinos. Its going to be a long and ugly struggle. Say 25 years?

      Actually ,no colonial master have so far successfully conquered the filipino psyche. Not a single one till this day. NO ONE !

      “Maghalo na ang balat sa tinalupan..”

    • phthlateous

      a very great portion of the money and funds designated for the progress of the economy of the Philippines which includes funds for the modernization of our

      Armed Forces, are being wasted and stolen by our very own elected and corrupt, thieving politicians… there a way out of this, year after year ?

  • Guest

    Taiwanese zombies in taiwan are out NOW on the streets wanting to eat Filipinos !!! TAKBO !!!DALI !!! TAKBO !!!

  • bok

    A typical Taiwanese actually consume almost “anything and everything”… dogs, cats, innards, lizards, snakes guts, monkies, monkies brain, cow balls and now on their new menu list Filipinos…. DODONG at INDAY TAKBO !!!! MAG_INGAT SA TAIWANESE ZOMBIES !!!

    • Ryan Nieh

      Typical? Are you kidding? I don’t eat any of those, and I don’t know any one eating any of those. That is slander!!!

      • bok

        So you only eat human or dog excrements. Now I understand!

      • skyer1athome

        I am guessing you must have had a lovely exciting encounter with man’s best friends…. you seem to be fondly educated with distinction in the orifice of a canines,… and cannibalism. Do enlighten us further your exploits with the wonderful kinds you have experience. You are a funny type of Pilliipino…

    • skyer1athome

      I think you just described A Typical Philipino from Northern Luzon who, “actually consume almost “anything and everything”… dogs, cats, innards, lizards, snakes guts, monkies, monkies brain, cow balls and now on their new menu list Filipinos…”….ermmm yes…Filipinos do eat Philipinos too

      • bok


    • aliceinreality

      You remind me of my dad… delusional and full of nonsense. Funny, because he is Taiwanese. Then again, mental illness is not restricted to any ethnicity.

      • Guest

        Oh my God! Your dad a zombie? RUN!!!!

      • bok

        AYYYY ! instik behon ! I’m not a taiwanese.

  • PlumberfromCanada

    pasensya kayo….tulog pa presidente…

  • carlonegro

    this adversity will die a natural death and will serve as lesson to all CHINESE POACHERS from both china and taiwan that our coast guards are not just going to sit and watch them steal our marine resources anymore.

  • branlem

    the philippine government should investigate the reported killing of Phil 7 OFWs in Taiwan. We cannot impose a news blackout on this development and if this is false then assure the people that the report is untrue. As of now the news is burning the social media and need to be disproved or accepted as fact; if indeed true this requires strong condemnation from our government and call for justice!!!

    • Ryan Nieh

      That is BS. What seven killing? There is even no single confirmed violence regarding filipino in TW. This is just a propaganda compaign aimed to tarnish Taiwan’s image.

      • branlem

        what’s in my writing you didn’t understand? i said validate for the sake of establishing veracity. Now read the recent confirmation about attacks to OFW…Are you from the Taiwanese foreign affairs or propaganda machine…i said so because apparently you have the penchant for using such word…

      • Ryan Nieh

        There is no CONFIRMATION with regard of the alleged attack. It is claimed by MECO that there are such attacks, but it is highly doubtful because our police have yet received such report!!! Your government can’t even provide name of the victim and time and place of the attack!! That’s totally irresponsible.

      • Eagle from davao

        how can your policemen will report,this will damage the sagging rating of your president and make your claim and demands useless. This is one confirmed,one vietnamese is killed by your mob. now what will you do if the vietnamese will demand public apology and demand payment and they will send their navy to your island in spratly to grab it from you.
        what will you do?

      • Ryan Nieh

        First, our police is not as corrupted as yours, so don’t use your experience to extrapolate what would happen here. Second, we have multiple systems to prevent policemen from burying crime reporting, such as triplicate reporting receipts. If it were true, why not just provide details of the attack?
        We don’t things like this your way. We don’t make any accusation, such as traspassing or ramming, unless there is solid evidence. And if we indeed made a big mistake, we would just recognize it and apologize. We are nothing like you.

