Philippines denounces China for ‘bullying’ tactics


DFA spokesperson Raul Hernandez. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines accused Beijing of employing “bullying” tactics Saturday after a speeding Chinese ship allegedly veered dangerously close to two Philippine vessels in the disputed South China Sea.

No one was hurt but “these manoeuvres by the Chinese vessel posed a danger to the Philippine vessels”, foreign department spokesman Raul Hernandez said in a statement.

“Our ships did not react to the bullying,” he added.

The incident took place near the disputed Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea where Chinese fisheries vessels have been facing off against Philippine ships for weeks over which country claims the area.

In Saturday’s incident, the Chinese vessel speeded past two Philippine coast guard ships at more than 20 knots (37 kilometers per hour), creating a high wave that buffeted the vessels.

This is the most serious event since the standoff began on April 8 when the Philippines attempted to arrest Chinese fishermen in the shoal for poaching, only to be blocked by Chinese ships.

China has warned the Philippines against internationalising the dispute over the shoal, about 230 kilometers (140 miles) from the Philippines’ main island of Luzon.

In a separate development, energy undersecretary Jose Layug said the Philippines was planning more oil and gas exploration in the disputed region despite China’s growing aggressiveness.

“The Chinese are claiming [these areas] but we have said repeatedly that (they are) well within the territorial jurisdiction of the Philippines,” he told ABS-CBN television in an interview.

Experts say the overlapping claims are a potential flashpoint that could destabilize regional security.

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  • avmphil

    Directed to Zhuubaajie and the likes of him:English was never the native language of the Philippines. It found its way via trade contacts, even before Spanish was introduced as a language of Authority, by which time a potpourri of several Asian languages were already spoken throughout the Philippines in mercantile centers. But Tagalog was, and still the medium of instructions alongside the English vocabulary not Mandarin

    You posted “would the Philippines be better off” if China backs down We are not asking China to
    “back down” we are telling China to “get out” you are trampling into an area that does not belong to you. Go tell the Africans your greatness and the prowess in your achievements. They are the next target for your
    survival. If Beijing feels (or you) that the expected “oil and gas” find along the West Philippines Sea is ” measly and chicken feed” than why the greed in you or the likes of you scramble for a fight to own, vacate and go look for where there is bountiful.

    As to quick question: WHY is the Philippines so dirt poor after 300 years of Western association? This country had welcomed the likes of you by the thousands running away from a chaotic and strife borne burning lands, overrun by warlords and dictators where the sword is the rule for centuries. It’s the magnanimity of the Filipino heart to embrace the likes of you, gave an abode and let live. But you and the likes of you exploited our graciousness and became master manipulators and now have shown the real colors of what you are. But this nation will prevail despite all the dark clouds hovering at this time. It’s you and likes of you that will fall when you tread on the wrong steps. Period.

    • Zhuubaajie


      Kind of race baiting there, I can see.  You’re barking up the wrong tree. I’ve never set foot on the Philippines and was never a recipient of your alleged largess.  I did personally give employment (in Hong Kong) to a number of Filipina over the years.  I don’t know whether they were running away from  “chaotic and strife horne burning lands,” but they all seemed rather glad to have work and to send money back home.  So I guess we all would expect some gratitude.

      But this talk about the magnanimity of the Filipino heart?  You don’t think that was a bit much?  Taking in the less fortunate?  Was that what was involved with the Spaniards, and then the Yanks?  Hmm.  That certainly is an interesting way of looking at history. 

      The point about English speaking is lost on you – I was just suggesting that perhaps to an English speaker, the meaning of the word “DISPUTED” would not have been confusing.  You can blab till the sea runs dry, but it does not change the fact there there is a serious disagreement over ownership, AND you have not the wherewithal to back up your bragging, except to beg for a foreign military to fight your cause for you.  That is REALITY.  And I further pointed out that nobody works for free.  That pound of flesh, SHOULD the foreign military decide to stand up for you, is most likely that the Philippines will henceforth be open to unlimited marauding by Western banksters, since your sovereign control over capital flows would have been neutered in the name of banking reforms.  If you are naive enough to believe otherwise, you WILL be living in interesting times. 

      Check the track record, kick the tires.  China’s bona fides include standing up for Asian nations during the last financial crisis, NOT ROBBING THEM like the Western banksters.  China is also staying oceans away from the TPP.  Life is about choices.  Fact is that our Filipino friends might very well be choosing the wrong side of history.  IF indeed your leaders are capable of choosing right, maybe you would not be where you are today.

