Philippines supports rearming of Japan


The Philippines would support Japan dropping its pacifist constitution to become a fully fledged military force and act as a balance against a rising China, the spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Monday.

“I think we would welcome something like that,” DFA spokesperson Raul Hernandez quoted Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario as saying in an interview with a reporter from the Financial Times of London.

In the interview, Del Rosario said the Philippines would strongly support a rearmed Japan—its World War II enemy—as a counterweight to what it sees as Chinese provocation.

“We are looking for balancing factors in the region and Japan could be a significant balancing factor,” he told the paper amid growing tensions over the South China Sea, almost all of which is claimed by China.

Del Rosario’s statement about a stronger security partner came as Philippine diplomats and defense officials prepared for two days of talks with their US counterparts.

The Third Bilateral Strategic Dialogue, which opens Tuesday, will discuss, among other matters, the Philippines’ territorial dispute with China in the West Philippine Sea.

Hernandez confirmed the government’s view that Japan should upgrade its military from a self-defense force so that it has more freedom to operate in the region.

“[Del Rosario] said we are in favor of Japan’s gaining strength,” Hernandez said.

Japan occupied the Philippines for more than three years from December 1941, during which suspected guerrillas were tortured and executed, and many Filipino women were forced into prostitution to serve the occupying Army.

The war claimed at least a million civilian Philippine lives, according to historians.

Conflicting claims

The interview with the Financial Times comes shortly before a general election in Japan where the front-runner, opposition leader Shinzo Abe, has said he wants to revise the country’s pacifist constitution, imposed by the United States after the war.

China claims most of the South China Sea, including waters close to the shores of its neighbors. These areas include major sea-lanes and are believed to hold vast mineral and oil resources.

China’s claim is contested by the Philippines as well as Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam, which have overlapping claims to some or all of those same areas.

In April, Chinese patrol vessels prevented the Philippine Navy from arresting a group of Chinese fishermen at the Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal), which is within the Philippines’ 370-kilometer exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Manila says China has continued to station patrol vessels in the area even after the Philippines withdrew its vessels and called for a peaceful resolution to the dispute according to international law.

Earlier this month, the Philippines asked China to clarify press reports Chinese authorities had authorized its forces to interdict ships entering what Beijing considers its territorial waters.

China and Japan are also in dispute over islands in the East China Sea that are controlled by Tokyo.

Hernandez said he had talked about the Financial Times interview with Del Rosario. He said Del Rosario stressed he “would welcome a stronger Japan, which together with other partners would serve as a balancing factor in the region.”

Peace process

“We know very well no country by itself has the capacity to address the security requirements of this region. And so it is to our interest to seek stronger partners and to have stronger alliances in the region,” Hernandez quoted Del Rosario as saying.

Asked what the Philippines would want Japan’s role in the region to be, Del Rosario replied that the country wanted Japan to “support a peaceful process in solving issues here and to be one of the partners as far as security alliances and partnerships are concerned,” Hernandez said.

But Hernandez said there were no talks going on between the Philippines and Japan and that Del Rosario only responded to questions during the interview with the Financial Times.

Announcing the Manila-Washington talks through a statement yesterday, Del Rosario said the Philippines looked forward to deepening further its engagement with the United States.

The talks will be cochaired by Foreign Undersecretary and now new Philippine Ambassador to China Erlinda Basilio and Defense Undersecretary Pio Lorenzo Batino for the Philippine side and for the American side by US State Department Assistant Secretary Kurt Campbell and Defense Assistant Secretary Mark Lippert.


According to  Assistant Foreign Secretary Carlos Soreta, head of the DFA American Affairs section, the two countries will discuss issues on the economy, rule of law, diplomatic engagement and defense.

Soreta said the meetings would move forward Philippine-US relations while good now, “because it gives more detail and a benchmark for us.”

“We’ve formalized it all the more, in a way holding each other with certain commitments and that we understand these commitments and go past diplomatic euphemisms,” he told reporters.

Soreta said the two countries would discuss rule of law involving the West Philippine Sea dispute, as this was one of the important aspects of the country’s advocacy of a peaceful settlement of conflicting territorial claims in the sea.

“This is [of] interest not only to us but [also to] any country who wants to support us [in] achieving a peaceful solution,” he said.

More joint exercises

Soreta said the Mutual Defense Board and the Security Defense Board would also meet after the strategic dialogue.

After the talks, he said, it can be expected that there will be increased joint military exercises between the Philippines and United States, as well an increase in the number of troops participating and the number of activities and the areas to be covered.

Soreta said he did not expect increased US presence to aggravate tensions between the Philippines and China in the West Philippine Sea. With a report from AFP

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  • lilac

    Del Rosario is an old guy, age 71. he was at least 5 years old when Japan committed murder of 1 million Filipinos WWII.

    he should remember all of this at 5 years age, he is a smart fellow.

    if he could not remember it, the crime, he must be not part of the victimized society, where was he ?

    if people like him would forget that part of criminal history, why wouldn’t the Japanese ? they would be as happy as Del Rosario to forget about it.