      • JD Medel

        Fallacy! You have no right to judge and generalize Filipinos. You’re not even an eye witness. There are many possible loop holes and twists to the shooting. Besides, the first mistake was taken by Hung when he fished over Philippine seas. You are very biased on your country. Try taking a look through the eyes of both the shooter and the victim.

      • Ryan Nieh

        Generalization? What generalization? Your cops take bribe and ransom (yes, ransom, of millions of NTD, from our fishermen, because they “traspassed” your territory. It is so prevalent that it is not even a news). Yes, there MIGHT be loopholes, but what about you exhibit your little thing called EVIDENCE (e.g. the long awaited video footage) before making any accusation? Skipping the evidence and making an outright accusation is really fishy and not professional!!!

      • branlem

        you are way off the topic now. anyway you are charging our policemen of taking bribe…yeah we know that our police is one of the dirtiest in the world but look who is giving bribe in order to poach illegally in our waters…your people…your countrymen…tsk tsk…you condone criminals and support them as long as you get what you want..very very low life you have there mr china man

      • Ryan Nieh

        They give bribe because they know they will be caught regardless whether they are in your territorial water. Giving bribe isn’t really honorable, but they have family to be taken care of and they need to make a living. Otherwise, who would want to take risk of losing his major property and even life to make money that way?

      • Eagle from davao

        if you have any report that our PCG is extorting from your fishermen,why you did not report and gather evidence against them.we dont tolerate corrupt servicemen.

      • Ryan Nieh

        Even when your policeman killed our fisherman 7 years ago, we have not been able to have that guy arrested. We have been tolerating such situation, since we have bigger trouble with China. However, this time, enough is enough.

      • Eagle from davao

        why dont you ask your diplomats,why they dont pursue the case. our government will welcome .
        aside of your case, we have a lot of taiwanese druglords who put up shabu labs here in our country but we cannot pursue them in your country cause we dont have extradition treaty. since 1989 till 2007,we have a long list of druglords but we cannot arrest them. drug manufacturing and trafficking is greater crime that one homicide 7 years ago.

      • Ryan Nieh

        We asked, but you refused. It’s that simple. We are more than happy to have an extration treaty with you, since those drug dealers import narcotics from your country to Taiwan. But, we can’t, because your government does not want to have such a treaty with us.

      • Eagle from davao

        Correction.drug manufacturers and traffickers came from taiwan .after they run away to taiwan .so taiwan now cuddling and protecting drug lords and criminal syndicates and they smuggle drugs,shabu , meth and contraband goods to our shores.
        as you said we do not want a extradition treaty with you because you are a province of PROC and your capital is beijing not taipei.

      • Ryan Nieh

        Right, they are manufacturers. But, do they aim at market of the Philippines? Use your brain!!

      • Eagle from davao

        where were in all of these years? If you were just born in 2003,
        I believe you. Taiwanese shabu manufacturers and traffickers are smuggling these drugs since 1987 and peaked in 1997 and still reports of drug smuggling still continues even today.many taiwanese shabu laboratories sprung up in our country since then, our government was forced to create PDEA just to combat this menace. Please Rayan Nieh do some readings and research before you post,it is embarrassing .

        In 1949, majority of countries urge Chiang kai Shek to declare independence because we will support them. Remember ,Phils sent help to your people as you cross taiwan straits running away from Maozedong forces. We sent you arms and ammunition and relief goods. But Chiangkaishek refuses to declare independence.At that time mainland china donot possess any capability to cross taiwan strait,but now it is too late.

      • Ryan Nieh

        I am not denying anything about drug dealers from Taiwan. However, I just want to point out that your country is considered a criminal haven, sheltering manufacturing of those narcotics, so those criminals pick Philippines as their manufacturing site. So, it is not that Taiwan harbors them. It is completely the opposite.