      • ofwme2807

        why are you here and joining this site???are you spying??you dont deserve to be here you’re un-invited tsekwa????go home hack your chinese government sites kill your own people and of all you dont have business telling us Filipinos what to do???you’re sick pathetic and mind your own business….

      • Danidanado

         You speak of REALITY! LOL.  Yet you admit you never set foot in this country.  Tell me please what reality are you talking about and whose.  Tell me please why are you even on this Filipino site bad mouthing our country and our values without knowing squat.  Already have checked the tires and the oil.  Chinas bona fides as you put it include indiscriminate assassinations of the Tibetan People.  Forceful enslavement of her own people.  Providing arms and missile equipment to North Koreans whose general population are without food or potable water.  NICE.  On one hand you say that China is not ROBBING THEM, the Asian people.  Just what  do you call what is going on in the West Philippine Sea?    It is obvious that you are another Chincom fifty center paid poster.  Your two cents worth is not welcome here.

      • Zhuubaajie

        Er, if you have not noticed, it is called the Worldwide Web.  There is no such thing as a local website anymore. 

      • Danidanado

         Never said it wasnt http://WWW.  Just said your 2 cents isnt worth the fifty your getting from Chincom.  IMHO not welcome either. Bye na.

  • pinoy_unity

    Sa darating na pasukan only Pinas made shoes , bags at clothes ang bilhin bilang protesta sa bully China Com government.
    Lets not give our money to finance their economy that has made them feel invincible and arrogant.

  • pinoy_unity

    I observe that there are non Pinoys here who are trying to say that we don’t deserve the rights to the shoal because we are poor. We’ll we are not rich in terms of economy but we are rich in untapped resources and hope.
    I still believe in the Filipino and will always be proud to be one even though we had leaders that rub us and fooled us — lessons we are learning.
    We will stand-up and say to China Com Bully in a civilized manner to leave or if you want to challenge our ownership on the shoal lets go to international courts that can settle the issue.
    We are not pushing for war because we know so obviously China Com has the upper hand but if you don’t stop pushing we still need to defend our selves in which way we can.
    This won’t be an issue if China Poachers would stop doing illegal fishing and destroying the shoal because it’s been known that they have fishing together with Pinoy fisherman for years.
    If China Com can prove its ownership then prove it but don’t force it. Respect is earned and not forced.
    We have the freedom of speech which sometimes separate us rather than unite us but its better than having non at all.

  • neverwint3r

    hanggang barking and crying na lang ba tayo? teritoryo natin yan tayo pa wina-warningnan ng  china? upgrade and modernize our defense, especially the navy it’s the only way to move forward.

  • pinoyusa2012

    Am I being silenced?

    • pinoy_unity

      Pinoys always have something to say, freedom of speech is inherent to Pinas culture.

      • pinoyusa2012

        My post and replies are being blocked. Is it because my position is contrary to what most people are posting? I find it SHAMEFUL.

      • pinoy_unity

        Really , I don’t think so. Even Chinese com can post more so a pinoy

      • pinoyusa2012

        I hope my words would be rememebered and enligthened some open minded people. My capacity is limited. Another obstacle in the struggle to tell the TRUTH.

        Like the Marcos era. SILENCED.

      • Danidanado

         Dream on fifty center!  Your TRUTH has no basis on facts, only your wallet and what Chincom tells you to propagate. Your name is a lie, as is the rest of your BS.

      • pinoyusa2012

        We tend to see the faults of others but is blinded to see our own faults.
        I am not asking you to agree with me but hear me out my brother.

      • Danidanado

         No surprise here.  Your posts are usually full of blatant lies, offensive in nature, sometimes name calling, what else?  Re-read some of your older posts.  Maybe the mod figured correctly that you are a paid poster employed by Chincom.  What typically people call a “fifty center”.  Shameful?  NOT!  free speech has limits.  Hate mail or Hate posts are frowned upon.  Shameful is the BS you have repeatedly propagated here on this site.  If it were mine, I would not allow you here either!

      • pinoyusa2012

        You would not be able to ASSESS the situation OBJECTIVELY if you dont hear the other side of the argument.

      • Danidanado

         See?  Yet another blatant lie.  Any and all of us can read Chinese News Sites on the Internet.  At least there one can expect the Truthful Chinese Viewpoint.  What you espouse is not worth even a hay penny to Filipinos.  You in fact are a waste of space here.  You should give up and so should your brothers on the Panatag Reef in the West Philippine Sea.

      • pinoyusa2012

        You are hopeless. I pray for you.

    • Danidanado

       I hope so,  too much trolling even for a fifty center paid poster for Chincom.

  • pinoyusa2012

    My post and reply are being blocked.

