Philippines seeks 12 F-16 fighter jets from US


MANILA, Philippines—An official says the Philippines will seek a squadron of F-16 fighter jets and a third coast guard ship from longtime ally Washington amid simmering territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said Wednesday that he and the defense chief will meet their US counterparts in Washington next year to discuss the requests.

Del Rosario said the requests for 12 F-16 fighter jets and a third coast guard cutter have already been relayed to American officials and their initial response was encouraging.

Washington has provided a coast guard cutter and agreed to send another one to the Philippines, which is locked in territorial disputes with China and four other governments.

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  • Anonymous

    Kitam?eto nakukuha natin pag hindi corrupt and presidente. Kahit gawing dictator si pnoy ok Lang.

  • Anonymous

    12 F-16’s is darn good…. Pnoy, ask the US to get 24 F-4 Phantoms also for free. They have a lot of these mothballed… F-4s are Mach 2 speed and are still in active service in Japan.

    • Anonymous

      The F-4 is costly to operate and maintain and is not cost effective in the long run for a small air force like PAF. The F-16 is the best jet to fulfill the PAF’s mission. 

      • Anonymous

        Really? What is the PAF F-16 mission?  Interceptor, anti-ship attack?  It will fail miserably in both departments if the threat is China.

        PRC, Malaysia and Vietnam have SU-27 and SU-30, far better than F-16.  SU-30 can carry more than 12 AAM’s compared to 6 for F-16. SU-30 can stand-off and fire their missiles before the F-16’s can so even we have the best dogfighters, we will not be able to get close enough to shoot them down.  If by chance we got within range, the Russian-made jets will still have the advantage with its helmet-mounted sight compared to the HUD-mounted sight of the F-16 – with sidewinders, the F-16 pilot has to fly his jet to within 30-degress off the tail of the bogey but the Russian jet’s pilot can lock-on the F-16 if he can “see” his target.

        F-16 is over-priced and like many American jets, over-rated.  Tactics and pilots win air battles, not specific airplanes.

        The best tactic, like the Vietnamese used against the Americans is ambush so their farmer-pilots were able to shoot down hundreds of USAF and US Navy fighters with obsolete Migs.  Still, the Vietnamese never controlled their airspace with 2-3 operational squadrons during the Vietnam War.  China today has over 30 squadrons of modern long-range fighters but dozens more interceptors and older fighters.

      • Anonymous

        Golly you are still missing the point. You are so hilarious it’s not even funny.I guess talking to you is like talking to a door knob. 

  • Anonymous

    At last Philippine Air Force will cease to be full of air. They will have a force initially. F-4 Phantoms, if given by the Americans for free will be an invaluable asset and a big moral booster fot those pilots who graduated from the PAF flying school with nothing to do as of now for they dont have any planes to fly. These planes will surely makes NPA and Muslim rebels on the run. These planes have been tested over jungle terrains. In addition if it is true that F-16’s will be acquired by the PAF, the chinese will think twice before harrasing us in the Kalayaan Islands. PAF pilots despite flying old fighter jets are considered by other countries as one of the best in the world. Most world airlines want to hire former PAF pilots for this reason. (Palagay ko marami na namang masasabi ang anti Pnoy dito na senseless at walang ibang salita kundi mura, Penoy Abnoy, na ang mga jets na ito ay luma at magastos, na kailangan pa ng additional training sa U.S., etc, etc. Pero at least may ginagawa ang administrasyon na mapaunlad ang armed forces kesa gumawa lang ng kwarta sa hindi totoong pagbili ng mga equipments na sobra ang laki ng over-pricing tulad noong nakaraang administrasyon.)

    • Anonymous

      History will tell that a fast jet is not suitable to fight insurgents as was the case in Vietnam and Afghanistan. A plane like a Super Tucano which is slower, prop driven or a helicopter gunship is much suitable for that type of situation which makes the USAF to consider the Super Tucano for light attack role. 
      The F-16s is suited for air defense that is why the PAF is considering it to deter air space incursions by China and also to assert its claim over the Spratly Islands which they think they can achieve with the help of modern warships and jets. Military muscle and politics goes hand in hand so by having that kind of capability will make any intruder think twice. 

  • manuel

    When the Ft Bonifacio land was sold at a loss to Ayala Land development, the proceeds that was to be spent for AFP modernization disappeared.  When asked, FVR replies, “Nandyan lang yun”.  To this day, where is the Money?  While our foot soldiers suffers deprivation and dying in the field of battle while higher Ranks behave like Prince and Barons specially under Gloria Makapal Arroyo.  

