Filipinos in San Francisco rally against China shoal ‘intrusion’


‘United we stand. One voice against an intruder, Back off, China.’ ESTHER M. CHAVEZ/

SAN FRANCISCO—They came, about 150 of them, most in bright yellow T-shirts emblazoned with a map of the Philippines and the disputed specks of land known as the Scarborough Shoals. At the back were the words “Never Shall Invaders Trample Our Sacred Shoals,” a take on the English lyrics of the Philippine national anthem. They waved large and small Philippine flags and carried placards denouncing Chinese incursion into Philippine territorial waters and claims of ownership over the oil- and mineral-rich Scarborough Shoals. They shouted, “What do we want? China get out!” and “Who owns Scarborough Shoals? The Philippines!”

This was the scene in front of the consulate of the Peoples’ Republic of China at noon Friday (Saturday in Manila) and, if things went as planned, in front of six other Chinese consulates or embassies in the US and two in Canada as well as the Chinese embassy in Makati. Philippines. In an interview with, Rodel Rodis, president of the US Pinoys for Good Government, he gave a short backgrounder on the Scarborough Shoals issue, stating that what the Philippines wants is that the territorial conflict be resolved by an international tribunal and not bilaterally between the economic and military superpower that China is and a small, developing country like the Philippines.

Among the goals of Friday’s rally, according to Rodis, was to rouse American public opinion against China’s bullying tactics, and get the Obama administration to “come out forcefully in support of the Philippines.” The rally also sought to inform the world about the ongoing tensions between the Philippines and China, present the Philippines’ position on the matter, and to educate and unify the Filipino community and get it to rally around the issue.

Rodis pointed out that there are some12-million Filipinos spread all over the world that can elicit the sympathy of and solicit help from each of their adopted countries. After all, this may be a Philippine issue at the moment but this former sleeping giant has awakened to its size and power and, in its April 25 editorial, the Global Times, published by China’s official People’s Daily, and quoted in a Bay Area media advisory, this recently awakened giant issued a metaphorical warning addressed, if taken in its broadest interpretation, to all the countries of the world, saying, “If the water overwhelms China’s knees, other countries will find their necks in the water.”

That same media advisory referred to a commentary in The People’s Liberation Army Daily warning that “… anyone who tries in vain to seize sovereignty of Huangyan Island will be rebuffed by the Chinese government, Chinese people, and even more the Chinese military.”

And as if to make sure everyone understood, the commentary further stated, that “…. Beijing will not flinch from a military response if the conflict escalates. “

The Asian giant is rattling its not so insignificant saber at the Philippines. What little country will it bully next?

“Sa manlulupig, ’di ka pasisiil.”

That is the lyrical translation of a phrase in the English version of the Philippine National Anthem, the version those of us over 40 years of age first learned and sang. That phrase went,

A protester waves the Philippine flag in front of China consulate in San Francisco as 150 Filipino-Americans march to protest Beijing’s alleged aggression in the West Philippine Sea. ESTHER M. CHAVEZ/

“Ne’er shall invaders, trample thy sacred shores.” The more literal translation would be, “To the plunderer you shall not succumb.”

The “invaders” and the “plunderers” have come at various times in the country’s history—the British, the Spanish, the Americans, the Japanese. Now, the Filipinos are potentially facing yet another. Each time, the Filipino has risen to fight for his country, outmanned and outgunned but ever willing to shed blood to protect his motherland. And through it all, the Filipinos, with their indomitable and resilient spirit, may have been vanquished but have remained unbowed. We have survived as an independent nation, unshackled to any world power and beholden to none. If this ongoing dispute escalates, it will clearly be a David versus Goliath story. Let us all hope it doesn’t come to that.

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  • freelancer_21

    they just want to get some TFC screen times. 15 mins of fame….they need to stop adding to the flame…people power will not work for china my friends…remember tiananmen square….

    • Budfish

      Well the whole world is not china.