    • Danidanado

        pinoyusa2012 said:

      You’re an idiot!

      And you wonder why you are being blocked? 

      • pinoyusa2012

        My youth in PH was mostly after martial law during the Marcos era. I did not see a lot of protest until Ninoy was killed. I was involved in the overthrow of Marcos. I joined the streets of Mendiola (Bloody Sunday Incident) and Edsa (People Power) to oppose tyranny. I would like to believe what I did bore some fruits.
        Hearing you, I am saddened by the fruits of my youth.

      • Danidanado

         Your story is not believable.   How is it that you saw NO PROTEST DURING MARCOS’ ERA?  What is believable is that you are a two bit fifty center paid poster from Chincom. IMHO your lies are not worth one yuan.

      • pinoyusa2012

        I did not say “NO PROTEST” I said “NOT A LOT”. “NOT A LOT” means not very many. Why would I lie? You do not know me and someday I would like to introduce myself.

      • Danidanado

         Yeah, sure, why not?  I’d like to run into you next time I’m in Beijing.  Literally run into you.  Several times, in fact.  Face it, you lie because you get paid to.

      • pinoyusa2012

        Astig ha.I’ll fcuk u up. Pinoy mentality. I know, I lived there.

  • avmphil

    Directed to Zhuubaajie and the likes of him:
    Sorry to point out the grave mistake in areas you may not be familiar or you are darn racist. Anyway it’s inherent within the class ethnicity of China, so it’s accepted. About you providing employment to Filipinos, that’s your privilege and prerogative, it’s personal. Yes, its true the Spanish, the Americans left a legacy (it hurts to back tract in memory: but many have gone), but their dominion over the years before they left, did bring a way of life that’s prevalent, visible and continues.
    The Spanish imparted a religion that binds us together, while the Americans, worked out a democratic system that moves this nation despite chronic upheavals within. But what did the Communist or the likes of you gave to the Philippines? One I can recall, the spread of anarchism and distraught, enticing the unwilling Chinese Diaspora throughout S.E.Asia.
    On the subject of “backing up your claims of the Spratleys and Islets including the littoral areas of the West Philippines Sea, why pick your flimsy, unauthentic self drawn maps and propagate to the Chinese people now. If you feel you are on the tract, talk over at the UN why hide away?
    Beijing should have done these claims when the Americans were here, that DISPUTE would have been closed 21years back. If we are begging (as you say), the West, to fight for us, that’s bad and crude judgement you present to your people. We ask hardware, real power hardware to standup to your bullying. Is it not you, and the likes of you begged the Americans for help during the Manchurian crises? If it was not the Americans dropping that “As”, China will a vassal state of the Japanese Empire. China can go around hitting everyone where its shares a land border, but the money clout and a mighty hardware can never engulf SE Asia including the Philippines. We don’t re-write history and change the manuscripts at a whim like you do, and we don’t bark at the wrong tree. We try our best to wage on the right horse,certainly not a horse provided by a capricious handler.

    • Danidanado

      ROFLMAO!  OOOOOO! I bet THAT  felt like a slap in the face to Zhuubaajie LOL  Good one! Couldnt have said it better!  Love it!

      • Zhuubaajie

        ROFLMAO!  Yeah, what merriment!!  It is certainly funny (if it is not so sad) to see a bunch of clowns slapping themselves on the back and celebrating.  Hootin’ and hollerin’.  WHAT exactly are you celebrating, I am curious. 

        Your economy grew at 10% a year for the last 30.  Everyone has jobs.  All your politicians smile and they never lie.  Some foreign country is going to fight your war for you. 

        What mushrooms are you smoking?

        I live in Hong Kong, a place where the PPP GDP is higher than Japan, and where folks can choose to hire Filipino maids (or not, as the Indonesian ladies work quite hard too).  Why would this merriment be a slap on my face?  Hey it’s your country – you want to screw it up, it is your prerogative.

      • avmphil

        Now who is talking about clowns. We don’t have “adventure clowns” half-staving animals performing along the highways, unlike your often-inflated growth to get more injection of foreign funds. There’s nothing much to crow about, except you build big cities that may go empty after the euphoria of greatness dies down. Yes, true to the skin “we have jobs” tanning in the sun and growing our “own food” unlike you and the likes of you scavenging in someone’s land, without invitation and grabbing even the roots you can lay hands on.

        The “mushrooms” you supply, we call Shabu, are destroying our youth, while you smile inside the Bank, if that’s where you keep the ill-gotten money. Good gracious we don’t hang you for this misdemeanor. You do that in your country, boy! You disappear.