    Pnoy, has a long road to go to travel and lead the Country and the Filipino.  We must change and reject the culture of corruption.

    An F-16 jet unit cost is about $30M apiece, and the cost to train a jet fighter pilot was $1M back in the late 1980’s.  Logistics, bombs, missiles and maintenance, will easily triple and quadruple the long term cost.  For those who voted to kick out the US bases in !993, your handiwork just jeopardized our Country’s security from the threat of China PR!C.

    • Anonymous

      You are right. Unless the culture of corruption disappears then that is the only time you can proudly say that the country is in the road to progress. The biggest problem is it is part of the culture so it is somewhat accepted. 
      Do the Philippines need the F16? Maybe if the Philippines can afford it. Believe it or not the F-16 is the cheapest most capable jets the Philippines can get now even a refurbished one with upgraded avionics. I don’t think the Philippines can afford a brand new jet. The estimates for training that you mentioned where US military estimates just because it includes US military pay, allowances and flight hours which is higher than their Filipino counterparts. The cost was based from flight training school to an operational squadron pilot. The PAF pilots who will be flying are obviously operational with flight hours experience on their belts. The cost that will be incurred besides the operation and maintenance is F16 familiarization and maintenance training in the US which is going to be a lot less. The reality is it is expensive to maintain a decent Air Force with decent jets regardless where it came from. The bases in the Philippines even if they have it there are no longer relevant even with China emerging as a military force to be reckon with in Asia. The situation is not similar to what the US faced during the cold war. Besides the US military is downsizing and the cost to maintain overseas bases is very expensive. We also have pressing issues here like the economy and the last thing the US have in mind is to go to war with a country that we owe money and our biggest exporter. The same goes to China. The only bases that matter are the bases in Japan and South Korea. The Philippines is the one with the issue over the Spratlys and not the US and it is up to the Philippines to secure what it is claiming. The biggest threat comes from small countries with unstable governments like North Korea and Pakistan not China who commendably transformed their country into the richest country in the world. It does not really make any sense for them to go to war just to destroy what they’ve achieved. We’re all aware that there are more pressing issues in the Philippines that can be wisely funded than getting new jets like a better police force, better roads or much yet a better disaster preparedness program. I think that is where the government’s priority should lie. 

    • Anonymous

      “For those who voted to kick out the US bases in !993, your handiwork just jeopardized our Country’s security from the threat of China PR!C.”
      Correction – it was our 1987 Constitution that prohibits foreign military bases because of how the Marcos dictatorship connived with the Americans to plunder and destroy our country. If you recall, the Americans flew him and his family out to Hawaii instead of standing trial here in PH.  But even when the giant US bases were here, the US NEVER gave us the latest weapons, only obsolete throw-aways.  In the meantime, she coddled a dictator, used our women as R and R and looked the other way when our human rights were violated for over 12 years.  So please, don’t go blaming the framers of the 1987 Constitution for protecting our interests.

      Oh, and we never “kicked out the US bases”.  They left in 1993 because of Pinatubo.  They would never allow any gook Asian country to “kick them out”.  They left on their own terms.  I love my country btw but we need to learn to grow up, break free of this colonial and crab mentality and become truly independent.  No pain, no gain.

      • Anonymous

        Send all OFWs back to the Philippines so you can call yourself truly independent. It is the same thinking like yours which is arrogant, ignorant and a false sense of pride that is hurting the country. 

  • Anonymous

    Ang dami natin naisulat ah ! pero hindi natin naisip kung kaya bang i-maintain ng pilipinas yung mga eroplano ? yung F5 naubos ng hindi naimaintain ng maayos , yung mga C-130’s naubos isa-isa naka mothball sa Mactan airbase dahil walang budget sa Maintenance,Yung OV-10 Bronco ganoon din ,yun vietnam war era na mga helicopter isa-isa ring bumabagsak dahil sa kakulangan ng maayos na maintenance at logistical support.
    F16 pa kaya,? Sus ginoo !