  • Budfish

    Its so sad some filipinos if they are truly filipinos lost their sense of patriotism and love for their own country. I dont know purpledaisy and sergio garcia are filipinos or if they chose to forget their filipino blood running in their veins. It does not matter if we loose or win. What matters most is we have fought for what we believe is our right. Its an insult purplediasy for you to assume that the rallyist are being paid. It just shows how low your logic is and how you think lowly of all filipinos, i can understand if this was an election but man! This is our country, this is who we are and you think you can just assume that bcoz they are rallying they are being pAid. I bet you if i pay you 1000 Usd you would also rally bcoz. Just by stating that you just gave youreself a price you lost soul. And sergio garcia, at least that was a start, at least they got you reading the inquirer regarding this. And why dont you give any suggestions to mr rodel rodis so that it would make an impact. You know its easy to say what you say because youre living in a first world country, and there are a lot of nations who dont have a credible defense system against china. And purpledaisy if they declared international sovereignity over panatag and spratly then why did they sign unclos? And it doesnt mean that if you declare, its already yours.

    • pololoy

      kunyari lang mga yan bro.. pero mga intsik yan sa chinese embassy

  • Ben_Benson

    Nothing will happen.  No invasion.  No civilian casualties.  And most of
    all … NO WAR !.  The Chinese will sink several Filipino ships and
    then the Scarborough ‘conflict’ is settled in favor of the Chinese.  End
    of the story, because no more Philippine Navy vessels  left over to go
    into conflict.

    • Budfish

      Most likely that will happen but that will destroy china image to the international community. China has a lot more to lose compared to Philippines. And as UN supports PH claim thru eez this conflict will never be settled unless china backs off.

    • PurpleDaisy13

      Very high probability if Filipinos and leaders continue to insist in stealing sovereign territories from China.

      • pololoy

        philippines stealing from china? what did china do to japan, south korea and vietnam islands? and now the philippines?

      • PurpleDaisy13


        don’t complicate this legal dispute with some other conflict between other countries. 

        nobody gives a sh*t about other problems with japan, south koriea, vietnam right now…let them figure out their own disputes. Philippines is under economic pressure right now and wasting time to research and understand complaints and disagreements between other countries is useless in resolving this issue.

        this is a silly fishing spot dispute between CHINA and PHILIPPINES only.  Dragging other countries into this dispute is stupid and irrelevant.

      • d_reflektor


  • AFPako

    Time to call our former Kastila masters to sell us some of their naval assets. Spain is in deep dodo and about to collapse economncally. Maybe they need to sell off some of their equipment and we can get a good deal from them. As to buying from US, forget it. They are a doube edges sword. THey dont care , what they care about is what they can sucker out of us. Time to also invite our brown Hindu Aryan brods to set up shop here. They want to play a part in this dispute. They have money and arms and are very smart bunch of people. Brahmins are a superior race and time to invite them in to level the playing field.

  • pololoy

    bakit di rin mag rally sa mga mall para itigil ang kanilang pag benta ng mga bagay na gawa sa china? mga peke na nga may lason pa..

  • lliam_S

    Protest for our sovereignty over the islands? Definitely. That’s good. Protest to  “get the Obama administration to “come out forcefully in support of the Philippines?” Wrong move. it only highlights our incapacity to stand by ourselves. I liked the previous comments of somebody which stated, “What if China and US come to a deal where PH will be left out?” That leaves us orphaned.. Peace…

  • Andrew Pc

    Hypothetically :-
    1). If Philippine managed to get this UNCLOS / ITLOS things through and declared on her favour.. what happen…China may just ignore it…. and Philippine won the moral battle; now
    2). What if Philippine’s claim is rejected due to her own undoing (by knowningly added in clauses to exclude certain jurisdiction of UNCLOS / ITLOS documents when she ratified it)…China may now chase away any Philippine fisherman around the area which she is capable of doing but never actually did it before….Philippine will just walk away saying wish us better luck next time, it is OK, afterall it does not actually belong to us in the first place, no harm trying, nothing to lose, right ?….

