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6,000 US troops to arrive in PH for Balikatan 2012


US and Philippine Marines simulate an amphibious landing as part of RP-US Amphibious Landing Exercise on a beach in San Antonio, Zambales in October 2011. AFP

MANILA, Philippines—Approximately 6,000 troops from the United States are expected to arrive in the country for the 28th Balikatan exercises between the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the US this coming April 16-27, Balikatan spokesman Major Emmanuel Garcia said Wednesday.

“This year’s Balikatan Exercises is the 28th of its series that calls for a more responsive partnership with the community focusing on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HA/DR) Training,” the AFP said in a statement.

The US contingent will be composed of the following agencies and organizations: United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United States Pacific Command, United Nations Country Team, United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, World Food Program (WFP) and the International Federation of the Red Cross.

They will participate in a Command Post Exercise with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), Office of Civil Defense (OCD), Metro Manila Disaster Coordinating Council (MMDCC), AFP, and the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) to test the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response plans they have laid out.

“The exercise is designed to enhance the AFP and US Armed Forces interoperability in the conduct of not only on traditional military training but also on non-traditional aspects that reach out [to] communities in need of urgent assistance,” the AFP said in a statement.

As part of the exercises, both the US and Philippine troops will participate in Humanitarian and Civic Assistance projects in Palawan where they will build classrooms in five barangays (villages) and conduct multiple medical, dental and veterinary civic action projects.

Both the US and Philippine military will also conduct “cross-training and field training exercises in mainland Luzon and Palawan province … to improve the interoperability of the AFP and US military,” the statement said.

AFP Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Jessie Dellosa said in the statement that the relations between the US armed forces and the AFP are “healthy and vibrant.”

“The cooperation between the two Armed Forces manifests the unswerving dedication and commitment of our security forces towards a more stable and secure Asia-Pacific region. We are looking forward to a successful and fruitful Balikatan 2012 which will help our troops to perform better and further improve their capabilities,” Dellosa said.

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      the sensible thing to do like most well-prepared and wealthy kano-pinoys are doing is to not come home yet without bringing home the bacon. while the income rate is still higher here than in pi, it’s much wiser to accumulate as much as possible and invest it in negosyos and tangible properties and possessions at home concurrently. that’s part of the reason why you may notice a surge in kano-pinoys investing in so called vacations. it’s nothing more than canvasing, scouting, probing, interacting with the locals to test the waters and feel which areas are safe and are best suited for potential opportunities.

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  • Ryan

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      re: “kaya alam namin kong gaano kahirap magtrabaho o manirahan sa ibang bansa kompara dito/Canada/Australia/Uk.”

      everyone knows that having desired skills that companies need here can get you a working visa. it’s been like that for generations. don’t you know that some of the first generation of filipinos to come here were ilocano? some enlisted with the kano army and some help built the first railroads of this country between the early and mid part of the last century.

      re: “At kahit ano pang sabihin mo at wla kang basihan pupunta parin ang mga migrants dito kasi equal employer opportunies,more freedom etc.”

      you seem to love equal employer opportunities and freedom, etc. here but i bet you must think kanoland has always been like that. para sa mga mayabang ng mga bagong dating and for your historical information, itim were common slaves, chekwas were not allowed in certain public areas, mga babae did not have same rights as men, certain people had to sit in the back of the bus, and freedom was only meant for the puti. and to make sure you know your kanoland history from the beginning, this was not originally puti land, it is the sovereignty of the native indians who first ruled and inhabited this land.

      and here you are criticizing ang mga aktibista? without activist in kanoland history who fought for equal employment laws and freedom across all nationalities and gender, you wouldn’t be here promoting and boasting about it. so stop criticizing people here who protest and continue to advocate for the evolutions of freedoms and equal rights you enjoy here.

      you’re probably the same people who criticize the activist in pi who also demand more freedom and equal rights for the country, but you help make them look bad so your country remains backwards and that’s why you end up hating pinoys and the country itself.

      re: “At kong dito naman manganak asawa mo dito automatic US citizen iba talaga pag US passport holder ka kasi saan ka pupunta hindi ka na kailangan ng visa. At kong pinoy passport ka ehhh tanongin ka sa immigration checkpoint bat nandito ka?ilang pera dala mo”

      what do you expect when the world’s international currency is the kanoland dollar? it’s the only currency that countries can use to buy world oil. but what do you think will happen 5, 10, 15 years from now if what economic analysts say is true that the world’s international currency may change to a new direction towards the renminbi? or the currency well known around the world as chinese currency of China? then even people who carry the blue-colored passports will be asked, “bat nandito ka?ilang pera dala mo”

      while you’re only at stage 2 in being able increase your chances to the states by going the ofw route, then shooting for the kanoland work visa, it will take you more years to reach stage 6 or 7 many filipinos are already in. and part of that is having an understanding of not just pi and a little bit of kanoland, but it’s about the worldwide playing field.

      if you’re already in stage 2, you can stop dragging and wasting your arguments about the millions of pinoys having a hard time trying to get here because that stems from the over population of your country. do you think if there was only half the population in pi, there would be millions of visa applicants still? no. why so? because there could be enough jobs to support and live a comfortable life for every family and household of the population in pi…so they would have no need to stress themselves in long lines trying to struggle for a visa.

      you shouldn’t be putting activists to shame but instead families and pinoys in your country who only want to kant*t without protection and don’t care about the babies they bring into the pi economy without proper financial planning that only leads to the destruction of your country by means of a slow invisible death.