  • Pedring2

    Japan: We urge you to re-arm. Make nuke-tipped missiles. If you need workers, recruit from the Philippines. Let’s help each other repel the Insects.

    • Andrew Pc

      Insanity proven.

      • Pedring2

        Japan: Let’s make Insect (Insik) repellents.

  • dragonian

    del rosario is truly a patriot that each and every filipinos should emulate upon. after whining around the asean summit and banging the podium for being ignored by the asean neighbors that almost made him cried out. he now rally the former country that burned down the cities, butchered the men, children and raped the women of this country to REARM again. JUST TO COUNTER THE AGGRESSION OF CHINA? i am really appalled by someone that high in this govt dare to make such comment. and i felt sad also to the hundreds of thousands of filipinos, chinese and americans who died innocently or defensively for defending this country.

    but i can understand him. after years of glamorous life in the u.s. serving as ambassador. what can he do. just like all the sons of  female dogs and chimps commenting here. sucking black and white dicks are all you can do.

    save your dreams and breathes. this country can never be STRONG with you MOFOs as citizens. all hot airs..

    rally your good senators and congressmen to ratify the VFA. provide a big province along the coast for the g.i.s to colonize. let the uncles and japs come and go as they want. so this country don’t have to send japayukis and dicksuckers abroad. THAT, is the only way this country can have perpetual peacefulness from outside aggressions.

    • kanoy

       CRAP……might as well emulate the other sell out AQUINO if we are to emulate the sell out DEL ROSARIO……

      Japan occupied the Philippines for more than three years from December 1941, during which suspected guerrillas were tortured and executed, and some local women forced into prostitution to serve the occupying army.

      The war claimed at least a million civilian Philippine lives, according to historians.

      • dragonian

        my friend, you have only read the first sentence……………… on..

      • kanoy

         i was agreeing with you but with carolers seeking peso kid getting ready for school play wife having bible study class practicing dance and running okay okay store my editing SUCKED sorry

      • dragonian

        no offense taken.

  • NaUnsa

    The Philippines will need to build an alliance with all countries surrounding china. An alliance with a policy of attack to one, means attack to all. The Philippines will need an alliance with the north & northeast countries like Taiwan, Japan and South Korea; westside countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Burma, Singapore, Brunie, Laos, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh; southern countries like Indonesia and Australia; Southeast countries like New Guinea & New Zealand. They all need to form a new group of military strength because the imperialist china’s plan is to own all of them by conquest. We need this new group to develop technologies far beyond the world has ever known. With combined GDP of the new alliance nations at 15.2494 Trillions versus the imperialist china at 11.299 Trillion USD, it can deter their belligerent or warlike behavior in the region.

    • Andrew Pc

      Whatever alliance Philippines can dream of is none of our business, it is all up to the other to decide whether they wish to be Philippines’ dream-mate, so long as Philippines do not apologetically wholehearted support the rekindle of Japanese Imperial Army past glories. But, alas, Philippines did trumpet her support openly and loudly and it became our business and thus our anger.

      • kanoy

         The ministry said the plane’s incursion was the first known violation of
        Japanese airspace by a Chinese plane since it began keeping records
        about 50 years ago.

        50 YEARS! YET CHINA LIES,,,,

        In Beijing, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, said that the activities of the Chinese plane were “completely normal.”


    • kanoy

       the RP has nothing to offer any country for protection…no marines,,,no missiles ,,,,no air force…NOTHING….so what the RP is begging all the neighbors for is PROTECTION….the RP would not be in this pathetic position but for corruption….maybe China can do what the massa has failed to do for 67 years….rid the country of the crooks…..perminantly

      • NaUnsa

        You are very narrow minded, so for sure your mind itself has nothing to offer but failure. I bet you don’t have that much friend or successful business because of your negative mentality. Your life is heading for a disaster because you don’t know how to read a sign.

      • kanoy

        lol Imelda have you counted your shoes lately? ROTFLMFAO sign? what sign? your sister never put up a sign…except the one she wears on her LEGS that reads ”WE NEVER CLOSE” haha what an imbecile i hope they fire your sister and you along with your 7 illegitimate kids find yourself homeless..again…just in time for the holidays

      • NaUnsa

        I can see you are not making sense at all, and I will put you in a category as useless eaters. That is why your water is poisoned with flouride, etc, your foods with GMO, your air with chemtrails, your deodorant with aluminum and just about almost everything you use everyday is poisoned. Why? They want to get rid of you ASAP because you are a useless eaters in this world. Wake up and stop acting like a dumby, then they will upgrade you as one of their special interest.