      • Eagle from davao

        We have problem here also in drugs but we donot stop persecuting these people. we are winning but still there are lot of things to done and keep doing here. We are also amending our laws to put more teeth to our laws but these amendments must pass thru our congress and senate . A big challenge for us .
        but please stop also your countyrmen from smuggling it here.
        in area of drug enforcement ,help us and we help you also.

      • Ryan Nieh

        No, you got it wrong, they smuggle “ingredient” of the drugs to your country, not drug. Of course we will catch them regardless, since those drugs are imported to our country.

      • Eagle from davao

        We got new law banning of large importation and strict regulation of these ingredients in our country. before they smuggle shabu but they smuggle ingredients as they put up labs in our country. still problems are there. once we caught them in their new modus operandi they shift new ways just make shabu here. PDEA is doing their best to catch them.

      • branlem

        hahahaha…what a twisted logic…are you on drugs??…you have lost every ounce of logic in your mind! lay off the meth fella and save some cells from your gray matter…

      • branlem

        crap……that’s all there is to your talk….

      • Ryan Nieh

        That’s hard. We have sent our agent, under your permission, to question the policemen who killed our fishermen with lie detector seven years ago. The questioning showed that the policemen boarded our boat and took away valuable equipment and goods from it, while the policemen denied such accusation. We demanded that the policemen be prosecuted, but so far, they are still at large.

      • branlem

        would the end justify the means?? no… because your corrupt ways are simply the outcome of your corrupt minds….

      • branlem

        You are in a denial stage and you are definitely trying to save face because of your highly unpopular government. You know what? the social media in the philippines is reporting the incidences where even our broadsheets and tabloids have kept distance!! Tell you frankly our responsible government is trying to play down the attacks in order not to fan the fire or anger against the barbarism of your compatriots but your government is playing the incidents down to protect its international image and hide its ugly side from international condemnation!! Now you say POLICE REPORT?? when the main intent is to muffle the news??? gosh wake up…

      • Ryan Nieh

        Of course play down is of your government’s interest. Stalling as much as you can, so somehow people will forget about this and your government will not need to take responsiblility of this. Barbarism? You killed people indiscriminatedly and you call country of the victim barbaric? We have nothing to hide, it is you who are hiding from examination, making accusations such as “ramming” or “traspassing” without providing any evidence. You can make any accusation you want, but, please provide EVIDENCE. Without it, your so-called filipino-being-attacked-in-Taiwan is just groundless.
        On more thing, I can tell you, a recent poll shows that over 70% of the people strongly agree that the Ma authority should take a stronger stance against Philippines. So, the government is not fanning fire. On the contrary, it is trying to balance between public demand and diplomatic relations. Don’t get it wrong and misjudge the situation.

      • branlem

        ah…. you really have a problem of understanding..of course I expect that you are a “mediocre” chinese…I should have realized that earlier…our government’s investigation is done; caput!!! the shooting happened within our territory!! your fishermen were poaching and stealing from our fish stock and resisted when he was about to be arrested…of course you will deny this; that is expected from an android like you…you mentioned the word evidence…will you ever listen?? NAH I DONT THINK SO….you can listen and listen but definitely fall short of understanding…worry not though I expect not much from your capacity…better stick to your abacus fella…the matter of principle is simply BEYOND YOU!!!

      • Ryan Nieh

        Say everything whatever you want say. Just show me the evidence. Mediocre? Huh…

      • kareen

        Mr Neih, Taiwanese gangsters attacked an apartment where our OFWs live. There were properties damaged and people harmed. It is a confirmed report because a video sent by the OFWs themselves were circulating already showing how badly wounded one of our kababayan is and how damaging it was to our people, fearing for their lives. Taiwan is benefiting from the skills of Filipino workers. Taiwan need us more than we need Taiwan.