        It’s does not matter as far as we are concern, your GDP is higher than Japan and who hires
        who. Well, Indonesian maids are subservient, you know that, so can exploit them and they do the dirty work. Why not hire the jobless millions from the mainland and see what happens when they are exploited. There’s is nothing logic in any of your posts. Don’t screw yourself and your country, but than, it’s your country. Remember we don’t need a steward to chart our path.You need one.

      • avmphil

        Appreciated.Thank you.
        Posted a reply about the “clowns” to this paid “clown”

    • Zhuubaajie

       “But what did the Communist or the likes of you gave to the Philippines?”

      If recent history is guide, in the last 34 years, Chicoms led China brought to the world, ESPECIALLY many nations in the developing world:

      1.  Hope for a better tomorrow, both by example of doubling the Chinese’s living standards every 7 to 8 years for 34 years, and also by providing trade and investments.  S. Sudan just got another $8 billion for building infrastructure.  Africa’s economic growth rate doubled because of trade with China. Those are tangible numbers.

      2.  China’s assistance to the developing world had almost all been in the commercial field, with very little in military “aid”, and China leave the recipients be to figure out for themselves how they wish to run their own countries.

      3.  More specific to the Philippines, China offered the same thing in the 34 years as she offered to other developing nations:  trade, friendship, and infrastructure building expertise backed by capital.  China’s cost advantage over the West is at least 30% in the infrastructure field, and Beijing backs it up with funds to build.  Without infrastructure, dirt poor nations have no chance of catching up.  That is reality.  Looking back at the last 20 years, Western “banking” have been and continue to be largely EXTRACTIVE where it comes to developing nations – they TAKE instead of give.  Try getting infrastructure money from an American bank!!  They don’t even fund American infrastructure (by the Corps of Engineers estimate there is at least a $2 Trillion gap).

      4.  What is the alternative?  Read Krugman, who opined this week that Bernanke (the Fed Chairman) has been assimilated by the Borgs.  Do read an Economics 101 text so you can understand the implications.

      So on the one side there is hope and trade and prosperity.  On the other side?  Philippines continue to muddling along. Life is about choices.   Nothing is free.  But at least with China there is growth and you have a chance. Give yourself a chance.

      • Danidanado

         Good Grief!  You actually get paid for this line of BS?  Obviously you dont get it.  We prefer to make our own decisions, mistakes sometimes, but with pride in our own country.  We will NEVER be a pawn for China.  Muddling along is OK for us, we will make do with, or without Chinas largesse.  The only chance we want is to be free from the likes of you paid posters!

      • Zhuubaajie

         You presume.

    • Bright

      i salute! 

  • avmphil

    Directed to Zhuubaajie and the likes of him:My question was “what did the Communist or the likes of you gave to the Philippines?” and I have dealt accordingly, but your post is full of contradiction.Now back to your scripted post of “34 years brought…”

    I don’t see any relevance in your living standards (in China, Hong Kong or eslewhere) reaching its peak in the last 34 years: Good for you, you worked hard for it. We won’t care how you live, its your business. But we are talking about “trespass” blatant trespass into this nation’s land. Next, Sudan is your “oil target” cheap oil. And you don’t give a hoot, in the daily conflict that maims hundreds, you shake muddy hands on both sides. Is this tangible?

    China’s assistance primarily centres over the commercial field not military aid you claim. But you added “China leave the recipients …run their own countries” but that’s their country and why must China interfere in their affairs? Is ihis tangible?

    “More specific to the Philippines” In the last 34 years China squeezed the blood of Filipinos dumping rejects of manufactured merchandizes after a string of restrictions placed by the West. What silly analytic system did you arrive by saying: China’s cost over the West…30% percentage point less in infrastructures’projects. You are aware the labor cost in your country is DIRT cheap, likewise qualified professionals are prepared to impart their skills at DIRT cheap-remuneration: All subsidized by China’s state-owned Banks and Agencies, unlike the West’s business model of open competition practised here.

    You portray the West’s Banking systems’ “Extractive ” when comes to developing nations.” TAKE instead of give”. The ADB and its agencies have provided funds for varying developments. Are you about to outlay millions without any collateral? Don’t you think its lunatic for China to splurge their wealth to any Tom, Dick and Harry for free. Its known throughout, when China hands out $10 it sure wants $20 and, for the moment China has targeted the Africans

    What’s is the alternative? Well the 92 million Filipinos have no time to go about knowing what Krugman and Bernaike’s had for lunch and what Economics 101 tells to understand the fundamentals of economics. It’s irrelevant. What we want is Beijing to vacate Scarborough Shoal, you and the likes of you stop giving sermons and drop that crap, that you are giving the Filipinos a chance for growth by jumping into your wagon, we know you will dump us halfway and make us bleed. No way Zhuubaajie..