      • kanoy

        TSK TSK as evidenced by the above inane post..evil is the blemish of our species that does not escape even the best man…let us decipher this ignorance 1> That is why your water is POISONED with FLUORIDE=fluoride is poison,,,,education…Fluoride is naturally present in all water.
        Community water fluoridation is the addition of fluoride to adjust the
        natural fluoride concentration of a community’s water supply to the
        level recommended for optimal dental health…2>your foods poisoned with GMO= DUH! GMO’s are GOD’s creation enhanced by man possessing GOD’s gift of education and intelligence to boost crops worldwide, Genetically Modified Organisms in foods are everywhere
        they are living organisms, education calls it ”evolution”, since they
        are in all foods the intelligent question then becomes, What are the benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms? by enhancing the nutritional value or content of a crop, we can ensure
        that even in countries where lesser crops are available for consumption,
        the people would still obtain the required nutrition preventing

      • Guest

        You need more research before you share your second hand brainwashed informations or show your lower grade intelligence! I’m sorry poor guy, you just failed! Research and study more! I recommend you take colloidal silver first to kill all bacterias or viruses that causes inflammation and slowly eating your brain, eat organic foods, drink ionized water, don’t drink soda or any beverages with High Fructose Corn Syrup tainted with mercury & leading Azheimers, exercise, get enough sleep, don’t use your cell phone a lot or don’t put your cell phone next to your ear due to RadioFrequency Radiation. It’s like putting your brain inside the microwave oven but in a very gradual dosage because cell phones use the same shortwave RFrequency as microwave oven. There’s a lot of information out there. Don’t agree what I just wrote here! Just research on independent studies! Don’t read on research by scientist, who work and paid by the same company.

    • dragonian

      they are already in alliance with this country a long, long time ago…………………..

      they need maids. remember?

      • NaUnsa

        And you too! You sound like an, “OPLOK”. I bet your mind has been poisoned by GMO foods for awhile. You need to wake up and stop being stupid like,”Erong Boang”. You are very narrow minded, so for sure your mind itself has nothing to offer but failure. I bet you don’t have that much friend or successful business because of your negative mentality. Your life is heading for a disaster because you don’t know how to read a sign.

      • dragonian

        you just didn’t get it….don’t you……? it’s you who was poisoned by phil produced GMO corns. i am at my conscious state all the time. did i blabbered like you do? did i try to imagine like you that all the countries in asia are in alliance with you? i already told you all that i am proud of China that she fights alone. and you’ll be surprised how much friends China got in asia. it’s you who should wake up. stop dreaming.

        i don’t have the galls to call myself successful. one’s success is measured by others not by ourselves. i rather be number 2 cause i don’t have thick faces to call myself number 1. go on……………….you’ll be the number 1. i won’t mind.

      • NaUnsa

        So you’re a chinese punk, aren’t you? Your imperialist china doesn’t care of you at all. They will just use you for their own benefit. You are just an expenditure for them. They will send you to war to die for them because you are considered as useless eaters in this world. Why don’t you wake up and fire your imperialist chinese government and replace with a constitution for the people, by the people and of the people. Then you will see a true freedom in yourself. Your imperialist china is a control freak controlled by another control freak! If you don’t get my message, then you’re still asleep and dumbed down. Wake up and research what is going on!

      • dragonian

        you don’t know what you are talking son. i know you are still a tot with diaper wrapping around your little brown azz. you are still too young to comprehend the events around the world. China is not imperialist. they simply took back what used to belongs to them. just remember you can’t govern a country with 1.3 billion people with demoCrazy. don’t just blindly worship your white supremos. there’s a lot you don’t know. and there’s no point reasoning with you.

      • NaUnsa

        Here we go again, Mr. Innocent or shall I call you Mr. Ignorant! If you understand my message in plain simple english, then tell me who’s that control freak that controls the imperialist china which is a control freak itself to her own citizens? If you can’t answer it right then you’re dumber than I thought. You said imperialist china is not an imperialist? Oh yeah! R U blind? or just plain dumber! Define the word imperialism? Take Scarborough Shoal, why are they grabbing one of our shoal which is ~120 kilometers away from the Philippines? It’s inside the 200 Nautical Mile EEZ as recognized by the United Nations! Second, the imperialist china claimed it Huangyan Island. Island? I didn’t see any island! I only see Scarborough Shoal! So, that is not an island! There’s no Huangyan Island! It’s a shoal! Because its rocky area in a stretch of water is exposed only at low tide.
        They forced themselves with their armed boats to occupy one of our shoal inside our territory and you don’t call it a form of imperialism? Where’s your brain? It’s scary for the whole Earth to have one-seventh of it’s population walking around like a dummy, poisoned and brainwashed with false beliefs and reality. I think you will only wake up until I knock your head off!

  • kanoy

    HOY ”GUEST”>>> bakit kaya magkano buto ng inggit?ikaw ay gay?

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