    Any other scenerio beside these 2 ? of course, the (impending) small naval war scenerio will be the other least “wished” one, anyone ?…the patriot, the hot-headed and  the cool-headed are all welcomed, except of course the racist

    • palaigit

      true, i think del rosario will really forward this to ITLOS and true we will win this through legality and true china might ignore it. but i think with legal backing, the neighboring countries, ASEAN and even US will flex its arm ( i think). china would be thinking twice about bullying again, knowing we have the legal backing.
      the philippines will not back down on this one, noynoy is saving face as being a pushover as just like before when he was newly elected. 
      i think china will create a scenario that will back their reasons for also harassing our fishermen, like what the US did in vietnam war or the japanese in the manchurian invasion. 
      i would not also think that our own armed forces will just let us get bullied in that degree, noy would also be forced to stand ground with this scenario. 
      but surely there would be pressure towards china to just act foolishly

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “ITLOS and true we will win this through legality”

        a legal judgement requires the presence of both parties.  China has already rejected the Philippines’ invitation to ITLOS.

        China does not trust ITLOS as they perceive such organization as some self-appointed entity that doesn’t have final authority on behalf of the world.

        so in essence, there will NEVER be an official judgement from ITLOS on behalf of ANY country’s favor if BOTH parties do not agree to present themselves in ITLOS.

        Therefore, Philippines CAN NEVER legally claim to own Huangyan region (Scarborough Shoal) because they subscribe to the final judgement from ITLOS and ARE dependent on a final judgement from ITLOS that will never take place because both parties will never appear before ITLOS for a case to even materialize.

        In other words, NO…Philippines will not win this through legally. Because legality requires both parties to bring their case before ITLOS…not just one.

      • palaigit

        legality insist that it is settled by the law. and so if china has acted in a way , then just goes to show their immaturity and backward thinking. 
        so then if you believe in the ITLOS that way then lets go their and settle it in the legal way, you just dug your own grave in this debate since your recognized the legal body of ITLOS…
        if your backing of history and coordinates is as strong then by the law we will lose, but then again, china knows those claims are not viable by the law that is governed by UNCLOS…you just lost the debate idiotic fetus

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “idiotic fetus”

        are you inventing your own meaningless insults now? what is so idiotic about a fetus? you’re a moron.

        re: “china knows those claims are not viable by the law that is governed by UNCLOS”

        Yes, China knows that it would be too risky to go to a self-appointed court system that is not a world authority with corrupt judges that have no world authority.

        That’s why Philippine leaders including yourself keep trying so hard to invite China to ITLOS and yet all your efforts are fruitless, useless, and stupid because everyone knows UNCLOS is not the world authority. 

        Even our USA does not approve or is a club member of UNCLOS. 

        You act like UNCLOS is God and has world authority over disputes that go on in the world, but you can’t even tell us who the WORLD POLICE and where the WORLD PRISON is located for countries who violate your UNCLOS club membership rules.

        Please tell us who the WORLD POLICE and the WORLD PRISON is for ITLOS and UNCLOS palaigit if you happen to know:

        ITLOS, UNCLOS law enforcement:

        WORLD POLICE:___________________________
        WORLD PRISON:____________________________

        So in addition to your task to send us a link proving Japan’s declaration of ownership over all the islands and Philippines, please tell us who the WORLD POLICE and where the WORLD PRISON is for ITLOS and UNCLOS in the event a country violates the club membership rules.

        you’re a non-idiotic fetus aren’t you?  prove it.

        An official and legitimate World Authority has law enforcement, but if you can’t tell us who the WORLD POLICE and where the WORLD PRISON is, then sit down moron…UNCLOS is NOT the World Authority and has NO legal penalties for countries who violate it’s club membership rules.

        Your Philippines is a signatory of nothing but a piece of paper.

        And you can cry all you want to ITLOS and UNCLOS like a spoiled baby…because they WILL NOT force China to accept your birthday party invitation if they don’t want to go.  That’s the value and benefit of being a signatory of a useless piece of paper. 

        You’re screwed like h*ll palaigit.