      • Ryan Nieh

        So…can you upload it to Youtube? Let everybody see, please?

      • kareen

        browse in Philippines NewsFeed. You should be more active in research to be able to fully scrutinize the issue and be able to create a stronger opinion.

      • Ryan Nieh

        Well, would you please have the courtesy to just give me a link? I believe that won’t hurt you a bit.

  • asusina

    The sending Filipinos abroad as Overseas Contract Workers became very popular during the time of Marcos. But the reason Filipinos have to endure being torn away from their families and abused by arrogant Chinese slave drivers as OCWs/OFWs abroad, go back a little bit further.

    The U.S. Bell Trade Act 0f 1946 did not allow the Philippines to set up industries that might be able to compete with American products. It also pegged the peso to the US dollar making sure that Philippine-products will be too expensive to compete in the export market. Even when the Bell Trade Act was replaced by the 1955 Laurel Langley Agreement, it was too late. It was cheaper for Filipino entrepreneurs to simply import cheap goods from abroad and sell them in the Philippine market rather than invest in the establishment of Philippine industries.

    Without such industries to employ its growing population, the Filipinos up to now have to be torn from their loved ones to try and eke a living under oppressive, manipulative Chinese task masters.

    The Upper & Lower Houses of Philippine legislature and the Bangko Sentral, together with Departments of Finance, of Labor & Employment, of Budget & Management, of Trade & Industry, of Social Welfare and Development need to seriously work together to stop this sad and sorry practice and help bring our workers back home.

    Policies and laws need to be worked out, drafted and passed that would allow the Bangko Sentral to lend the Philippine government even just a paltry 10% of its growing dollar reserves, in order to bring about the mass industrialization that Filipinos desperately need to employ its own people, as well as to profit from the growing consumption of its 100 million strong local market.

    The Philippines are one of the largest and fastest growing markets for smart phones. Why do we need to import them from China and buy Taiwanese brands, only to have the PRC and Taiwanese governments treat us like dirt?

    A fraction of our dollar reserves can help the Philippines procure transfers of technology and licenses to manufacture smartphones locally for Nokia, Samsung or perhaps even Apple to supply the ever-growing tech-savvy Filipino population, with proudly Philippine made phones.

    A fraction of our dollar reserves will allow the Philippines to continually develop and mass-produce electric cars such as the Aviso to lessen fuel consumption for millions of Filipino families and also to export around the world, while providing jobs to an ever-growing supply of mechanically inclined Filipinos.

    A fraction of our dollar reserves would allow us to partner with friendly nations like India which is developing world-class weapons to counter its own threats from the PRC. A mutually beneficial agreement with India can mean that the Philippines and India, which is already working with Russia’s Sukhoi, can co-develop and produce 5th Generation stealth fighters such as the PAK-50, or supersonic cruise missiles such as the BrahMos. These will not only provide jobs for Filipino engineers, scientists, researchers, fabricators, fitters and turners and factory hands, it will also make arrogant countries around us think twice before bullying the Philippines one more time.

    Utilizing just a fraction of the Bangko Sentral’s huge dollar reserves will greatly stimulate the Philippine economy through industrialization, providing jobs in science, technology, engineering, construction, fabrication, maintenance, defense, aerospace, communications and a countless host of other support sectors. It might also dampen the upward pressures on the Philippine peso, making Philippine-made products more competitive worldwide.

    The Upper & Lower Houses of Philippine legislature and the Bangko Sentral, together with Departments of Finance, of Labor & Employment, of Budget & Management, of Trade & Industry, of Social Welfare and Development… we need your combined expertise to iron out the details and make this happen for our poor, abused, maltreated, countrymen and women.

    Parang awa niyo na po, let us not deny our people from this win-win opportunity.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!

    Maraming salamot po.

    • Eagle from davao

      very good points

  • Eagle from davao


    I copy and paste his post.his name is Mr.Ryan Nieh.He is a taiwanese or a chinese.