    • Zhuubaajie


      I’d try to respond, but your post is rather muddled.

      How can 34 years of continued success, unprecedented in human history for a major economy, not act as a beacon of hope for other developing nations? You are being willfully silly in refusing to acknowledge merit. You also err in the “reaching the peak” part. It is not a peak – China’s economy is growing at a “slowed down” pace of 8.5% this 2012. The growth is expected to go for at least another 30 years. This is an inspiration for all developing nations of the world – not only is China showing by doing that it can be done (double living standards every 7 to 8 years, for the last 34), China is willing to share the experience and put up capital – something the extractive West has not done for quite a while.

      Dumping??!! Made in China was the most effective (and some insist it was the ONLY effective) poverty alleviation program in the world. Well priced Made in China goods meant that folks all around the globe (even in rich countries like the U.S.) can enjoy much higher living standards. Instead of being an ingrate, you could have said thank you.

      A 30% price difference means an infrastructure project being viable, vs. being a white elephant. Chinese construction companies build projects on time and on budget – unheard of with Western engineering, which historically make the most profits on change orders – the longer they delay, the more money they make. There is a good reason that Africa and the Philippines are dirt poor after 300 years of Western domination. Yes you learned a lot from the “experience”, but you pay for the learning, and continue to pay. “Extractive” is an understatement. No Asian central bank (including even Chinese banks) escaped losing money to the Western banksters, who have been pushing derivatives trading (rigged gambling) for the last 20 years.

      $10 invested with only a $20 return?? Are you serious?? In the developing world, the $10 investment has to have a 10 to 1 return to be justifiable. And Beijing is finding these opportunities that enrich both sides of the transaction. China has a limited amount of no collateral loans, but there is clearly more demand than there is supply (1000 to 1?). Most of the help come in mutually benefiting transactions such as trade. No, China has no banksters and China does not push derivatives trading. Beijing puts up capital to make things happen. No there is no free lunch. But if a developing nation (like the Philippines) want to pull itself up by the bootstraps and become self reliant, you could do a lot worse learning from China’s experience.

      The territory in question has disputed ownership. Pushing for war is detrimental to all involved, especially to the Philippines.

      • avmphil

        Sorry buddy: You are not addressing the crux of the issue, NOW as it stand: the Standoff along the Scarborough Shoal. You are repeatedly hijacking the issue towards topics that’s not relevant and makes no sense for me to continue using this forum over your baseless tirade. The choice of words you have assembled smacks of professionalism, built with profanity against the Filipinos and anyone that favors and supports our course. Having said that, for the record you and the likes of you are introspective, and have no conscience to the well being of this country and its people. PERIOD

      • Zhuubaajie



        That certainly has not been the experience of the other ASEAN nations that are friendly to China (and that would be most of them).  Almost all of them enjoy greatly increased trade, active investment flows, and higher growth rates than the Philippines. 

        All governments (China’s is no exception) act with the best interest of their citizens in mind.  Beijing’s calls for maintaining active trade and friendship with all nations.  Beijing offers that to everybody.  But that does not mean Beijing CAN back off when China’s territorial sovereignty is being overtly challenged by any tinpot weakling.  There is a Chinese saying of the Chicoms – ren bu fan wo, wo bu fan ren – you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you.  That had worked well for almost 2 decades, and China did not have to war for that long, even as the nation gains comprehensive strength.  ANY developing nation would have much to learn from that.

        The Philippines for whatever internal reasons suddenly needs to  be militarily aggressive against China. Maybe it is because war is needed to dispense with need for reforms such as the recent land sale decision by the Philippines Supreme Court, maybe it was part of a deal with the Yanks to provoke China.  Suggestion – splash some cold water on your face, and look into the mirror and check out who you are.

      • Danidanado

         Thank-you, for nothing.  Now p**s off!

  • zacckie

    Yeah ‘bullying’ tactics. What about erecting airports and renaming the seas without legal frameworks. Aren’t those more blatant bullies?

    • Danidanado

       Oh No!  Another fifty center?  Give us a break fellas, we know how you turn facts around to suit your masters in order to get paid.  Get lost!  We built an airport to  help preserve our territory granted to us by the United Nations from China the Bully.  We are going to extend it and build more before you try and steal more islands and territory.  Get lost one yuan center poster from China.  You are exposed too.  We can call our portion the Sea West Philippine Sea if we want and we do want to..  Get lost!

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