      • palaigit

        goodness i really dont have to prove that you truly are an idiotic fetus..
        UNCLOS is the law, ITLOS is the court. this is about rules and laws of territory of sea borders…
        that is under the ICC which oversees war crimes and etc but which also does not cover all countries but only those who are undersigned of which…
        im not in authority nor have the knowledge to assert the purpose of the US for not signing the UNCLOS, but it must be due to their foreign policy. officially it is the UN that polices the world of which only to those who are members, example LIBYA which all intervened or SYRIA which also the UN intervened (although impotently)…
        unofficially, the leader of the FREE WORLD and the world police for democracy and etc is the US, thus they intervene in any coercion and disregard for rights, example SUDAN where the US sent special forces to quell the civil war… gosh, im already lecturing you for free  idiot fetus.
        china is acting godlike since they dont abide and are not subjecting themselves to the LAW and is a COWARD in appearing before it. of course we want to go to court, since we filipinos are law abiding citizens and we dont want to resort to non diplomatic revelries. 
        go to school and learn dumb A$$

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “unofficially, the leader of the FREE WORLD and the world police for democracy and etc is the US”

        HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  palaigit believes our US government is the WORLD POLICE!!!  hahahahaa…LOL

        what a stupid moron.

        Our US gov, palaigit’s WORLD POLICE, who isn’t even a member of UNCLOS and doesn’t approve UNCLOS..LOL

        Our US gov, palaigit’s WORLD POLICE, who has declared NOT TO TAKE SIDES between China’s and Philippine’s dispute….LOL

        Ok palaigit, So now that you’ve admitted who you firmly believe is the WORLD POLICE, please give us a link where our president or our US Constitution says our US gov is UNOFFICIALLY the WORLD POLICE:

        Palaigit’s WORLD POLICE: USA, declaration link: ___________

        You screwed your own a$$ into my easiest trap for sure now palaigit…hahahahha!!

        Please give us all your link of proof and evidence that our US constitution states that our US gov is the UnOfficial WORLD POLICE palaigit…  LOLOLOLOL

        What a complete imbecile.

      • d_reflektor

        I’m two steps behind you bro.. 

      • palaigit

        ohhh, someone is pissed,hahahaha… i frolic in your blatant ignorance…
        despite your acumen for the internet, you dont even know how to search for facts. i guess you dont even have books, pitiful, even knowledge there is withheld.. 
        clearly you cannot keep up with this debate. next time if you post something as politically sensitive, make sure your can keep up with your ideas and facts you idiot…
        no, you search it yourself, im not your instructor, im not paid to lecture you in history and current events.
        and before you search the net for facts, try to search for your brain first, your skull is devoid of it…im amazed at your psuedo intellectual claims of which is based on an infinite chasm of idiocy.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        palaigit?  You again? 

        why do you keep coming back empty-handed with comments full of garbage.

        the only valuable comment we are waiting on you for is the link to your proof and evidence that Japan declared international sovereignty of the Philippines and the other islands.  So where is it palaigit?

        Japan owns Philippines source link: ____________________

        Also, what happened to your new task of telling us who the WORLD POLICE and the WORLD PRISON for ITLOS, UNCLOS that you speak of?

        WORLD POLICE:___________________________
        WORLD PRISON:__________________________

        All the readers here are curious to have you share with us your vast amount of knowledge palaigit.  We all know you can’t be that stupid to claim something you don’t have absolutely no way to prove…that would be suicidal embarassment.  So where is it palaigit?

        All we want are those three pieces of information you claim to know.  Otherwise you risk being laughed at by everyone here who has to read your empty-handed replies again.

    • 8284

      Doubting thomases !

      China with his 9 dash map? I saw in my drawer a 15 dash map …very old he..he
      Thieves of Asia.

      Mischief Reef, Reed Bank,”. Only as fishermens sanctuary ” ,now Scarborough ,big time thief this one…..with bigtime knives and guns. What jerks.

      Positively, this may yet galvanize th pilipinos as one

  • d_reflektor


    • palaigit

      its an open and free tabloid, but there are lots of chinese and chinese sympathizers since they dont have websites that promote freedom of expression and intellectual they do what they do best, ENCROACH on other websites and even land…

  • 8284

    Many placements here comes from the Chinese Embassy in Manila.

    BEWARE !

  • d_reflektor

    Chinese allegiance is futile to America..Monkey hide is thickest in the butt. Blood is thicker than water. Americans love Filipinos more than chinkies. American culture is what the Filipinos’ most adapted lifestyle. America is Christian..Stop imitating Dduck. His voice is much sweeter than your accent. A Chinese trader knows so well where a rotten tomato should be. Give-in to the Filipinos stubborn Blockheads! You can’t keep your fangs forever underneath a cloak of sheep wool. ssssssssssssssssssss….

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