    “Ryan Nieh Eagle from davao • 5 hours ago

    First, have you checked the coordinate (19°35′N 122°33′E)? It is not in the territorial water claimed by Philippines.”

    they claiming that the coordinates show above is part of their territory or part of their EEZ. If you check you google map,you will find out that is the just 50 kms , east of babuyan island and 55 km south-southeast of balintang island ,which is a part of batanes province. Babuyan Island is a territory of the Republic of the Philippines. Balintang channel is the channel located between sabtang and batan island and babuyan island . From that area, to the east 200 nautical miles is EEZ of the philippines. This area is part of our territory, any body of waters between island territory is automatically a part of our territorial seabed and continental shelf.

    This logic goes to all of our island and bodies of water. example ,sulu sea is a part of our territory because palawan and negros and iloilo are part of RP.

    i believe this info was provided by taiwan government so that their fishermen will be put in harms way.
    therefore, the first is to blame of death of Mr.hung is the taiwan government by providing wrong information and deceiving them that they are fishing in their waters.

    • Ryan Nieh

      The coordinate is not even a secret, and I don’t know why you are so excited. The truth is that the coordinate is not in the territorial sea claimed by your government. You determine that place is in your territorial water based on very crude judgment (and no, your knowledge about UNCLOS is wrong), but you don’t even bother to check map publish by your government. I can only pity you.

      As to information, no, our government does not provide such information to fishermen. They bought digital sea chart from the off-the-shelf market, and such sea chart usually uses database maintained by American companies…

      • Eagle from davao

        Mr.Ryan Nieh, one question,are your goverment claiming the batanes island group as your territory?

      • Ryan Nieh

        No, and never has. What is your point?

      • Eagle from davao

        then if no,why you are claiming this coordinate as part of your territory. this coordinate is inside the balintang channel.
        the problem with you Mr.Ryan Nieh, you refuse to accept that you are wrong in claiming of that part and Mr.Hung trespass inside our territory, unfortunate for him he played a game of death with our PCG. our PCG , are serious in the discharge of their duties and the situation in the open seas is different.
        Mr.Hung thinks that to play practical game or pranks with the authorities are like a child’s play. or trying to taunt the authorities and try to ram our patrol boat is a fair game.

        please educate your people ,so this things will never happened. we want to maintain our good relationship being neighbors but do not abuse that friendship or tolerance at the expense of the other.

      • Ryan Nieh

        From beginning to the end, our position is very clear: the location is within EEZs claimed by both country. It was not traspassing, since it is in our EEZ, and based on spirit of UNCLOS regarding traditional fishing right, Taiwanese should be entitled to operate in the area as we have been doing that for centuries. You should educate your people that, even your accusations concerning ramming and traspassing were true, by any civilized standards, it was still excessive use of force to deal with an umarmed fishing boat with machine guns, let alone such excessive use of force was clearly with intent to murder

      • Eagle from davao

        Mr.Ryan, you can claim EEZ but will UNCLOS honor your claim since you are not a signatory or a recognized state? the traditional fishing right is also our traditional fishing right but unfortunately ,that traditional fishing right is part of our territory,not yours. that centuries ago was valid because territorial waters and boundaries are not enforced as it is today.
        for example, the traditional farming area of mongolian farmer is now a part of PRC . although his forefathers farmed and grazed in that area for centuries, can he still farm in that area as his forefathers did for centuries.? the answer is NO.
        if he try that the border guards of PRC will arrest him but if he resist he might be shot.
        so as what is happening here in balintang channel. those days are gone.

        secondly – ramming a boat is murder, attempted ramming a boat is attempted murder. any attempt of your life ,without any reason ,or unprovoke or against any authorities performing their duties, has the right to defend himself . PCG has the right of self-defense. you call it using excessive fire power, yes it is. because the PCG thought it was an ambushed and they have to fire their weapon to overwhelm any opposition. because the fight is between life and death.
        it takes only 4 seconds to discharge 50 rounds for a 700 rpm machine gun.