    • Anonymous

      I guess pinagplanuhan na ng PAF leadership yan pero due to their track record mukang kadudaduda nga. Pero in the case of the F-5 masyado na lang luma yon at kahit  ganong maintainenance pa gawin mo me certain hours lang ang tinatagal ng airframe due to metal fatigue. Anything over that hindi na safe paliparin. Resourceful pa nga ang mga pinoy napatagal nila ng ganon yong F-5A. Wala na talagang air force ang nagpapalipad  ng F-5A. Same with the OV-10 at C-130 inabutan na din ng katandaan at lack of spare parts. Siguro pag ukulan muna ng Pinas ang mga domestic issues. Kung military hardware din lang ang paguusapan mas mabuti pa na invest na lang yan sa Super Tucano na pang insurgency operations. Mas mura pa pati operation ang maintenance. I hope worth it ang Spratly Island para gastusan mo nyan. In the end walang katapusan yang dispute na iyan so pag pinasok yan ng pinas dapat handa ang gobyerno na makipagsabayan sa China which is malabo kahit ano pang jet ang ilagay mo dyan. Yong Mindanao nga hirap na hirap tayong ayusin lalabas pa tayo. Sa totoo lang ang mga nag pupush ng F-16 eh mga pilots ng PAF na kati na sa high performance jet. Ok lang kung kaya ng pinas pero mukang tama ang hinala mo…

  • Anonymous

    This is good news, we need jet fighters to complement our navy and is a deterrent force . 

  • Anonymous

    ayos pa ang F16 basta ba bigyan ng bvr capability/missiles at network link capability kaya natin sila huwag lang silang magkaroon ng stealth like F22/F35 talo tayo diyan, ibang usapan na yan.

  • Anonymous

    And then, Noy will declare a Spratly war with China? Dumb enough he could be. It was reported years ago already that China has thousands of military planes and now even carriers. Maybe Noy will file impeachment cases against the chinese officials via his alter ego De Lima? Could be some of them die on laughing…

  • Anonymous

    To PHtaxpayer

    You blame the US fior not giving to RP the latest weapons. Are you crazy? Who ever will give away his most advanced weapons, business and science secrets? And then to a country which never would hold it secret and even not be able to maintain an use it? You can see that they can not even maintain well the much less advanced technologies, simply because there is nothin to compare in the Philippines.
    Just look at RP sailors. They study and get diplomed without even have seen any of the modern ships where they later want to apply for work. Then. when they have to start like an apprentice, they claim to be underestimated.
    What happened at schools? Instead of make passing more hard, by increasing passing rules, passing was eased by lowering the minimum grades. How then to compete super advanced foreign graduates who have more advanced facilities at their colleges than the whole Philippines?

    • Anonymous

      Apparently you don’t know history well…America gave F-14’s to the Shah of Iran, then lost them when the 1979 Iranian Revolution made Iran an enemy. Smart no?  But US never learned…in 1980’s US gave thousands of Stinger missiles to Pakistan who gave them to the Mujahidin.  When the war ended, ANYONE with $100,000 could buy in a Pakistan black market.  Fyi, Pakistan is accused of selling its nuclear secrets to Iran and Syria and harboring Al Qaeda yet, Pakistan has F-16’s and other American weapons.

      Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea all get the latest US weapons.  Israel used the F-15 and F-16s in battle BEFORE the US ever did!  Saudi Arabia financed terrorist groups around the world.  Osama Bin Laden was an agent of Prince Turki, the head of Saudi intelligence in the 1980’s.  Yet, Saudi has the latest M1A2 main battle tanks, F-15E’s and other latest US weapons.

      So your idea that the US never gives its latest weapons is plain false!

      • Anonymous

        Sad to accept but USA is very accommodating and generous to countries whose majority of citizens don’t like them. Example is Indonesia, which just recently was announced will be given 24 ex-USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon Block 32 for free by the US.
        I guess, we must also turn our attention to other countries for arms purchase so USA will be kinder to us and maybe let us have a better deal at the end. well, India did that before when they turned their attention to Russia for arms and look at how USA is moving heaven and earth just to get India’s attention back.

      • Anonymous

        …of course…the best weapons goes to…friends specially the paying ones…not only as a business…but to keep the balance of firing power across the globe..

      • Anonymous

        Saudi Arabia and Pakistan also exports terrorists…with friends like these, who needs enemies?  And who is the real terrorist?

        Balance of power?  You mean keeping the US the only superpower left in the world?  That is an imbalance of power.

      • Anonymous

        …the calculus is a little bit complicated…need pakistan to take care of taliban (afghan borders)…need saudi’s cooperation…against iran and syria…

        …nothing is pure…it’s not all tequila…more like a margarita….

