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Agbimuddin Kiram not in Mindanao, says defense chief Gazmin


Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie shakes hands with his Filipino counterpart Voltaire Gazmin after their one on one meeting at Manila’s military headquarters recently. JAY DIRECTO/AFP

MANILA, Philippines — Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram has not gone back to southern Philippines as Malaysia once claimed, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said on Thursday.

“We have no report to that effect,” Gazmin told reporters when asked for his comment on the statement of Malaysia’s top security officials that Kiram slipped out of Sabah last week.

However, Gazmin said that the Philippines and Malaysia have agreed to exchange information about the Sabah incursion.

Agbimuddin, the younger brother of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, led the so-called royal security force in occupying Lahad Datu town last February to revive the sultanate’s claim to the eastern coast of Sabah.

Gazmin noted that Malaysia has deployed 12 battalions to hunt down Agbimuddin and his men.

“Remember, the Raja Muda has been there for quite some time and he has been moving in and out of Malaysia so he knows the terrain. He has a lot of relatives. Once upon a time, he was a (local official) so he knows the area,” Gazmin said.

Moreover, Gazmin, a retired Army general, described the ongoing conflict in Sabah as a “low intensity conflict.”

“(Agbimuddin) is like a fish in the water. Take out the water, you find the fish,” Gazmin said in Filipino.

On reports describing Agbimuddin as a Malaysian citizen, Gazmin said this could change the complexity of the conflict.

“Since he is Malaysian, then Malaysian laws should apply to him while he is there,” he said.

Asked if the government has been checking Agbimuddin’s nationality, Gazmin replied: “I cannot give you a definite answer on that. Maybe we are. But we have not found any conclusive answer yet.”

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  • misuari playboy

    As expected, PH army is slow…

    • makinagulingon_nasud


    • zdrx

      maybe you’re referring to malaysian army.

  • patukar

    Since he is Malaysian, then Malaysian laws should apply to him while he is there,” Gazmin said.

    Asked if the government has been checking Agbimuddin’s nationality, Gazmin replied: “I cannot give you a definite answer on that. Maybe we are. But we have not found any conclusive answer yet.”

  • pfc_kulapu

    Mr. Nikko Dizon – PDI, sir reporter ka pala.. seguro OJT palang.. paki klaro ang source mo sir if malaysian ba tlg, o hindi… Malabo ang report mo sir… parang high school..


      hoy private, seksing lady si Nikoo at lt.colonel yan. Maganda yan, wag kang brosko.

      • zdrx

        no wonder my dk stand on end…upon reading your post. LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000463788427 Hans Hans

    coward Agbimuddin. he leave his men to fight to their death while he escape somewhere safe.

    • iSay2

      Most cowards are the malaysian babi who exploit the milf, abusayyaf, and mnlf to fight in southern provinces so that they can turn Mindanao as a malaysian state. You got no balls, Kirams have.

      • toadak sarawak

        Really. Have you seen HIS Balls.

      • DnKy

        NO.. isay2 likes to lick his highness king kiram’s balls while his eyes are close.. he has too actually.. for his highness ball can be viewed only by her highness queen..

      • zdrx

        there you go AGAIN. you really have intent on sodomy…faggot.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

        I personally think malaysians should do more. Perhaps establish and support a dozen more separatist group in mindanao and officially recognize the independence of mindanao. No worries though, there will be lots of people claiming to be the sultan.

    • PurpleDaisy13

      Hans Hans, are you another poor pheasant of Malaysia that couldn’t afford to get a proper education?

      It is supposed to be “he left his men to fight to their death while he escaped somewhere safe.” NOT “he leave his men to fight to their death while he escape somewhere safe.”

      Please beg your Malaysian King to fund your school tuition and come back after you have acquired a decent education Hans Hans.


      • Hans Hans

        @PurpleDaisy13:disqus spare me some grammar class and discuss real issue like real good citizen. Opps i forgot. you’re too ashamed to even acknowledge yourself as Filipinos.

        ***wearing “I m an American” mask mode ON

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: ” spare me some grammar class and discuss real issue like real good citizen.”

        Hans Hans, I’m not going to spare you sh*t.

        Didn’t we already advise you to go ask your Malaysian King for funding for school tuition? Maybe you could be in charge of wiping his a$$ when he’s done using the toilet in exchange for such compensation HansHans.

        Please make sure you also attend English Comprehension Lessons in addition to your Grammar Lessons.


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

        He can’t argue with others using facts. Instead, making up fairy tale stories with nothing to collaborate with, calling other people names or making rants about their english language. I have seen many of those and usually they are just some kid living in their mother’s basement spending their free time trolling online.