        Mr.Ryan,we regret the loss of life of Mr.Hung and damaged to his boat,but what Mr.Hung did was attempted murder and thief and trespassing. may his soul rest in peace.

      • Ryan Nieh

        Traditional fishing right is explicitly stated in UNCLOS, and there is no such thing like “traditional farming right”. Therefore, your analogy is inappropriate. If you don’t understand the concept, go to study more before coming talking about nonsense here. Also, unless there is clear and present danger of life, use of lethal force against an umarmed civilian boat should be forbidden. This is generally accepted by the international community and backed by numerous court cases. In this case, even description of PCG’s testimony were true, it does not justify such excessive use of force since PCG attacked the boat while it ran away. In other word, there would be no clear and present danger of life when you shot the boat.

      • Eagle from davao

        traditional fishing rights are subject with the mutual and beneficial agreement of both parties under the arbitration of ITLOS within the provision of UNLOS. How can you claim any provision of UNCLOS,if you are not a signatory and recognized state by the UN?
        it is just like a club membership , you are not allow to enjoy any perks and privileges of the club if you are not a member.

      • Ryan Nieh

        There is no rule saying only signatories of UNCLOS may claim traditional fishing right, so bite me!!!!

      • Eagle from davao

        UNCLOS is a treaty. taiwan did not sign it nor ratify it. It simply means you do not agree on it which includes the rights and responsibilities accorded in it. suddenly in your own convenience and gain you want to be accorded to that treaty but donot sign it. free-lunch. you want to eat but do not want to pay for it. hello, taiwan a free-loader. what a shame.

        If we follow the baseline definition. it must start from mainland china since taiwan is a province of china. between that sea is your territory but from taiwan shore you are accorded 12 miles a territory and whatever is the limit of your EEZ from the mainland baseline that is your EEZ. the map you are showing

        is wrong and not acceptable. we donot agree on that . see
        overlapping EEZ must be done within the arbitration of ITLOS and other maritime agency for negotiation, but how can we negotiate with since you are not a part of that treaty.

        Here is the challenge. let taiwan declare independence from china.then we can negotiate. you are a province not a state.your capital is Beijing not Taipei.

      • Ryan Nieh

        Yap, you can tell that to the American, and if they accept your rationale, period.

      • Eagle from davao

        actually Pres.Bush urge the senate to pass the UNCLOS ,but time had overtaken Pres.Bush to lobby for it. As of now there are US senators pushing for the UNCLOS ratification. It just matter of time ,US will ratify it.

      • Ryan Nieh

        But that doesn’t mean that US claims no EEZ NOW!!

      • Eagle from davao

        Mr.Ryan ,i do not know the answer to your question,just ask any americans or diplomats about their EEZ .
        you are barking at the wrong tree. i can answer only on our side philippines not the USA.

      • Ryan Nieh

        USA does claim EEZ:
        oceanservice,noaa,gov/facts/eez,html (replace common with dot)
        But, USA is not a signatory of UNCLOS!!! It shall not have such right!!!

      • Eagle from davao

        Mr.Ryan Nieh, why dont you go the US embassy and air your grievance there.You are in the wrong forum.

        or as I advise to you,declare taiwan as an independent nation and submit yourself for UN full membership and then sign the UNCLOS, viola! you can have your EEZ.

        As of now,just content yourselves to measure your EEZ from mainland china’s baseline and fish inside that limit nobody will bother you. just stayout from our EEZ and you stay yours .
        no problem. no conflict.

        by the way ,you already answered your question awhile ago.

        see what google search engine can do.