      • Anonymous

        I know what you mean about balance of power but in reality, it always turns into a mess, especially when the US doesn’t understand or can’t accept the realities, dealing with snakes whose interests are not the same as the US.  Eg. Pakistan is actually protecting the Taliban, using them to project its power beyond their borders, just like Iran uses Hizbollah. Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar and other terrorist leaders were/are hiding in Pakistan where the US can’t touch them.  Pakistan is just fooling the US, taking their money and making it expensive to maintain relations but in actuality, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan have probably better relations than US-Pakistan.  

        In any case, the relationship of Pakistan-US is a lesson to the PH…there are no permanent friends and enemies, only permanent interests.  We have to stop looking at the US as a “friend”, instead look at the cost-benefit then know how to negotiate for better terms than the measly peanuts we always get from being a “friend”.  Otherwise, we should look at other countries that have more similar interests to our own.  That is what i am trying to say.

      • Anonymous

        …US relationship with Saudi and Pakistan are strategic…and so with Afghanistan and Iraq..
        ….US relationship with Philippines…is the kind that we have with UK, Israel, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia and France…friends that we can count on when things get messy… 
        ….it’s no way the same as our relationship with China, Vietnam, and Russia..
        …friendship is among like minded people…not about necessity…
        …to demand much from this friendship…is like being North Korea to US…in which case..who needs one…
        …our friends beg us not to close their bases in their country…like Germany, South Korea, and Japan…because of the security and economic benefits it brings…
        …but, you guys…are different…and as Americans…it is against our value to stay where we are not welcome…would you?
        …we are more comfortable at home and among friends…because at the end we just want to party!!!
        …As Thomas Jefferson said:  it’s all about the “…pursuit of life, liberty, and HAPPINESS!”..
        …Anyways, happy new year to you… and let us keep this conversation going…

      • Anonymous

        I don’t believe in treating national sovereignty like a social network.  Completely different. And you cannot compare PH history with that of Korea, Germany, etc.  again, completely different.  US screwed us over many times in the past.  South Korea would have been under Kim Il Sung without US intervention.  Germany was given billions in reconstruction after WW2 so it owed America a lot.  PH was given ZERO reconstruction money after WW2 even after US bombed Manila to the dust.  We even had to sue the US for our WW2 soldiers benefits (since they fought for American interests, not the PH) that they promised to us, winning only recently our court case after more than 50 years!

        Don’t say we owed American anything for “delivering PH from the Japs” because America owed us security and she failed…under American rule, PH was not allowed its own national defense – that was America’s responsibility.  They gave us biplanes and WW1 weapons against superior Japanese fighters, navy and firepower.  It was US Gen. Wainright that surrendered the entire PH to the Japs in 1941 and it took 3 years for the US to kick them out.  And if it wasn’t for PH guerrillas creating a diversion, thousands of McArthur’s forces would have been wiped out in Lingayen Gulf in Jan 1945.But the analogy I like to use is like comparing our national development like a child’s growth and development.  In the US, one is considered an adult when 18 because they are pretty much independent by then.  But in the PH, you have adults still living in with their parents cuz they are treated like dependents even after school.  To truly find our way to economic and political independence, we have to cut our ties to Uncle Sam and start acting like independent adults who can decide our future for ourselves without interference from our “parents”.  For some Filipino’s, they cannot accept that – call it immaturity or colonial mentality but it is never good for national development.

      • Anonymous

        Filipinos can’t run the Philippines. They will always need adult supervision. Just look at the whole country and you can tell it’s mismanaged. A monkey could do a better job managing the Philippines.  Don’t blame the US for your shortcomings.  They have been giving you financial help for decades now, but there’s no progress to show for any of it.  The only people who benefit from US assistance are those responsible to manage the funds and you don’t want me to tell you what they usually do with the money.

      • Anonymous

        ..i agree with you that we(PH) got screwed…but, you need to blame the PH leaders not US….US need pushing…as you know…resource is limited…at that time…there is pressing need to rebuild Europe…there’s new challenge in the horizon…USSR…when you build your team…you need to pick the best players…of course, PH lost the tryout to Japan…but, US conveniently gave PH…what they want … independence…just like in the advent of Pinatubo…the US conveniently gave PH what it wants…leave the country..
        …given the context, I don’t think PH asserted its right to rehabilitation…pragmatism, strategic thinking is absent…instead we have false nationalism…
        …i don’t think…dealing with PH at that time is any better…compared today…it’s difficult.
        …knowing this country’s misplaced national pride and stubbornness… i don’t think the leaders asserted any rights to rehabilitation and industrial partnership…but, then it’s just my imputation…and, I don’t claim any knowledge of the real politics…nor of any historical facts related to the period..and, of course, I could be wrong…

        …also, not discounting earlier racial biases and other things…but, US have evolved as a fair and politically correct global player since then..