  • Ryan

    Purpledaisy13, Wag mong idamay ang mga fil-am na magnegosyo sa pinas kasi wlang kasigoruhan dun. mataas ang krimen at kung malugi malabu ang mga insurance companies na bayaran ka kasi wlang systema ang pinas. KONG AKO AY RETIRO BAKIT AKO MAGNEGOSYO?FOR WHAT?RETIRO MEANS RETIRED, SO MAGBAKASYON NALANG SA IBANG BANSA AT MAGRELAX DITO.. SAPINAS KAHIT RETIRO NA MAY MGA APO PANG BUBUHAYIN HEHEHE HINDI GUSTO ANG MGA PUTI NYAN KASI MAYRUN TAYONG SARILING BUHAY DAPAT E ENJOY! ITS NOT HOW LONG U LIVE THAT COUNTS BUT, HOW LIVE UR LIFE

    • PurpleDaisy13


      re: “Wag mong idamay ang mga fil-am na magnegosyo sa pinas kasi wlang kasigoruhan dun. mataas ang krimen at kung malugi malabu ang mga insurance companies na bayaran ka kasi wlang systema ang pinas.”

      whether you build a startup company in kanoland or in pi, risk is always expected no matter where you launch a business. every business man knows that. however, in this new era of technology, a new company is no longer restricted to relying on locals as the only consumers. businesses can virtually be located anywhere in the world and can provide products and services to consumers anywhere in the world just as well.

      and if you want to compare what losses are at stake, let’s look at an example of some of the basic numbers. to lease office space in kanoland, you’ll need at least the financial capability to pay an average of $1000 per month, that’s $12,000 a year. now you have to pay a manager and perhaps two employees. the average minimum wage law in cali is $8 per hour. that would require the minimum financial capability to pay $46,080 for all employees per year. so you’re looking at a potential loss of $58,000 (P2.4 million) for each year if the business fails in kanoland.

      now to lease office space in pinas, you’ll need at least the financial capability to pay an average of $100 per month, that’s $1,200 a year. now you have to pay a manager and perhaps two employees. the average minimum wage law in pinas is $0.50 cents per hour. that would require the minimum financial capability to pay $960 for all employees a year. so you’re looking at a potential loss of $2,160 (P90,000) for each year if the business fails in pinas.

      which kind of loss concerns you the most? losing $58,000 (P2.4 million) from a failed business in kanoland or losing $2,160 (P90,000) in pinas?

      if you’re worried about crime, then don’t consider starting any product-based business that caters to consumers locally. for example, everyone knows call centers have become very well known and profitable in pi, india, and other countries that cater to clients outside of the country. what can a criminal steal if they don’t see any customers walking into your office to buy clothes, food, electronics, or any tangible product?


      if all you care about is satisfying yourself during your retirement, then congratulations for expressing your worldly wisdom acquired throughout all the years of your life on earth. meanwhile, you can snicker at all the other people who prefer to continue to exercise their years of acquired skills, talents, and knowledge in starting as many businesses possible that will allow their family and children to prosper many years well after they die, and throughout their family lineage generation after generation.


      it’s not how you live your life either. when you’re dead, you’re dead. your brain will no longer have the ability to think and function. it will also not have any bit of memory about how you lived your life. your brain holds everything you know, everything you remember. and in the end, it will simply shrivel up, dry out, and turn to dust….particles of dust do not have the power or capability to express emotions or recall any memories of how you lived your life.

      what counts is not how you lived your life, but what you leave behind for those who need to survive so that their brains can continue to function and remember who you were and what you did for the family and to continue to go on so they can pass it down to their next generation after generation.

  • rsunga

    Our government has the money to purchase our initial defense needs to protect our sovereignty over Panatag shoals and the Spratley Islands. Our politicians simply  just doesn’t have the “WILL” to give away their share of the government’s budget to improve our AFP’s weaponry.

  • Avucatucci

    Martial Arts is based from Deception!So leave it to DND and DFA.I don’t know your mouthpiece?Opinions are irrelevant,you should be in Academe after all Media are dogs of interest groups otherwise you are not there for the long wasted time of deceiving readers.

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