      • Eagle from davao

        actually ,it was Pres. Nixon who betrays taiwan on china -one china policy. when Pres. Nixon was hard-pressed to find way out from vietnam war . Pres. Nixon courted Maozedong ,to get maozedong assurance that mainland china will pressure vietnam to accept conditions in the paris negotiation. That was the start of recognition of PROC as the sole representative of chinese people. Also Pres.Nixon urge Pres. Marcos to do the same. and not only us but USA uses their influence to other allies to recognize PROC – the one china policy starts.
        Now Taiwan was left in the cold . Other countries drop taiwan and accepts and recognized PROC . To appease taiwan,USA bribed or rewarded taiwan will arms, money and financial support and assured your country that USA will defend taiwan incase PROC will invade your country.
        It was USA who betrays your country.

      • Ryan Nieh

        I don’t know why you mumble jumble this. Is it relevant? Can some translate?

      • Eagle from davao

        you can’t accept that US betrayed chiang kaishek and taiwan because of the concession they get from PROC.

        then I asked again,why don’t you declare independence so that you can have full status . and enjoy the full provision of UNCLOS ?

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Don’t blame the Taiwanese, blame your elected dumb donkey politicians. Ask your dumb donkey politicians why Taiwan has lots of jobs and Philippines has millions of unemployed Filipinos.
      If we don’t sent thousands of Filipinos to Taiwan to work, they have no leverage and they will never use OFWs as pawn. They can raise the issue and do anything they want with Filipinos in their country who are working hard to keep this country afloat.
      Ealge from davao you are so dumb donkey. Ask your congressman and senator to create jobs for this country and stop blaming foreigners.

      • Eagle from davao

        un-koolkid_inthehouse of trolls. Are those points have something to do on my post. out of topic. before I answer you ranting and blaming- others-except-myself. do you pay taxes in philippines? do you have a legal and decent job? just answer me honestly. If you dont pay taxes and dont have a decent job. please find somebody else to rant with.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Dumb donkey Eagle from davao, if there are plenty of jobs in this country who wants to work in Taiwan away from your family and get abused? Ask yourself why Taiwan has plenty of jobs, what are the government doing that created plenty of jobs and even hiring Filipinos? If you’re not so dumb about the effect of unemployment in this country, you should not post with your rantings against other countries.
        You’re so dumb why asking me if I have decent job, I don’t and still looking. How about you donkeyhole, do you have decent job?

      • Eagle from davao

        I have a decent job. I study and work hard.I pay my taxes.I am not rich nor poor ,middle class. I don’t have vices . i have an advise for you,start your own business rather than be an employee. look at the businessmen in the market,even though they did not finish college ,even finish high school,they able to send their kids in school. Be a businessman.

        If you don’t want,if you are still below 23 years old and single.try seek commissionship in AFP. They have shortage of officers. I think you are brave,intelligent and patriotic and full of hate against chinese, use it constructively. you can have a better life.

        lastly,i dont post rants .i post criticism with sense and I dont berate chinese as a race.I criticize them of their government policies and actions on us.


      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Not everybody is the same. What kind of decent job you have? What did you study and how much is your salary and how old are you? How many jobs available in your line of work? Are they full time and secured and you can go to the bank to get a mortgage to buy house by simply presenting that you got a job? Where should I go to start a business? How much capital and where should I get them?
        It doesn’t mean joining the military is patriotic or being brave.

      • Eagle from davao

        No government agency nor national leader can give you job or means of livelihood. We are not socialist or welfare state. Each one of us are accountable to our future. We have a lot of choices. If you choose to find a good decent means of living,you can do it. you are intelligent and easy to learn . you are a Filipino. If you choose a career in the government as a civil servant or a military serviceman,you can do it.Let us be creative and determined . do not rely on the government for dole outs or legislation or political favor from politicos. Majority of Politicos are users and exploitative and most of them are always looking for something for themselves.
        Look at most of successful business man and persons,they don’t rely on the government but they use the level playing fields guaranteed by law to prosper.
        Stop the blame-them-of -your- problem because it will hinder you to look outside the box or see opportunities that will help you. Shalom

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