      • Anonymous

        oh your knowledge of history is totally wrong…you cannot blame our forefathers and you cannot justify what the Americans did to us during and after WW2, if you study the actual history.  I wrote you a long post but it says it needs moderator approval but now I don’t want to repeat it.  

    • Anonymous

      You nailed it and yes that guy is crazy. :)

  • Anonymous

    I really hope you two stop quarreling. PHTaxpayer is right.  F-16s alone will not suffice to any mission taking into consideration China got a vast inventory of surface combat ships, submarines, fighter jets, bombers and ICMBs. However, in fairness to Bahpotog, F-16s in its own way is a credible fighter/interceptor and with ground attack capabilities. But if compared to the latest Migs and Sukhois then it is outclassed. But this will be our first step for modernization, we dont have the budget and technical expertise to fly and maintain more complicated jets like the F-15. So as of now F-16s in our inventory is ok than not having any jet at all. Then if we got more budget in the future, having  F-15s or F-18s in our arsenal will be very nice

    For me, being an archipelago, we should concentrate more on our maritime power.  We dont need big ships like the Hamilton cutter from the US.  I dont see any use for it but for SAR purposes only during bad weather.  I would rather have several  fast crafts equipped with surface to air missiles and several anti-ship missiles.  These boats will be capable of navigating the shallow waters of the Spratlys and with their high speed capability they will be able to react or evade faster to any threat.  Also, a few Sea Hawks for anti-submarine and anti-ship missions will also be nice since we cannot afford Nimrods or Orions yet.  Sea Hawks will have limited range but since we are a small country and not involved in any deep sea patrolling I think it will be enough. 

    For logistics. We really need more C-130s.  They are capable of landing in improvised air strips and will be very useful for disaster relief operations. We dont need the C-17s or C-5s coz we dont have any Abrams to load on it. Besides, having main battle tanks for the co-in missions in our highlands is not advisable.  However, I strongly suggest to procure several hundreds of M1A1s and Bradleys to defend our capital and Luzon in case of an amphibious or airborne attack.  Toss in several thousands of LAWs and 155mm howitzers then we will be able to hold the enemy for a while until help arrives.

    Dont get me wrong. Even though we get hundreds of these in our arsenal we will still lose a full frontal attack from China with thousands in their inventory and hundreds of million in their reserve forces but at least we will be able to put up a fight not just hide.. lol

    • Anonymous

      China will invade Taiwan before she invades the PH.  Besides, China doesn’t even have the amphibious and naval capability that Japan had in 1941.

      You know, Vietnam never had tanks (until after 1972) or much of an airforce (2-3 squadrons at one time), yet she defeated a nuclear superpower.  We do not need tanks etc to defeat a foreign invasion force.  What we need is political will and determination.  The Viet Cong and NVA defeated the Americans with AK-47’s and RPG’s against 500,000 US troops, B-52’s and 2 or 3 Carrier Battle Groups.  Yet the average Vietnamese soldier was no bigger than the average American female teenager.

    • Anonymous

      You guys are missing the point. The PAF need the F-16s as a deterrent for air incursion over the Philippine archipelago specially the Spratlys. The new block F-16s is more than a match for any new MiGs or any Chinese fighters but I’m not going to go into that techies BS. We sound like we know more than the guys who studied at PMA and West Point or Annapolis and who spend their careers thinking about stuff like this. Let the experts and the PAF leadership do its job. The Philippines is not in an arms race with China. It can’t compete and it will never win regardless if you have the latest and the greatest. You will lose alone in numbers. The point of getting the jets is more political and a way to show China that the Philippines cannot be bullied. If you look at the lessons of the cold war no shots were fired from either side because both sides were afraid of the consequences and that is total annihilation. You guys nitpick this small issue like we are going to war. We are not going to war people. Countries need to maintain a show of force and a strong military presence to assert its sovereignty. That is all there is to this issue. 

      • Anonymous

        You are the one missing the point…its not just about F-16’s, its about PH sovereignty and development. There’s nothing “small” about that.