      • toadak sarawak

        Yalah. Hans got no proper education. We studied in Bahasa Malaysia not English. We speak little English only. But live in Condos and do not need to cramp into Jeepnies or those handicap Tricycle. All our buses are Aircond plus LRT, Commuter, Monorail and dont forget our Malaysian Brand Taxi’s. We are so Malaysian that we spoke little English. Pinoy are so English but their buttock are still BROWN or Yellowish. Yalah we are No ENGLIsh. Oh! My English”

      • toadak sarawak

        Oh sorry . Daisy probably your’s has turn PURPLE!!!! Ho..Ho..Ho..Hooooo…..ho

      • zdrx

        i live in a very simple house with antique european design in the province of antique, philippines. it has an attic and then a garden in front…you’ll feel like you’re in rural 18th century europe. old and rural in design …complemented by an old car. that’s only how far my capability can afford…too backward, too poor including taste. poor me…(sob)

      • toadak sarawak

        Post me your bank account. I”ll sent a PESO.

      • zdrx

        you really don’t get it. though retro and classic in design…my house is priceless compared to your condo LOL. like my car, my house is vintage…picture perfect even for european postcards. it is something your condo won’t ever have. HA HA HA

        is that all you can spare me? one PESO? sent me your bank account. ..i’ll send you a ringgit. LOL

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

        His english language proficiency must be that good to live in the manila slums and looking for scraps in the rubbish dumps. Or as one of those beggars that begs from foreign tourist outside the airport. He is that proud of his english, what can i say.

      • TEAM PNOY

        Kha Kha Kha Kha Kha, what a same lah. Kha Kha Kha Kha Kha,

      • Sepilok

        Purple – so you are suggesting that Hans is a bird belonging to the subfamily Phasianinae? Or maybe, you meant to write that Hans is a poor peasent

      • PurpleDaisy13

        I’m suggesting Hans is both an animal belonging to the subfamily Phasianinae and of the Poor class.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

        That’s funny, i thought most philipinoes can’t find jobs at home. That’s why millions of philippinoes go overseas looking for decent jobs to keep their family fed.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        That’s funny, I didn’t say that Philippines doesn’t have poverty.

        I said Hans Hans belongs to the subfamily of Phasianinae and of the Poor class Cabal. Are you defending Hans Hans because you are offended for being part of the Poor class of Malaysia Cabal?

        Don’t worry, I’m planning on eating chicken this evening…I’ll throw you a couple of leftover bones for you and your family to gnaw on.



    Let KIRAM face trial in MALAYSIA if found indeed MAlaysian Citizen,if thats the case,then his dispute is void,how come u change citizenship and then recruit royal army from ur personal interest..ur a malaysian!

  • Ari Putan

    12 batallions with fighter jets vs 250 Tausog ! Lol… What a dumb army.
    The ratio is 5000 : 250 or 1Tausog warrior = 20 malaysian soldiers.
    So, for 120,000 Filipinos soldiers, malaysia needs 2,400,000 malaysian soldiers.

    But even with that magnitude of armies, still they cannot defeat the Filipinos.like what is happening now in Sabah. Hahahahahaha!

    • Maya Asan

      don’t be stupid. 12 batallions safeguarding the escom area, the eastern sabah. your beloved terrorists are centered arround tg batu, semporna, they are very hungry with no foods up to 15 days. haha

    • toadak sarawak

      Sultan ARI…Please collect your RUBBISH. Its so smelly in our Mortuary. Burn or eat it or do whatever you want with it.

    • PurpleDaisy13

      re: “The ratio is 5000 : 250 or 1Tausog warrior = 20 malaysian soldiers.”

      Wow, Malaysian soldiers must be dumb and inefficient. It probably takes 4 Malaysian soldiers to replace a light bulb.

      • toadak sarawak

        Yeah… We Malaysian are Sooooooo Lazy. 4 person (usually Pinoy) working for us to replace one light bulb. So…so… Lazy.

      • Naldm05

        tomorrow I will hire a malayo to lick my feet…. hahaha!

      • Hans Hans

        i doubt a Filipino like you have the necessary money to hire us :-)

      • Naldm05

        Of course I do but I wont waste my money on hiring a slave as dumb as you are! LOLZ!

      • Hans Hans

        well because we Malaysian are compassionate rich human. we give these dogs opportunity to work so their family in Philippines’ slums not starving :-)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

        Best solution for malaysia is to deport all 800,000 of those illegal philippinoes back to mindanao and let their people take care of them, which they should have done so long ago.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

        You can’t afford it unless you work outside of philippine. Good luck.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

        Geee, tell me how many terrorists dead , captured and on the run for their life ?
        Must be your pinoy pride blinding your eyes.