        “If you look at the lessons of the cold war no shots were fired from either side because both sides were afraid of the consequences and that is total annihilation.” – its your statements like these that prove you are a product of Hollywood and western propaganda.  The Cold War caused millions of innocent civilian deaths and collateral damage in Korea, Vietnam, Middle East, Africa, central America, not to mention the over 100,000 American soldiers dead and thousands of Filipino’s who died serving in Korea and under the Marcos dictatorship because Marcos claimed he had to declare Martial Law because of communist threat (which turned out to be BS. He was taking advantage of the BS American line on Vietnam, part of Cold War propaganda. Vietnam was fighting for independence and unity, not communism.  Communism is just an ideology like capitalism.  Both have good and bad traits and have varying degrees in every country).  

        The Korean War involved Soviet advisers plus couple of million Chinese. Soviets shot down Francis Gary Powers’ US spy plane over the USSR. Soviet pilots and technicians were serving in Egypt and some killed by the IDF in the 1967 Middle East War. North Vietnam covertly had Soviet and Chinese pilots and advisers fighting US forces (Col. Tomb or Toon, the top Vietnamese ace whose real identity was kept a secret, was shot down by the American ace Randy Cunningham, was said to be Chinese or Soviet or a combo of both).  American Special Forces were serving in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War. The Iran-Iraq War was US supporting Saddam Hussein while Soviets supported Iran. List goes on and on…

        No shots were fired, eh?

      • Anonymous

         The Iran-Iraq War was US supporting Saddam Hussein while Soviets supported Iran.  ”

        Baliktad po yata its Iran/US vs Iraq/Soviet..

        Whats your point sir with this F-16 being sought by the Phils.?

        Kasi i see no problem kung yan ang gusto ng PAF with the money the have.. im sure kung may pera sila they will consider 3rd, 4th or even 5th generation fighter… 

      • Anonymous

        No, go back and learn your history lessons.  

        The Iran-Iraq War was after the 1979 Iranian Revolution when the Iranians deposed the US-backed dictator Shah of Iran, took US hostages in the US Embassy and kept them for 444 days.Donald Rumsfeld, Ronald Reagan’s then-special envoy to the Middle East, met with Saddam Hussein on 19–20 December 1983 in a visit to Baghdad. Rumsfeld, who supported Hussein in the 80’s, later became the U.S. Secretary of Defense who led the coalition forces later in 2003 against him. I’ve made several points about the F-16 issue……history shows, we cannot rely and trust the US to protect our interests, we need to look after our own interests.  …any major govt purchases must be made transparent and follow international standards in the bidding process if we do not want to risk our sovereignty selling our interests to the US….F-16 is not the best in its class and may not apply to our requirements.pls read my past posts for more details.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry i was wrong… :-)

        Regarding F-16 sir, we’re asking for the plane for the fraction of what its really worth so no bidding. Kasi beggars can’t be choosers, we cant ask for the best kasi we don,t have the money, we can’t ask the Russian for there Migs or SUs for half the price tapos sasabihin natin oh samahan nyo na ng 2 navy ships… 

      • Anonymous

        Pare, you do not give F-16’s or whatever to “beggars”.  Who said we are beggars anyway?  

        PH has a higher purchasing power and GDP per capita than Pakistan yet US gives them 2 billion a year even if they harbor Al Qaeda and Taliban and have nuclear weapons.

        We are supposed to be US friends but we get less economic aid from the US than Japan gives us.  

        US troops are building a military base in Mindanao, killing Filipino’s (operations against “Abu Sayyaf”) and talking directly to MILF.  Look for these reports online.  This violates our Constitution and national sovereignty.

      • Anonymous

        Your taking it too literally sir…

        RP is asking for them for cheap kaya we can’t ask for the Raptors or Lightning or even the F-15, kaya Siguro AFP is asking for something na malaki ang chance na makuha nila for the budget they have..

        We can’t say “Hey Joe we won’t settle for less, your most advance fighter or don’t give us anything..” It’s a lose-lose situation i think..

        Asking for them cheap does not violate out Constitution & national sovereignty..

        Pero if you believe na di pabor satin kung ano man ang deal ng RP at US for the 12 F-16 ala po akong magagawa, its your opinion and i will respect it pero ang sakin lang if we can afford something better from US or any country mas maganda pero kung yon lang kaya talaga its better kesa sa wala at as long as it will make China stop bullying us kahit F-5E/F pa yan pabor “ako” dyan.. 

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