    • DnKy

      yea.. i dont know what our world we’re living in has turned into.. there is simply no justice, at all. what malaysian government should do is to maintain the ratio 1:1 (i guess the army general fails miserably in elementary maths).. we have to see eye to eye on this. tell me in which wrestling match, does the referee let 21 contestants inside the ring on the stage, 20 guys beating 1 guy. heck, the stage crumbles first before, the fight starts, bec of the weight. if the tausug send 50 men, 100 women, 100 children, malaysia should send 50 men, 100 women, 100 children to fight. if tausug use water guns, malaysian should use one too! throw that m16 away. why it is so hard to understand? i mean where is the love, the justice, the honor? these tausug are not called honor above life warriors for nothing.. dare you not respect their honor? anyway make love not war… peace..

      • Sepilok

        DnKy – no army give away their advantage. Did the American do that in Iraq? Did your army do that when confronting the communists?
        BTW. There is no honour in war, it is all about winning and losing as few of your men as possible.

      • DnKy

        sepilok my man.. i’m not sure we’re on the same book or page.. it’s quite weird actually, but try to understand this as you could.. that concept is called ‘Pinoy Logic’ (TM).. it doesnt have to conform to the rest of the world, only pinoy could understand it. that’s why it is trade marked.. it is specific, belongs to pinoy. i hope it is not in perpetuity, or as long as there exists moon & sun, as they like to write & sign in some agreements.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

        There is no honor by the way they fight when all they can do is to take a few pot shots then run for their life. Dying like cockroaches with no dignity doesn’t help their honor either.
        I find it rather amusing that pinoy calls that bravery or honorable when all they have manage to achieve is dying and suffering.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

      Big deal, you are just making a fuss that malaysia send 12 batallions of troops to sabah. If you learned anything about the malaysian armed forces and it’s capability, you will know you are just a frog in the well imagining the world outside is as big as the well.

  • PurpleDaisy13

    re: “Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram has not gone back to southern Philippines as
    Malaysia once claimed, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said”

    Yes….everyone knows Malaysians are a bunch of liars and thieves and cannot be trusted to recognize what is a fact and how make honest public statements.

    • toadak sarawak

      Lets check his BALLs as one Pinoy below says. See whose telling the truth. Anyway in or out of Malaysia, we are hunting him. Sent my wARMEST regards to your SULTAN

      • Naldm05

        before you capture our Raja Muda lets see who dies first, a Malayo or a Filipino Tausug? LOL

      • toadak sarawak

        Tausug definitely. And please collect the rubbish rotting in our MOrtuary.

  • $18209031

    Why is Phil Inquirer posting a pic of Gazmin with the Chinese General when the article is all about Kiram in Sabah? Mahihilo ako sa mga editors sa PI. Wala bang ibang pictures dyan na tama sa artikulo ? Hoy , mga tagalegleg sa P I , you are a joke in journalism.

    Anong tamang journalism 101 ba ang alam nyo ? Estelong Luzonian as in pancit Luzonian ?


      Backdoor deal to sell Sabah to China, hmmmmmmm……….. Datuh, cool ka lang.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6UHKC43FYFDBCZ2T44ZKDPYA4 Cabal

      When philippine have a dispute with china, it goes to the sugardaddy US. When it have dispute with malaysia , it goes to china. That’s why ASEAN countries look down on the philippine because only a spineless beggar country does that.

  • $18209031

    Wow, nilalaro lang ni Datu Muda ang mga Malayo Bhumiputras in guerilla warfare. The man knows Sabah like the back of his hand. ANg daming mga Tausugs doon kaya he is well and good. This is the start of a long drawn guerilla conflict in Sabah. The next 50 years of struggle for the Tausugs of Southern Philippines to retake their ancestral domain. THis is the real issue of the Tausugs People, the right to claim their land stolen by the Briitsih Limiey bastards of the last century and the new thief , the Malayo Bhumiputras of the Malayo Strait. There is no other sacrifice than to fight for ones own homeland. This is the aspiration of every living Tausug .

    Mabuhay ang mga Tausugs !! More power from Allah the Great . He is First and the Last. Allah is Merciful , Allah is Giver and Allah is the Decider. Malayo Bhumis will now be facing a new insurgency far from the comforts of their western Malayo enslave .

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_two_cents

    “Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram has not gone back to southern Philippines as Malaysia once claimed, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said on Thursday.”

    “We have no report to that effect,” Gazmin told reporters….”

    So the headline, and the first paragraph of this story, rests on him just saying he has had no report to that effect, and not at all that he knows where he is, or is not.

    I see….tabloid journalism at its finest!

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